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Forbidden Desires

Forbidden Desires

Author:Elle Vintea


Bella Livingston grew up in a world of opulence, surrounded by the trappings of her affluent family's wealth. Yet, beneath the facade of grandeur and luxury, Bella's life was marked by profound loneliness and neglect. Her parents, absorbed in their socialite circles and personal ambitions, had little time for their only child. From the tender age of sixteen, Bella harboured a secret that ignited her heart and consumed her thoughts - her intense and forbidden crush on Reid Carter, her father's charismatic best friend. Reid, a ruthless billionaire with a reputation for turning heads and breaking hearts. He was dashing, enigmatic, and dangerously attractive, despite his always cold attitude which was intimidating for everyone around him. Despite him being cold as ice, Bella couldn't help but be drawn to him like a moth to a flame. As Bella matured into a striking young woman, her feelings for Reid intensified, yet she remained invisible in his world. She always watched him from afar. Reid was a man who lived by his own rules, a man who never committed to anything more than a fleeting affair. Bella knew her infatuation was a forbidden path, one that could shatter her family's reputation and her own heart. Yet, she couldn't help but be drawn deeper into her feelings for him. In the shadows of opulence, Bella and Reid must confront their desires and the consequences that threaten to tear them apart. Will their love conquer all, or will it lead to the downfall of everything they hold dear?
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An alarm clock blared in the lavish bedroom of the Livingston mansion. Its relentless beeping cut through the heavy veil of Bella's dreams, jolting her awake. She groaned, rubbing her eyes and squinting at the blinding morning light that streamed through her satin drapes.

Another day, she thought as she dragged herself out of the four-poster bed that was more fit for a princess than a teenager. The clock read 6:30 AM, a cruel reminder that it was time for her to begin another day in the glittering cage that was her life.

Bella's parents, Richard and Isabella Livingston, were influential figures in the world of finance and the social elite. The Livingston name was synonymous with power and wealth, and Bella was their only child, the heir to their vast fortune. Yet, despite the opulence surrounding her, she couldn't shake the emptiness that gnawed at her soul.

She pushed open the heavy, ornate door to the ensuite bathroom adjacent to her bedroom. It was a space that rivaled the most opulent spas, with marble countertops, golden fixtures, and a crystal chandelier that cast shimmering reflections on every surface.

The room was softly illuminated by the gentle glow of the sconces on the walls, creating an ambiance of tranquility. Bella walked toward the expansive vanity mirror that spanned the length of one wall. As she stood before it, she studied her reflection, her expression a mix of critical self-evaluation and resignation.

Bella had inherited her mother's striking beauty, and her features were the embodiment of classic elegance. Her porcelain complexion was flawlessly smooth, untouched by the blemishes that often plagued teenagers. High cheekbones framed her face, and her lips were full and naturally tinted with a rosy hue.

She ran her fingers through her long, chestnut hair, which cascaded down her back in a cascade of soft waves. It was her one physical attribute that she took pride in, a shining mane that often garnered compliments from those who met her.

Her eyes, a deep shade of hazel, held a sense of mystery, reflecting the inner turmoil that simmered beneath her composed exterior. They were framed by dark, expressive eyebrows that accentuated their depth. Her lashes, long and dark, framed her eyes beautifully.

Bella's figure was slender and graceful, a testament to the hours spent with personal trainers and nutritionists at her mother’s orders.

As she continued to examine herself in the mirror, Bella couldn't help but wonder if her beauty was her only value in the eyes of her parents. It was a double-edged sword, a gift and a curse, for it was the one thing that had garnered attention in a household where her presence often went unnoticed.

She sighed, pushing away the thoughts that threatened to dampen her morning routine. With practiced grace, she proceeded to cleanse her face and apply a light layer of makeup, enhancing her features subtly.

She slipped into her designer uniform – a crisp, navy-blue skirt and matching blazer, emblematic of the exclusive academy she attended. It was the best money could buy, just like everything else in her life, but it never made her feel any less out of place.

As Bella descended the grand staircase, her heart sank. Her parents were already engrossed in a hushed conversation at the marble island in the center of the sprawling kitchen. They barely acknowledged her presence, too preoccupied with their own world of corporate mergers and social events.

"Good morning, darling," her mother, Isabella, chimed. Her father, Richard, simply nodded in her direction, their attention barely lingering.

"Morning," Bella mumbled, not expecting much more from them. She had long grown accustomed to their indifference.

As Bella sat at the breakfast table, the morning sun streaming in through the large, ornate windows, she watched as her parents prepared to leave for their respective activities. It was a scene she had witnessed countless times before, a routine that had become all too familiar.

Her father, Richard Livingston, impeccably dressed in a tailored suit and silk tie, was engrossed in a phone call, his brow furrowed in concentration. He barely glanced in Bella's direction as he hurriedly sipped his coffee, his thoughts consumed by the world of high finance.

Isabella, her mother, was equally absorbed in her own affairs. She stood at the end of the table, elegantly dressed in a designer pantsuit, meticulously arranging her schedule for the day on her tablet. Her lips moved in a silent conversation with her virtual assistant, leaving Bella feeling like an intruder in her own home.

As her parents exchanged hurried goodbyes, each absorbed in their own world of responsibilities and commitments, Bella felt the familiar pang of isolation. It was a loneliness that had become her constant companion, a reminder that in this gilded cage of privilege, she was truly alone.

With a sigh, she watched as her parents exited the room, leaving her alone in the vast, opulent dining area. The grandeur of the mansion seemed to mock her as she sat in solitude, a reminder that no amount of wealth or luxury could fill the void in her heart.

Nothing had changed, and Bella couldn't help but wonder if anything ever would.

As Bella sat in the opulent dining room, lost in her thoughts after her parents had hurriedly departed, a warm presence suddenly entered the room. The soft click of heels against the polished marble floor drew her attention, and she looked up to see Lupe, the head maid, approaching with a gentle smile on her face.

Lupe had been a constant presence in Bella's life, a source of comfort and kindness amidst the cold grandeur of the mansion. She was more than just an employee; she was a friend, a confidante, and sometimes, even a surrogate mother.

"¡Feliz cumpleaños, señorita Bella!" Lupe exclaimed, her warm brown eyes crinkling at the corners as she spoke. Her voice carried a genuine warmth and affection that Bella had always cherished.

Bella's eyes widened in surprise, and a small, genuine smile tugged at her lips. Her 18th birthday had slipped her mind in the midst of her usual routine, and she hadn't expected anyone to remember. Yet, here was Lupe, with a radiant smile and birthday wishes that filled the room with a sense of celebration. Bella's 18th birthday was a momentous occasion, one that marked the official transition from adolescence to adulthood.

"Thank you, Lupe," Bella replied, her voice tinged with gratitude. She stood up from her seat and accepted the warm embrace that Lupe offered, her heart touched by the maid's thoughtfulness.

Lupe stepped back, her eyes still alight with affection. "I've prepared a little something for you, señorita Bella," she said, her tone conspiratorial as she led Bella toward a side table adorned with a small, beautifully wrapped gift.

Bella's curiosity was piqued as she carefully unwrapped the present. Inside, she found a delicate silver necklace with a pendant shaped like a flower. It was a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry that captured her attention. The pendant seemed to shimmer in the morning light, reflecting the love and care that Lupe had put into selecting it.

"It's beautiful," Bella whispered, her eyes misting with emotion. She knew that Lupe's gesture was more than just a birthday gift; it was a reminder that even amidst the cold, indifferent world of her family, there were those who cared for her.

Lupe beamed with satisfaction, her mission accomplished. "I'm glad you like it, señorita Bella," she said warmly.

A quick breakfast, a smoothie to fuel her for the day, and Bella was out the door toward her chauffeur-driven car.

Today was just another day, another day of school and pretense. As the car glided through the manicured streets of her affluent neighborhood, Bella's inner dialogue was a whirlwind of unspoken wishes and desires.

She gazed out of the tinted windows at the passing scenery, a sense of resentment gnawing at her heart. It was a sentiment she had become all too familiar with and many would call her ungrateful for her thoughts.

Her parents' apparent forgetfulness regarding her birthday was not an anomaly; it was a recurring theme throughout her life. As the luxurious car glided through the city streets, Bella couldn't help but reminisce bitterly about how seldom they had remembered her special day.

With a heavy sigh, she thought back to the handful of occasions when they had acknowledged her birthday over her 18 years on this earth. Those rare moments stood out like glimmers of warmth in a sea of indifference. There had been the extravagant parties, attended by society's elite, where her parents had lavished her in public with gifts and attention – but she knew those gatherings were more about their social status than her.

Then there were the times when they had remembered her birthday but were too caught up in their busy lives to spend time with her. Her father's business meetings and her mother's charity events often took precedence over any celebration for their daughter.

As Bella's gaze fixed on the city's skyscrapers, she couldn't escape the harsh reality that her parents' wealth and status had always taken precedence over her emotional needs. It was a stark reminder that material abundance could never replace the love, affection, and genuine attention she craved.

The car pulled up to the entrance of her prestigious private school, and Bella was jolted back to the present. She stepped out, her heart heavy with the weight of her unfulfilled desires.