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Lust Contracts

Lust Contracts



[MATURE CONTENT] Divorced and in debt, Elena decides to become the contract wife of three rich and famous men. A fair exchange begins between a woman disillusioned about love and men with their own demands and desires. But when they demand for more than her body, she discovers many dark truths as the past slowly catches up to her.
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“Ahh…Adrian…” I moaned passionately as my hands clutched at his auburn red hair.

I bit my lower lips to stifle my lewd moans as I spread my legs a little wider while Adrian buried his face in between my legs. His skillful tongue and lips continued to pay loving attention to my sopping wet pussy. I felt my nipples hardening as he ran the tip of his hot tongue up and down the length of the wet slit in between my legs. He’s turning me on so much. I’m already so wet for him and the places that he had touched, kissed, and licked felt like it was burning on fire.

My legs felt weak, and my breathing was labored as I panted and moaned loudly in his office. When I visited him at the hospital and met him in his office, we had other plans in mind that did not involve him passionately kissing me before lifting me up onto his desk and seducing me like this. His tongue on my pussy lips felt amazingly pleasurable and I couldn’t wait for him to give me more pleasure. I whimpered his name and Adrian flicked the tip of his tongue on my swollen and sensitive clit before sucking on it roughly.

“Adrian! Ahhh!” I cried out his name loudly at the intense sensation of him sucking on the small sensitive nub in between my legs.

His hands tightened their hold on my thighs, keeping them spread widely apart as I sat on his worktable. My pussy immediately got wetter at his rough attention. He continued to suck on my hard clit, and I continued to whimper at the pleasure. My hand pulling his face closer to my core as I thrusted my hips towards his mouth and face.

“Adrian…if we continued…we’re going to be late…” I said breathlessly.

My mind felt hazy with heat and desire, and it took all the sanity that I had left to remind him of our original purpose of meeting today. That’s right, we’re supposed to take his daughter to her friend’s birthday party. I’m supposed to meet with him here first before we picked her up from his house to take her to the party at her friend’s house.

“Judging from how wet you are, this shouldn’t take much longer…” Adrian said from in between my legs as he paused his licking and sucking.

“Ahhh! Not…inside…” I moaned lustfully although it was a little embarrassing.

Adrian had thrusted his tongue into my pussy hole. The texture of his tongue grinding against my pussy walls felt addictively pleasurable. I covered my mouth with the back of my hand as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his tongue thrusting in and out of my pussy hole as he tongue-fucked my cunt. He’s too good at this that it was unfair.

I couldn’t control my body any longer and my hips began moving wildly, thrusting up and down as my pussy worked to suck his tongue deeper into my love hole. Adrian gripped the sides of my hips in his strong and large hands while his mouth sucked on my pussy. Then his tongue wriggled relentlessly inside of me.

If he doesn’t stop, I’m going to reach my climax very soon. The pleasurable ache in between my legs and lower abdomen was starting to become unbearable. Adrian thrusted his tongue skillfully against my pleasure spots and I clutched at his hair while I lifted my hips, pushing my wet pussy towards his mouth. I’m about to cum…already…

“I…I’m cumming!” I screamed so loudly as I forgot about everything else but the pleasure that my lover was giving me.

My mind went blank as my orgasm consumed me. I forgot about everything. Where we were and what we were supposed to be doing. Ah…I screamed so loudly just now; did someone hear me?

I felt his tongue sliding slowly out of my love tunnel as I began to recover from my intense orgasm. I leaned back on his table, using my arms to support myself so that I could remain in a sitting position. That climax felt so crazily wild, and it left my legs feeling weak. I was still trying to catch my breath when I felt Adrian’s eyes on my face as he watched my reactions intently from where he was crouching down below in between my spread legs.

“You came so much into my mouth…” Adrian said, sounding very satisfied.

That comment and the way his green eyes twinkled with mischief made me feel slightly shy and I felt blood rush to my cheeks a little as I started blushing. He was right, he made me cum so much into his mouth. As always, he tasted and ate it all up. I watched as Adrian seductively licked his wet lips as he enjoyed my taste.

“Don’t say things like that…” I whispered shyly as I looked away from him in embarrassment.

“You always taste so sweet…” Adrian said as he got up.

I felt his fingers on my chin as he held my chin in between his fingertips and turned my head to face him once more. His lips were on mine before I could say anything to him. His tongue quickly invaded my mouth and I gasped a little in shock before moaning into his hot and wet kiss. He’s making me taste my own love juices. His tongue grinded along with mine as it danced wildly in the depths of my mouth. The musky smell and slightly sweet taste of my own release filled my mouth and my senses as he continued to kiss me.

I sighed as I relaxed and concentrated on enjoying his passionate and deep kiss. When he broke our kiss, my mind was in a daze once more. Adrian chuckled a little at the sight of my dreamy face as our lips parted. I opened my eyes to find his enchanting green eyes staring at me and I smiled sweetly at him.

My name is Elena and at a young but no-longer-green age of 25, I’m a widow slash divorcee with three rich and famous contract husbands.

--To be continued…