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Living With The Badboy

Living With The Badboy



His lips were smashed against mine and I responded to him immediately, giving him entrance into my mouth as I parted my lips. My body was on full vibration against his touch and he knew just the right thing to do to make me aroused. Our tongues clenched and I deepened the kiss as I couldn't get enough of him. My fingers combed behind his soft silky wet hair as I felt the burning steam inside me. I was on fire. His lips were so soft against mine that I couldn't get enough of him. His hands went to the back strap of my bikini bra, trying to loosing the tied knot... *********************************************************** Bad girl Olivia Henderson is stuck living with her worst nightmare Alexander Williams who happens to be the son of her parent's good friends and business partners. Their parents go on a one-month business trip leaving Olivia in the care of her worst nightmare, but what happens when what was supposed to be one horrible month of living with her worst nightmare turns out to be a turnaround in Olivia's life as they slowly become attracted to one another?
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“Sweetheart, why don’t you show your friend around the house for the main time so that he won’t find it difficult when he moves in” Dad says, facing me

“Of course, if you’ll excuse me” I grit my teeth while faking a smile as I stand up.

I lost my appetite the minute I saw Alex,so there is no point in going on with the dinner.

Likewise, I turned around, heading towards the stairs but then came to a halt by my mum’s voice calling behind me.

“Sweetie, you forgot your friend,” Mum says with a smile on her face.

Can she stop using the word ‘friend’ to address Alex already, why can’t she say something like Schoolmate,weird boy or Stranger?

For crying out loud, Alex and I are far from being called friends.

We loath each other!

“Of course” I grit my teeth with a fake smile plastered on my face as Alex also stands up, trailing behind me as I walk up to my room.

As soon as we got to the door, I dragged him into the room and bolted the door. I shove him against the wall.

“You planned this, right? This is your way of exacting revenge, right?” I whisper in anger, glaring at him.

“Of course not, I can’t even bear staying in the same room as you, talk less of living with you” He mumbles, irritation laced in his tone.

“Shut up, I know this is just one of your cheap tricks to get back at me,” I say angrily.

“Come on Olivia, how would I do something like that, come to think of it, can I plan a friendship? Our parents have been friends and business associates for a long time, it’s not our fault that we weren’t aware all this while, all you should be focused on right now is talking your parents out of this madness” He scoffed as a frown curved on his features and I withdrew my hands from him, fixing him with a scowl.

He had a point, we need to do something about this soon or else my life would be damned.

This is the first time Alex and I are agreeing on something, and the something being a way to avoid this whole shit.

“Earlier on, my parents told me their friends had a beautiful daughter that I might be interested in but what I saw is the opposite of what I was told, I can’t believe I spent an hour grooming myself for you thinking you’d be one hot girl of some sort” He scoffs in disgust and that’s when my eyes shift to his dressing, scanning him from head to toe.

He is putting on a white t-shirt with black pants and a black leather jacket. His hair is ruffled backwards which shows that he has been brushing through it in frustration probably on his way here. Very unusual of Alex, I mean,the guy has a crazy obsession with his damn hair. It makes me want to pick up a pair of scissors and shave his hair until it's completely bald. A smirk curves on my lips as the thought of actually doing it crosses my mind. An image of Alex's reaction when I cut his hair forma in my mind, making my smirk grow wider.

"Attractive much huh?" He smirks, bringing me back from my mischievous thoughts and that's when my smirk turns into a frown as I reminisce his earlier words.

“And what do you mean by that? Am I not beautiful?” I implore with frown.

“You wish, Henderson” He scoffed.

“Fool” I shoot him a warning glare.

“At least you’re checking me out” He says and that’s when I realize that I haven't taken my eyes off him since I started staring. I twirl my head instantly in the opposite direction, making him laugh.

“You wish” I scoff as I fold my arms.

“You are awful at lying Henderson, I can tell when you’re busy lying, and it doesn’t suit you” He takes a step closer to me as he whispers into my ear.

“Whatever, now get lost” I push him.

“Aww, little Liv is crushing” He mocked.

“Don’t pester me Alex, don’t forget you’re at my house and not school, I’ll kill you here without leaving a trace” I threaten as I fix him with my best intimidating glare which only makes him roll his eyes.

“Whatever, your mum said you should show me around the house so come on let’s go” He says and smiles.

“No way! Why do I have this feeling that you’re starting to enjoy this madness?” I shot him a look.

“Anything that troubles you brings joy to me and gladdens my heart, so go ahead and show me around the house or else I’ll tell your mum you’re being a bad friend” He smirks as he twists the door knob.

“Gosh I hate you so much, I wish I never met someone as stupid, dumb and useless like you!” I huff in anger.

“The feeling is mutual baby girl” He smirks

{Hi everyone,so I took my time during the last month to work on my books, I proofread it and even the grammar made me cringe. While reading it I noticed a lot of errors and mistakes so I changed quite a few things in the book. If you have read the previous version then I recommend you re-read it if you feel like my writing sucks. I changed quite a few things in the book. It totally sucks and some stuff in the book is really unnecessary so I made the plot a lot better. I hope you like this new version I'm currently uploading. I love you all for your support and I appreciate it a lot}