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Vamperien Acedemia

Vamperien Acedemia



Meet Melanie Addams a young girl who got admitted into Blue moon high. Both she and her mother had to move to Las Vegas immediately cus of her admission. She got into the school and mistakenly bumped into someone's room while trying to find her way round the school. He aggressively wanted to pounce on her but stopped when he felt her blood wasn't just normal. It was a human blood, a special human blood. He let her go but gave her strict warning not to pass through that way again. As she hurriedly ran, she bumped into someone. She quickly apologized but he took her closer and sniffed her neck. She was irked by that and kicked him on his groin. She scampered away for her safety. But what will happen when both Guys are interested in her, but she's only interested in one? What will happen when two powerful vampires battle to mate Melanie? And who will enchant her blood?
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The humans invaded the vampires camp, with flaming brands of their talons, hundred upon hundreds bearing flames, with a hideous Armada of fire, and in the blink of an eye, the whole camp was set ablaze.

The vampire Lord Klaus as very furious as he saw his camp set ablaze, he jumped down from his horse, as his eyes were as red as fire.

The huge human named Lucian also jumped down from his horse and started shooting the vampires with his gun loaded with silver bullets.

The vampire lord too killed many of the humans, he was visibly angry and he transferred the anger into his fight.

He dodged a silver bullet that was shot at him by one of the humans and kicked him, he moved closer to the human and stab the human with his claws.

Three human warriors also faced a vampire with their loaded guns, and holy water.

The first one shot the vampire with a silver bullet, the vampire staggered back, the second sprinkled the holy water on the him, and he immediately went down as his skin began to burn under the sun, his screams we're agonizing and deafening.

The vampire lord looked at the vampire who was burnt with holy water, and turned to the four humans who were already positioned to attack him A dirty smirk played on his wrinkled face, he giggle angrily preparing for what is to come.

The four warriors launch at him at the same time.

He dodged the deadly silver bullet from one warrior and kicked his groin making him stagger back.

Klaus , the vampire lord growled as he saw the numerous dead bodies of the vampires on the ground.

" Yaaaarghhh!" He shouted in anger.

Amidst the confusion, a vampire yelled out in pain and the others snarled angrily.

" Kill them all !, They're forbidden creatures, rid them from existence!!"

A huge man shouted, holding up a gun in the air, he looked back at the armed humans behind him.

He was confident of his victory already. He knew they could finally get rid of this vampires who should never had existed in the first place.

" Charge !!"

With a yell,....he positioned his gun and started shooting at the vampires, and the armed humans behind him roared in response before charging towards the few vampires who were still breathing.

" Humans!"

Klaus exclaimed, he looked around and saw lot of vampires, defeated by silver bullets and holy water and some were revealed to the sun, because their amulets and daylight rings were pulled off.

" No !" He yelled inside and fumed in rage. He widen his mouth, revealing his sharp fangs and glassy claws, he was ready and to rip the humans apart, " Get off their daylight ring and amulets!" The huge human ordered as both sides launched at each other.

" Aghhh !".

Cries, yells and growls filled the while scene as they exchanged blows, the humans took sharp claws into their skin while the vampires were shot with hunters guns.

" Yaaaa !!"

Klaus tried as much to not be ended so easily as two humans shot his both arms at a time,and he yelled in pain ....

Glaring at the humans with red eyes, he never once understood why they hated vampires.

Slash !!

A vampire jumped in and slashed both humans neck with his claws, killing them in the process.

" Klaus" he called worriedly.

" Ryan "

Klaus coughed out blood and gazed at Ryan.

Ryan was his favourite disciple and also, his closest, he treats him Like a son.

" Let's get you to rest ".

Ryan helped him up, and held the dying Klaus arms out of the battle field, when a silver bullet was shot forward and it immediately penetrated straight into Ryan's chest !!

"Ryan !"

Ryan immediatly coughed out blood from his mouth, and fell weakly to the ground, as his eyes brought out tears, before he knew it, two more silver bullets was shot at a time at him, and it penetrated deep inside his stomach.

" Run...Klaus !"Ryan managed to speak with so much struggle, as he fell to the ground with a loud thud.

" I can't leave you here Ryan, be strong we can escape this heartless humans"Klaus said as tears dropped from his eyes, and Ryan smiled sadly as his fangs came to view.

" Run.... far from here Klaus.... Save the remaining of us from this heartless and hostile world..!"Ryan said as he coughed out blood, staining Klaus face.

" We would build a place for ourselves Ryan..... Far from the humans, so please stay strong"Klaus said and Ryan smiled.

" I never for once regret serving you .... Klaus, so please save the rest of us from the humans.....please!"Ryan said and as he closed his eyes, giving up the ghost.

" Ryan...Ryan, you can't leave me alone, you have been with me for a long time, you can't leave me now"Klaus cried tapping Ryan's pale cheeks, but he wasn't moving or opening his eyes.

"No !!"Klaus agonizing scream echoed around the whole place.

" wake up Ryan!"Klaus said as tears kept rolling down his cheeks, but Ryan didn't wake you.

" Thanks for sacrificing your life for Logan coven Ryan, you'll forever be remembered"Klaus said and wiped his tears slowly.

" Get him he is the leader of the vampires"the huge man said, and immediatly four armed men with gun filled with silver bullets and holy waters, running towards where Klaus knelt down.

Klaus turned and saw four men running towards him, he folded his long claws and gritted his teeth in anger.

He looked around and saw the dead bodies of the vampires lying lifeless on the ground.

" Am sorry for not being a protective leader"Klaus muttered and stood up dashing into the woods with a speed above natural human ability, while the four men ran after him.

It was a really hot chase between Klaus and the four men, because the humans were almost catching up with Klaus, as he kept running through the woods like flash.

As Klaus kept running, hot tears was dropping from his eyes, seeing his right hand man, and the remaining vampires dead hurts him alot.

The few vampires who were remaining ran for their dear lives.

The humans lost sight of him, because he was more faster than they were.

They stopped abruptly when they lost Klaus, and was panting heavily cause of the hot chase.

" Fuck! he escaped"one of the humans said as he kept panting heavily.

They kept looking left and right, maybe they could find a trace of him, but he was long gone.