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Urban Son Inlaw

Urban Son Inlaw



William, the son-in-law,was silly all day because he was injured in the Zhao family. He had no choice but to go back to his hometown to recuperate from the injury and return to the city again. He was like a changed man. Let's see how he came back to become the king.
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\"Give me a reason.\"

\"I want to recall the lost marriage, okay?\"

This obvious bullshit made Leila snort. She didn\'t know why William wanted to fight for a month, and she didn\'t want to know either.

Seeing that he didn\'t give in, Leila didn\'t want to continue.


Then Leila went upstairs to have a rest.

Within a month, he must find out who the kidnapper was!

\"Don\'t sit there anymore,\" said Mary, her sister-in-law, kicking her. \"Hurry up and move things with me. I don\'t want to live with you downstairs!\"

With a bitter smile, William explained, \"I didn\'t know there was someone in the room at that time. Besides, I didn\'t do anything. I found that you were in bed and went downstairs immediately.\"

\"Shut up! Move things!\"

It seemed that Mary didn\'t like to talk to William.

William nodded helplessly.

After a while, the two of them took Mary\'s belongings upstairs and put them in another room she had chosen.

Since she seldom fought, she was so tired that she sat in the living room to drink water.

Seeing that William didn\'t blush at all, [赵晴] Arden felt it was unfair.

\"Did you see the rubbish in my previous room? Go and get it out.\"

William wouldn\'t spoil sister-in-law.

\"Stop it! I\'m still your brother-in-law!\"

\"It\'s not real, and it won\'t be real soon!\" Mary squinted her eyes and said with disdain, \"go! If you don\'t clean up the rubbish today, you won\'t be able to sleep!\"

Marysaid angrily.

Inexplicable! How did I mess with you?

\"I won\'t sleep!\"

\"You! You...\"

Mary seemed to be more angry. She said two \"you\" and didn\'t know how to express her anger.

Ignoring her, he lit another cigarette leisurely and began to smoke.

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

William and Mary were both confused. Who would come at this time?

\"Bang, bang, bang.\"

There was another knock on the door.

Mary picked up the remote control on the table and pressed the button. Then the door was opened.

Suddenly, several security guards and four or five policemen entered the door in succession.

The leader of the group was the team leader of the security guards of the garden villa.

Looking at this group of people, William felt helpless.

When the captain of security guards saw William, his face was full of anger and he gritted his teeth.

\"Miss... You... Second young lady, the man opposite you broke in forcefully tonight. We checked the surveillance video and found that he was here. Did he do anything to you?\"

The angry captain of security guards changed several names, and finally found that calling Second young lady was the most appropriate.

William thought to himself, \'this is not good. I just offended my sister-in-law, but the captain of security guards called someone here, and there are policemen.\'.

If her sister-in-law talked nonsense, she would be taken away? She couldn\'t do anything to the police in public, could she?

As expected, sister-in-law changed her face with a pitiful look.

As a security guard in the garden villa, he was very observant? Let alone the captain of security guards.

The moment he entered the room, the captain of security guards looked at him up and down.

It was a cheap shirt with no taste. Although the trousers were clean and barely of famous brand, it was obvious that they had been worn for many years and the fabric was a little white.

In an instant, the captain of security guards gave him a definition of a poor loser.

Then she thought of the fact that William broke into the campus late at night, and Second young lady didn\'t contact the nearby police for such a long time and didn\'t call anyone.

For a moment, the captain of security guards realized that Second young lady was threatened by William, especially when he saw the pitiful look of Second young lady, he was more sure.

\"Help... Help me.\"

His sister-in-law\'s eyes turned red at this moment.

William\'s face darkened. Who did you learn this acting skill from

\"Let go of the hostage!Let’s talk about it!\"

A policeman said in panic. He knew what kind of person the beautiful girl was. If she was hurt a little, his career would come to an end.

The other policemen were also on the alert.

William felt a sharp pain in his heart. Did you see that I took the hostage?

Just as he thought of this, his sister-in-law screamed in panic and quickly ran to the police at the door.

William was stunned.

Seeing that Second young lady had successfully got rid of the claws, all the police\'s faces turned cold.

Although it was a little easy for Mary to escape, the police thought that it was because William was scared by them that the situation was like this.

\"Put your hands over your head!\"

A policeman slowly approached him with a baton in his hand.

Rachel\'s nominal sister-in-law saw that no one noticed her and made a face at William.

William\'s face darkened. His sister-in-law was digging a hole for him.

\"Do you know who I am?\"

\"Who are you? Save it to the court!\"

The policeman said coldly.

The captain of the security guards was a retired soldier from the special forces. Otherwise, he wouldn\'t have been the captain in a private manor like the garden.

His subordinates had been negligent before, which led to the fact that William had come in. More or less, his superiors would blame him for this matter.

At this moment, she just wanted to minimize the mistakes in her work and make contributions.

He was not as cautious as the police.

He dashed towards William and punched him.

Since he accepted the inheritance in his mind, his physical strength had been greatly improved, and his body was more flexible and sensitive.

But he had never fought with anyone except himself in his hometown.

All he could do now was to dodge sideways.

The captain of security guards was stunned. He didn\'t expect that William could dodge his punch.

After several rounds, he was more and more familiar with the actual combat, and some scenes in his mind gradually overlapped those in reality.

William smiled.

At the door, everyone opened their mouths wide and watched the scene in disbelief.

Who was the captain of security guards?

The captain of security guards was called Parker.

This man was not simple. He had retired from the special force. It was said that he had carried out a special mission abroad. It was the most suitable word to describe him as walking on the edge of death.

Although they didn\'t know whether his rumors were true or not, they knew that Parker had indeed retired from the special forces. Moreover, he had won the city\'s free combat champion the year before last.

Everyone looked at the scene in disbelief.

The policemen stopped.

\"Captain of security guards! What are you doing? Hit him? You hit him askew and left. That\'s right! Oh my God, how can you let him dodge?\"

Mary, who had just returned from abroad, didn\'t know anything about the captain of security guards. She was still excited when she saw him rushing up to report.