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Spoil Me Again: My Billionaire Husband Forgot Me

Spoil Me Again: My Billionaire Husband Forgot Me



Isabella Cortez, an interior designer and an extremely spoiled heir Of CF Inc., who always got whatever she wanted, finally got married to the city's most eligible bachelor and Billionaire who also didn't hesitate to spoil her. Even though it didn't start as a love marriage, life was great between the couple. But when her husband was involved in a plane crash and lost four years of his memories, Isabella's perfect world was turned upside down. Unfortunately for her, the only memory Kristen remembers was with Iris, his ex-girlfriend he broke up with four years ago while the memory he shared with Isabella has completely disappeared. Can she help her husband remember who he is and what they had together? Or is she going to lose him forever?
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“ Morning, Sunshine..” I heard a familiar voice in my head but I just ignored it with a groan and rolled over to my sides but of course he wasn't gonna let me sleep some more.

“ Come on get outta the bed, you're gonna be late for work..” I heard him say it but I hugged the pillow tightly without letting go..

“ I'm my own boss.” I mumbled with a frown but unfortunately I wouldn't be allowed to sleep some more when the sheets were suddenly pulled off my body.

“You either get outta the bed right now or I'm gonna kiss you till you drop..” He threatened and I immediately snapped my eyes open while he chuckled softly..

“ Oh my goodness, Kristen..” I glared playfully at him as I rubbed off sleep and did a few stretches..

The man in front me was none other than my beloved Husband Kristen..

I glanced over at him to find him fully dressed with a cup of coffee in his hand..

“ Happy anniversary, Baby..” he leaned closer and planted a kiss on my cheek but I simply stared at him without saying a word..

“ I thought you forgot about it.” I gladly took the cup of coffee from him as I kicked off the sheets off my body and sat down comfortably..

“ I will never forget about that..” He kept his coffee aside and began fixing his tie unhurriedly..

“ Are you gonna take me out for dinner?” I stood up and went over to where he was standing and also Kept my cup of coffee aside as I helped him with his tie..

“ I'm sorry love but I have an emergency meeting in LA and wouldn't be back till midnight… I promise I'm gonna make it up to you.” He smiled apologetically but I wasn't having it..

“ What do you mean you can't make it to dinner?” I immediately let go of his tie as I felt anger rising up ..

“ I'm sorry love. It's important that I attend the meeting in LA . I'll be back as soon as possible, I promise..”

“ You're prioritizing your company over me? What about the blacked out G63 I asked for? Did you forget about that too? Am I not important to you anymore?” I raised my voice at him angrily and a look of helplessness flashed through his eyes..

“ Can you stop being unreasonable, Babe? There's absolutely no way I'll prioritize my company over you. There's been an issue with the subsidiary in LA… I'm gonna have a G63 shipped tomorrow morning..” Kristen knew I had a thing for cars and always wanted the latest and also limited editions..

Car collection was a thing I fancied since I was a child and him saying no to request got me so upset..

“ Oh I'm unreasonable now? Is that how you see me? You were the one who is planning on ruining our four years anniversary and you dare call me unreasonable?”

“ That's enough, Isabella!” Kristen snapped at me and I Felt like I was about to explode from anger..

“ Is it Isabella now? What happened to Baby, Sunshine, Honey, Wifey?” I knew I was actually being irrational at the moment but I didn't seem to care..

I was too angry to realize that..

Kristen had always indulged me in whatever I wanted so being rejected by him made me crazy mad..

“ Getting you a G63 is a piece of cake, Isabella but of course it needs to be shipped in from the Emirates and it's gonna take a day to arrive here so can you please stop throwing a tantrum and get your ass in the bathroom right now!” He pointed at the bathroom while staring at me with those angry eyes..

“ God you're so Annoying, I can't help but ask how I ended up with someone as frustrating as you!” Kristen snapped at me before he realized and it actually broke my heart..

“ Why don't we get divorced then!” Of course I didn't mean any of that.

I stormed off without saying a word and angrily got into the bathroom.

I grumpily took off my PJs and took a shower..

He didn't even bother to get a cake for me?

This is what our marriage life looks like..

Kristen and I have been married for four years and it has actually been the best moments of our lives aside from the constant bickering..

By the time I was outta the shower he was gone but there was a note sticking to the fresh tulips on the coffee table.

“ I'm sorry, My love..” It reads but I simply kept it aside and picked up the rose and proceeded to put it in a vase..

Once I was fully dressed, I went downstairs with my tablet In my hand..

“ Breakfast is served ma'am..” A maid informed me but unfortunately I'd lost my appetite..

“ I'll be skipping breakfast..” I didn't give her a reason to refute as I walked towards the exit and found a white Royce phantom waiting outside with my secretary standing right beside the driver.

“Good morning ma'am..” Camilla, my secretary , greeted me but I simply nodded..

The driver immediately held the door for me while I got in..

“Thank you, Carlos.” I mumbled as I got into the car while Camilla sat down at the passenger side as Carlos took the wheels..

Kristen wouldn't let me leave the mansion with guards so a black Maybach filled with guards was always following me around..

Of course I have gotten used to it after 4 years because I knew he was only trying to protect me.

I tried not to roll my eyes as I turned on my laptop and began working..

“ The buzzing sound of my phone caught my attention and that made me glanced over at the screen but didn't bother to answer the phone when I saw who it was..


Even though I was tempted to answer the phone, I decided to act up immediately and make him restless..

The car pulled up at the lobby of Skyline & Co. and a guard immediately stepped outta the Maybach and opened the door for me and I got outta the car immediately..


I decided to turn off my phone while I buried Myself in work and not think about him.

While working on a new design for a client, the door to my office suddenly pulled open and someone walked inside..

“ I told you not to disturb me when I'm busy..” I mumbled without raising my head to see who it was..

“ Including me?” I snapped my head up when I heard the voice..

“ Daddy? What are you doing here?” I asked with a frown and he feigned a hurt expression..

“ Ouch! That hurts, Cupcake.” He said and I found myself chuckled..

“ I didn't mean it that way, Daddy.. I mean you didn't tell me you were coming.” I immediately defended myself without taking my attention away from the work at hand..

“ Oh I was just coming from a meeting close by I decided to check in on my cupcake and see how she's doing but from the looks of things you're not fine..” Chairman Alberto, unhurriedly sat down on the couch with his legs crossed..

Even though he was in his 60’s he was still looking incredibly young. One would think he was in his 20’s.

I heaved a sigh when I heard his words and momentarily stopped what I was doing..

“ It's fine, Dad..” I mumbled and went back to working with a sulking face..

“ Of course it's not… Talk to me, Sweetie.” My Dad would never stop treating me like a kid..

“ It's our four year anniversary today, Dad and Kristen had gone to LA for work and wouldn't be back till the next day. He flew over there even though he knew it was our anniversary. He's choosing his company over me, Dad.” I knew I was only throwing a tantrum but I simply wanted to vent.

“ Oh stop being Dramatic, Sweetie… We both know how much He loves you and wouldn't do anything to hurt you, Cupcake… If he says it's important then it's important, your job is to understand the situation and support him as his wife..” I heaved a sigh as I stared at my dad's smiling face..

“ Stop acting childish, Isabella, else one day he's gonna get bored and you're gonna lose him forever..” I felt my heart tremble at Dad's words but brushed it off and stood up immediately with my things in my hands the moment I caught sight of My secretary..

“ Excuse me Dad but I have to go somewhere.” I left him in my office while I left the On-site inspection first because it looked like it was about to rain but just as we got to the site, it began to rain and I was completely drenched in the rain.

Knowing how fragile my body was , I drove back to the mansion but I'd caught a cold and wouldn't take my medication unless Kristen came back to feed her..

“ Can you stop being stubborn, Isabella and take your meds?” Kristen's frustrated voice was what I heard when I picked up the call..

“ Can you please come back tonight and take care of me, please?” I meekly spoke as I wrapped Myself up with the sheets..

“ Come on, Babe, it's raining cats and dogs here.. I can't possibly fly over in that kinda weather.” He tried to explain but I wasn't having it..

“ Don't you love me anymore?” I ended up using emotional blackmail.

“ Of course I do.. I love you so much.” He responded..

“ Then come back and take care of me.” I said and hung up before he could say anything..

I fell asleep due to the fever and by the time I was up, I found Elizabeth, Stefan and Kristen'sMom in my room and they were all looking at me with worried eyes..

“ Mom? What's going on?” I asked nervously as I tried to move to a seating position but Elizabeth prevented me from moving that much..

“ I'm sorry, Dear.. I'm really sorry..” she was in tears as she spoke and I felt my heart race in fear..

“ Can someone please talk to me?” I could feel fear gripping my heart..

“ Kristen had been in a crash.”

For a brief moment it felt like I had just heard the funniest jokes..

“ Is this some kinda joke, Mom? Did Kristen put you up for this because I refused to take my meds?” I chuckled nervously hoping they would also smile at me but all I got was a look of pity from all three of them..

“ I'm so sorry, Isabelle but it's true.. Kristen was involved in a crash..” Stefan spoke even though he was trying to keep a straight face I could still see the shift in emotions..

I was in total denial and couldn't bring myself to believe That Kristen got hurt..

“ No! I don't believe that!” My voice shook as I hurriedly tried to get outta bed but I was immediately held back by Elizabeth, Kristen's sister..

“ Right now a team is out at the site looking for his body…” Kristen's Mom spoke as she wiped her face with a tissue..

“ Why are you crying Mom? He's gonna come home soon.. he always comes back to us, doesn't he?” Giving myself false hope was the only way to escape reality and the guilt in my heart..

“ I promise you we're gonna find him…” His mom kept assuring me but unfortunately I couldn't kick out the feeling of hurt and guilt in my heart..

I was devastated and heartbroken..

“ I “ I'm gonna find him myself…” I said as I picked up my tablet and began typing swiftly..

Kristen’s Mom had resources and I also have my own resources too..

“ calm down and take a deep breath, Isabelle..” Stefan held my shoulders.

“ The more time we waste the more danger he's in.” I shrugged off his hands and walked towards the door with my tablet in my hand but Stefan was determined to stop me from leaving the mansion.

“ I promised Kr-” Stefan's words were cut off by the buzzing sound of the phone.