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Her Selfless Love

Her Selfless Love



"You told them you love me ,huh?" He asks with a raised eyebrows, jaw hardened and eyes narrowed at the shy girl he has hated all his life. She was afraid of his tone,he didn't looked happy with her confession. Was her love going to be unrequited one? "I fuck*** asked you something Ezra! Answer me!" His tone made her gulp,his grip on her arm made her flinch in fear. "Yes" She finally answered looking into his emotionless eyes. Smirking he laughed at her confession,not believing her. "Ezra,do you even know what love is,Oh I almost forgot you are an Orphan,how would you know?" His words were sharp as knife, piercing her healed wounds. She fisted her hands, trying to control her tears. He sighed in frustration running his hand through his hair. "Now mom will not stop till she has made you her daughter in law! Fu**! Why you!" He said ,pacing the room . Oblivion to the tears ,she tried her best to hide. He didn't love her. He never did, she was a fool to even think that he for once did. Hate is all he had for her and those who said hate is the beginning of love,were fools mocking her right now. Gathering the little pride left in her she answers back in a quivering voice. "Yes,I love you. But I don't want anything from you." She says and he stares.Confused at her weird confession. Who says that ? "Nothing you say? Are you playing some brain games girl?" She lowers her eyes and leaves but not before whispering the words that made him feel something after a very long time. "Love is not something to learn ,but to feel Aaron. And I know what I feel. You may name it infatuation and lust,but I proudly call it my selfless love" ....................................................................
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Ezra, was the one who was not meant to be born.

Left on the streets to die after 7 days of life,her biological parents didn't wanted her.

The reason will always remain a mystery.

But considering she was a girl and the rags that covered her,cheap the reason was quite evident.

Mrs Reed has always been known to be a kind and soft hearted woman,her support to the orphanages and women of her country,quite famous and generous.

Such was the destiny's play,that one day her eyes fell on a crying child wrapped in torn rags,laying near a bin,while her car stopped at the red lights.

Her hands immediately,pulling the door open ,not caring about anything else.

The guard followed the madam in haste, covering her with an umbrella from the piercing rain.

But as soon as their eyes fell on the baby girl crying and shivering in the rain,they couldn't help feel their hearts to drop and sympathy to flood in.

How someone left this beautiful girl to die, how inhuman can their race be.

Mrs Reed held the little baby in her arms and surprisingly,the child's shrill voices calmed down.

Like she was in her mother's embrace.

Nodding at the driver,Mrs Reed decided then,that she will not let anything happen to this little girl who has just leaned to breathe.

She will leave no stone unturned to save her tonight,as she was herself nothing but a messenger of God,send to save this child.

Mrs Reed was able to save the child that night, but she couldn't find a good home for her.

Her attachment to the girl,one of the reasons .

Then when all options were closed and her house's oldest and most trustworthy maids lost her unborn child,they both decided.

The child will live in the Reed Mansion ,as the head Maid May's daughter.

Mrs Reed will make sure that she attends to the girls needs and provides her with nothing but the best.

Mr Reed agreed with his wife's choice,knowing that she always took the right decision

And appreciating her for her good deed.

The girl was named Ezra,after the meaning that meant giver.

As she was a Gift given by God to them.

Mrs Reed herself had 3 sons,the desire for a daughter very strong but now with Ezra in her arms,she was sure her wish got granted.

Ben Reed the youngest of Reeds son was a charmer of hearts,his looks a catalyst to it.

With a sweet personality,he was the most irresponsible and notorious one.

Neil Reed,the middle one was a one hell of a playboy with that boyish charm and smooth words. Flirting,his first language and family his first preference.

The eldest of all was Aaron Reed.

With the face of a Greek God,he was the most admired at. His introvert nature and cold perona an icing to it.. He did opened up to few people including his friends and family.

But to outsiders,he was a cold bast***,who was like an unattainable fruit.

Desired by all , achieved by none.

His family came first for him and he was the most responsible of all.

Ready to bear the weight of Reed industries on his shoulders in future.

While Neil and Ben ,cared for Ezra like her family, Aaron seemed to dislike her for some reason.

The beginning of which started with jealousy,when he saw his mom care more for the orphan girl more than her own children.

While others adored her smile,he hated it, considering to be mockery on his jealousy and emotions.

Ezra loved it when others cared for her,their smiles making her happy except for one person who always had a scowl on seeing her.

She never understood what his problem was,but who said he was telling her anytime soon.

From destroying her dolls,to let others bully her in school.

He made it clear that he hated/ loathed her.

But our Ezra was a fool, getting attracted to the person who stood out the most in the crowd.

Who told her how ugly she was when others complemented her on her beauty.

Who detested her very face.

She wanted him to like her like everyone did,to love her if possible.

But who was she kidding,a person like Aaron Reed never reciprocates.

She gave him love ,he returned it with hate.

Untill one day Mrs Reed came to know about her feelings.

And she became the happiest mother in law alive. Having her daughter like Ezra to finally become her daughter.

He did accepted her hand for marriage,but with a promise to not love her.

He gave her his surname but never gave her the respect she deserved and attention dhe craved.

While she continued to give her everything into this relationship,trying to build a castle on moving waters.

He showed her his extent of his hate and indifferent.

Still she continued to shower him with her selfless love and forgiveness.

But the question remained.

How long can a relationship survive with efforts from only one side.

For boats that don't get rowed with both paddles,struggle in harsh waters.

And the time,they enter the winds of storm,it upturns to leave them both at the mercy of God.