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Love Me Once More

Love Me Once More



After three years of marriage, Xu Wenyan was asked to divorce by her husband Duan Zhenting. Just because Duan Zhenting's first love came back. Three years ago, Duan Zhenting suffered an accident and was forced to marry at that time, he chose his caregiver, Xu Wenyan. Xu Wenyan loved him, but his feelings for her were not love. Feeling very hurt, Xu Wenyan left Duan Zhenting and went back to her original family. The truth was that her father was a billionaire and she was a female CEO. After losing her love, she decided to devote herself to her career, but what she didn't expect was that not long after, she re-encountered Duan Zhenting in business...
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"As long as you sign the divorce papers, I'll fulfill any of your conditions." The man stood in front of the curtain and spat out such a sentence coldly.

Sitting on the huge white bed, Xu Wenyan's shoulders were trembling along her weeping, and tears fell down onto the back of her hand.

"Must we divorce?"

Her eyes misted over, and she still held out a glimmer of hope.

Duan Zhenting's callous gaze only stayed on the woman's face for a few seconds. Seeing her pitiful look, he was frowning gradually.

The dim light from the bedside lamp shone on her fair, arresting face. She didn't appear a stunning beauty at first glance, but luckily, her facial features were soft-looking and her every expression was imbued with a hint of gentleness, giving people a sense of refreshment.

At this moment, the woman's eyes were full of love and pleading, and her black hair was scattered over her shoulders, which accentuated her snowy-colored skin. If it were to be an ordinary man, she should have caught his fancy.

However, to Zhenting, she personified dullness and boredom.

Marrying Xu Wenyan was an accident in the first place.

Three years ago, he encountered a car accident and became a crippled. As a result, he had no choice but to separate with his original girlfriend. In order not to let the Duan family have no descendants, his mother forced him to make a baby with the woman she bought.

In a fit of pique, he pointed directly at the healthcare worker at the bedside. "Since I need to get married anyway, then I might as well do it with her!"

That healthcare worker was Xu Wenyan. He had investigated her and found that she had a simple background and a docile, obedient character.

But now, there was no need for her to stay here.

"You've spent three years with me. There is 20 million in the card, which should be enough for you to lead an easy life for the rest of your life." Zhenting took out a bank card and placed it on the table.

"Why do we have to divorce now?"

Tears streamed down Wenyan's cheeks, and the bottom of her eyes had been filled with agony and dejection. She wondered why three years wasn't enough to move him.

She thought after he had recuperated, they would have a better life. She had a lot of wishes lying in store for them to realize, such as traveling, climbing, camping, having children and spending the rest of their life together.

"Because I don't love you!"

The man told the truth in an indifferent tone. "I will only love Yufei in my life. She's back, and I want to marry her."

It was as though Wenyan's heart had been stabbed by a knife. It hurt so much so that she struggled to breathe.

After this man, whom she had cherished and taken care of for three years, recovered, the thing coming to his mind was not to be grateful, but to abandon his wife and marry his ex-girlfriend?

What a joke!

"Zhenting..." Wenyan still wanted to say something, but was interrupted suddenly by the butler, who rushed into the room.

"Mr. Zhenting, Miss Gu isn't doing too well. Please hurry up and have a look!" There was a note of anxiety in the butler's voice.

Zhenting's expression changed and he walked straight past Wenyan toward the outside. His tone was full of perturbation. "How does everyone in the hospital look after her?"

In an instant, his figure disappeared outside the door, leaving Wenyan sitting on the bed in a daze.

She thought he would stay in the hospital that night. Unexpectedly, he actually brought Gu Yufei back.

Wenyan stood at the stairs and looked at the two people downstairs. Yufei's face was ashen, which exuded a kind of sickly beauty and made Zhenting, who was holding her in his arms, frown, as if his heart was also in pain!

Had Wenyan ever been treated like this when she was sick?

Yufei opened her eyes slowly, tugged at the man's clothes on his chest with one of her hands, shook it while saying in a scarcely audible voice, "Zhenting, Miss Xu..."

Zhenting looked up at the woman upstairs, and the warmth on his face gave way to insouciance. "I'll settle the formalities concerning our divorce in three days, therefore you have to move out in three days."

After that, he lowered his head and showed concern to the woman in his arms. Wenyan couldn't hear what they said. In short, it was about the unattainable tenderness she craved.

He carried Yufei upstairs. While he stepped past Wenyan, Yufei shot a provocative look at her.

Zhenting entered the master bedroom with Yufei in his arms. The door was closed in a neither heavy nor light way. Wenyan's body swayed, and she supported herself by placing her hand on the banister. She then cried silently as all the delightful things in her world shattered into ashes.

It has been ten whole years. Her unrequited love had lasted for ten years!

Since he saved her, this love had lasted for ten years. He had lived in her heart for ten years, and it left an indelible mark in her memory.

Nevertheless, love is so unfair. The one who devoted herself to the relationship could never obtain the reciprocated love, and even had to suffer a lot. What was worse, in the end, she was defeated by a mere gaze from her opponent.

"Zhenting, I really have to let go this time."

Wenyan withdrew her hand and stood up straight slowly. Her tear-filled eyes were now a little clear and bright.

No matter how passionate her feelings for him was, it had been dampened gradually.

It was the time to put a lid on this ludicrous and humble love.

She walked back to the room and picked up the divorce agreement form. The moment she was about to write on it, her eyes stopped on the name. As tears welled up, she couldn't hold them back, and one drop of tears fell down.

She wiped away her tears and wrote her name down with a few strokes.

Xu Wenyan.

Since she had been using this name for the past three years, then she should end it with this name as well!

Henceforth, she was no longer Xu Wenyan, but rather Wen Yan.

This marriage ended just like that. She threw the divorce papers back onto the table and took out the green jade token hidden under the pillow.

It took her a whole year of hard work to prepare this token. Whenever she was carving it, at the thought of him liking it very much, she would carve it unconsciously until midnight and until the next day, when it gave her bloodshot eyes.

Unfortunately, this gift could not be given out.

Wen Yan laughed at herself self-deprecatingly. So what if she gave it away? No matter how much effort she put in to prepare the gift, it would still end up being a worthless piece of crap left in a corner.

She packed up her luggage, and there had already been a car waiting outside the mansion. Wen Yan got into it with tiredness and a little despondency, "I've divorced."

On the driver's seat, the man with a letter tattoo on his left arm snapped his fingers. "Well done!"

He leaned over and handed over the laptop. "You're back to the single life again. Hooray! Milady, welcome back to the empire."