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Mr. CEO, You Lost My Heart Forever!

Mr. CEO, You Lost My Heart Forever!



Three years ago, Cecilia was left battered and alone by the man she loved most, Alston, yet she bravely completed the wedding ceremony while pregnant. Three years later, although they were married, they grew apart over time. Cecilia focused on her career, no longer foolishly believing in love. But her transformation instantly threw Alston into a panic... And what is the secret from 11 years ago that Cecilia has always been reluctant to reveal? *** "She went to a law firm, met with a lawyer..." A lawyer? Is Cecilia suing someone? Who? Is there any recent litigation against the company? Alston suddenly chuckled coldly, "Who could she sue? I'm the CEO of this company. How come such a matter doesn't come to me first?" The assistant swallowed nervously, speaking softly, "Sir, there's no litigation against the company. She met with... a divorce lawyer."
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Silvanburg's seasons were always like spring, but this winter was exceptionally chilling.

Cecilia stood before the full-length mirror, clad in a thin wedding gown with a voluminous and heavy train that accentuated her increasingly skeletal frame. Despite her fair complexion and delicate features, she appeared even more emaciated, yet remained the most beautiful bride of the day.


The bedroom door was kicked open.

"Cecilia! What have you FUCKING done now?" Alston's handsome face exuded an imposing aura, his dark eyes tinged with a chilling glint.

He threw a stack of old newspapers at Cecilia's face. "You shameless bitch, how did you convince my mother? How could she agree to this ridiculous marriage?!"

Cecilia furrowed her brows, instinctively touching her small abdomen. The gown was huge, but her eight-month belly was too large to conceal.

Alston's gaze fell on her belly, his eyes filled with disdain and mockery. "And you're carrying someone else's bastard!"

"It's not..."

It's not a bastard.

Cecilia instinctively rebutted, but Alston cut her off, grabbing her by the neck, sneering, "Not a bastard? Then is it my child? Seems like tonight is the first time we've met!"

Cecilia's neck creaked under his grip, but her hands instinctively shielded her abdomen.

"Let go of me..." Cecilia's face flushed, her eyes fixed on Alston, "If something happens to me, you won't fare any better!"

Alston's gaze darkened abruptly, loosening his grip.

Cecilia slumped to the ground, her slender neck marked with red imprints.

She lifted her trembling hand to touch them, breathing heavily, locking eyes with him, gritting her teeth. "Didn't your mother tell you? Your three brothers all died of cancer. Your family has a genetic defect, and you can't escape it. You have an eighty percent risk of leukemia, and coincidentally, I'm a suitable match."

"You're lying!" Alston clenched his fists, his jaw tightening, "That's just a risk!"

"It's a high risk! Your mother has only you left, and with an eighty percent chance, she wouldn't dare to gamble!" Cecilia smiled, "I promised your mother I'd be ready to donate bone marrow for you anytime, but you have to marry me."

Alston's expression turned uglier, silent for a moment before disdainfully saying, "Cecilia, I can promise you anything except marriage."

"Except marriage, I want nothing." Cecilia's gaze was firm, her tone almost stubborn.

Alston pulled her up from the ground, gripping her chin tightly, his cold eyes tinged with redness. "Why? Have you gone mad? Even if you have to walk down the aisle alone with a this fucking bastard today, you still insist on marrying me? Don’t you know I only want to marry Marian?!"

Cecilia's ears buzzed, her stomach churning violently. His words, like sharp blades, seized her heart.

Her nose tingled, she bit her lip, took a deep breath, forcefully suppressing the tears in her eyes, then lifted her chin, meeting his gaze coldly. "You're here about Marian's disappearance, aren't you?"

"Marian's disappearance is indeed related to you!" Alston's thin lips turned into a sharp blade, his strong fingers almost crushing her jaw.

"I don't have that much power, it was your mother's help." Cecilia smiled bitterly, pointing to the marriage contract on the dressing table behind her, "The wedding is over, all that's left is the marriage license. Your mother will only see Marian safe once she sees the signed paper today."

"You're fucking insane!"

Alston was instantly annoyed, swinging his arm forcefully.

Cecilia was too weak, thrown out abruptly, her belly hitting the edge of the table, a sharp pain surging through her!

"AH!!" Her belly tightened, waves of intense pain hit her.

Cecilia clutched her belly, her face drained of color, her delicate eyebrows furrowed deeply. "Take me to the hospital, quickly, take me to the hospital——"

Alston's gaze darkened, crouching down, glaring at Cecilia. "Tell me, where is Marian? Tell me, and I'll take you to the hospital!"

Soon, the pure white wedding dress was stained red with blood. Cecilia's hands, resting on her belly, were instantly covered with a bloody scent.

"I don't know! She didn't tell me."

Cecilia bit her lip tightly, never as panicked as she was now, the intense pain in her abdomen making her terrified.

She felt like she might go into premature labor after being bumped by Alston, as if she was about to have a premature birth.

"Are you still lying to me?"

Alston's expression was blank, his eyes like the deep sea, seemingly touched by something for a moment, but it disappeared in an instant.

At the moment of eye contact with him, Cecilia's heart skipped a beat. She saw ruthlessness in his eyes, just like eight years ago.

She knew begging him was useless, so she dragged her wet hem soaked in blood, reaching for the phone on the dressing table.

Alston suddenly stood up, one step ahead of her, holding the phone, and pulled out the SIM card in front of her.

"What are you doing?"

Cecilia's voice suddenly choked with tears, the tears in her eyes couldn't be suppressed anymore, a feeling of helplessness like grievance invaded her limbs and bones, the dull pain in her left chest even surpassed the pain of labor contractions.

Alston ignored her, walking straight into the bathroom.

Soon after, Cecilia heard the sound of the toilet flushing.


Cecilia stood stunned in place, her head buzzing. She couldn't believe her ears.

She knew what Alston was doing. He must have flushed her SIM card!

For Marian, he forced her to this extent. Even if she died here, he wouldn't have an ounce of pity.

As soon as Alston came out of the bathroom, he reached out and unplugged the landline fixed on the dressing table, completely tearing apart the phone line.

Cecilia couldn't bear it any longer, slipping and falling to the ground, clutching his trouser legs, pleading, "I'll do anything, but my child must be safe! I don't want to marry you anymore. Please save my child, I beg you."

"Alston! This is YOUR child too!"