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Mr. Ex, I've Signed the Divorce Agreement

Mr. Ex, I've Signed the Divorce Agreement



"Mrs. Welch, the results show that you are easy to miscarry. Please take care!" "Thank you, doctor. I'll be careful." Having been married for three years, no one else looked forward to the arrival of this child as much as Eileen Welch did. She would definitely protect him well. However, Eileen's husband, Neil Long, filed for divorce before she could even inform him of her pregnancy. It was all because his first love, Sirena, had returned! Neil had never truly loved Eileen. People at his company didn't even know he was married. Everyone believed Neil and Sirena were the perfect match. Keeping the news of her child hidden, Eileen left behind a signed divorce agreement, planning to quietly leave with her unborn baby. However, Neil discovered the prenatal examination report. He had a child?
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"Mrs.Welch, the results of the examination show that you were born with a thin uterine wall and your fetus is unstable. Do be extra careful with your diet and exercise."

cautioned the doctor as he prescribed her medication, handing over her card. "Here, go and get your medication."

"Okay, thank you doctor." Eileen received the card and gently got up.

"Don't take it lightly, you must be careful!" the doctor reminded her once more.

A thin uterine wall can easily lead to miscarriages and many women cannot conceive again after experiencing one.

"Thank you, doctor. I will be careful," Eileen responded with a gentle nod.

Having been married for three years, no one else looked forward to the arrival of this child as much as she did. She would definitely protect him well.

After picking up her medication, Eileen exited the outpatient building and returned to her car.

The driver started the car and glanced at her through the rearview mirror, "Madam, Sir's flight lands at three in the afternoon. We only have twenty minutes, should we head straight to the airport?"

"Let's go."

The thought that she could see him in just twenty minutes brought a warm smile to Eileen’s face, a sense of urgency bubbling within her.

Neil had been on a business trip for nearly a month. She missed him terribly.

She couldn't resist bringing out the pregnancy test from her bag and looking at it a few more times during the car ride, gently placing her hand on her lower abdomen.

Inside her, was the child of her and Neil. After eight more months, the child would be born.

She wanted to share the good news with Neil immediately.

At the airport, the driver parked the car in a conspicuous spot, "Madam, do you want to give your husband a call?"

Eileen glanced at the time, estimating that Neil should have gotten off the plane by now. She dialed his number, only to receive a prompt indicating that the call couldn't get through momentarily.

"He's probably been delayed by the flight, let's wait a bit." Eileen said.

After a while, there was still no sign of Neil.

Eileen tried calling again, but the call remained unreachable.

"Let's wait a bit longer."

Flight delays are common, sometimes even pushing back for one or two hours.

Two hours later.

When Eileen dialed Neil's number again, it no longer led to the chilling automated prompt. The phone was quickly picked up, "Neil, have you disembarked from the plane?"

There was silence on the other end before a woman's voice came on, "I'm sorry, Neil has gone to the restroom. He'll return your call later."

Before Eileen could respond, there was a beep signaling the end of the call.

She stared at her phone screen, stumbling in surprise for a moment.

She remembered that Neil didn't bring his female secretary on this business trip.

Eileen stared at the now-dark screen of her phone, waiting for a return call from Neil.

Quickly, ten minutes passed.

Neil did not return the call.

Eileen waited another five minutes before she couldn't help but redial Neil's number.

She waited a long time for the call to be answered, almost to the point of being automatically hung up. Then, a familiar male voice came through the speaker, low and magnetic, "Hello, Eileen?"

"Neil, where are you? The driver and I are in the parking lot of Terminal D. You can just come directly."

The voice on the other end paused, "I'm sorry, I forgot to turn on my phone after getting off the plane. I've already left the airport."

Eileen's smile dropped instantly.

"Then...shall I wait for you at home?" Eileen bit her lip, "I have something to tell you."

"Alright, I also have something to tell you."

"I will ask Auntie to prepare your favourite for dinner..."

"You can eat, I have something else to do, and will be back later."

Eileen was a bit disappointed, but she responded calmly, "Okay then."

Just as she was about to hang up, the woman's voice echoed from Neil's side, "Neil, sorry, Eileen just called you, I forgot to pass on the message..."

Eileen's heart sank, she frowned, about to ask who the woman was when the call was cut off.

Staring at her phone screen, Eileen pressed her lips together and told the driver, "Let's go home."

The driver deduced something from the snippets of speech, and drove away from the airport.

At dinner time, Eileen had little appetite, but for the sake of the child in her belly, she nonetheless ate a little.

The TV was on in the living room.

She sat on the couch hugging a throw pillow, frequently checking the time on her wristwatch, with no interest in whatever was playing on the TV.

It was already ten o'clock in the evening.

Letting out a yawn, Eileen fell asleep, almost unaware she had drifted off.

During her half-conscious, dreamy state, she suddenly felt an unusual lightness, as if someone was lifting her.

In her drowsy state, Eileen seemed to catch a whiff of a familiar scent and a faint smell of alcohol, and mutter, "Is that you, Neil?"