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The Adventures Of The Young Master

The Adventures Of The Young Master



Jin Rou, the youngest Celestial King, was being restricted to go outside by his father for some reasons. Thus, Jin Rou was fed up.Tags:OPMC, Comedy, Cold-bloodedMC, NoRomanceYET, SuperHandsomeMCAnd so, he made his 'Grand Plan' of running away.
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A loud, ear—piercing childish voice rang the entire Celestial Mansion of the Rou Celestial Family, the overlord of the entire universe that was below none! It almost broke the ground and the energy essence was dissipated entirely as if it had gone extinct!

Inside the mansion, at the throne room where the ruler of the Celestial Rou Family sat, a fifteen—year—old boy was sitting on the throne, who was stomping his foot like a child who rebelled from his mother from not buying him a toy.

This is Jin Rou. The current ruler of the entire universe. The youngest martial cultivator who reached the pinnacle of Cultivation! He was the genius of all the geniuses! He even surpassed his father, the former Celestial King, Fan Rou, who reached the pinnacle at the age of 24!

But this Jin Rou actually reached the pinnacle at the age of 7! How terrifying was that? Is this kid still a being? No! They are Gods. But Jin Rou is the overlord of these Gods!

Because of this, he was forced to take the throne by his father when he turned eight. Of course, he didn't like that fact and he even tried to run away! But since his father was mighty and almost guard him 24 hours a day, how could he escape so easily? So even forced, he accepted the throne and became the Celestial Prestige of the Rou Family.

"Your... Your Majesty, p—p—please calm down.." a middle—aged man said in a stuttering voice, it was clear that he was afraid at this moment. Not because of Jin's strength. But because he was feeling that something will turn out bad if continues!

"How can I calm down, Grenas? I never get out of this palace even I am the King of this realm! A King should go sightseeing even for a moment, right? Right?! But why you old geezers always prohibit me from going out?!" Jin Rou angrily exclaimed. Time and time again, his father would not let him go out even he became the Celestial King. And what's more annoying him, was his father didn't want to tell him the reason why!

"This... This.." Grenas, one of the Celestial Generals of Jin Rou, didn't know what to say and just laugh wryly.

Your Majesty... It is not that we don't want you to experience the outside world, it is just that once you go outside, you wouldn't even notice that a chaos will about to come into being! — Grenas thought to himself.

When Jin Rou was at the age of eight and was about to be crowned, he suddenly ran away at his maximum speed! That time, the Celestial Mansion was busy from the matters of the crowning of their son. And his father didn't notice it right away because he didn't expect that his son would have the guts to do it. Who knew he would actually do it?!

What's more, Jin Rou exited the Celestial Mansion from the main gate! That gate had millions of people waiting for the coronation of the new King. When the crowd saw Jin Rou, it was as if the world stopped turning and their gaze was fixated to the man flying in the sky at full speed. Even though it was fast, they still caught a glimpse of the Young King of the Rou Family!

Jin Rou was only eight at that time, yet all of the girls attended the coronation was immediately found their lower private part wet just a mere few seconds! The girls suddenly went into a massive uproar that almost broke the entire Rou Realm! The girls shouted like crazy and their bodies got hot from the inside. They were craving for that child! They didn't mind if it was only a child, they all wanted to bear the baby of that child!

Disregarding the consequences, all of the girls, even the married women, gave chase to the running away Jin Rou! This startled Jin Rou, unknowingly if he had offended the women chasing him. Fortunately, his father appeared and bring him back right away. Though, it was really not a fortunate part for Jin Rou.

"Hmph! I change my mind, I will not go out anymore, I will run away! Don't try to stop me!" saying that, Jin Rou suddenly became a ray of light that shot towards the sky.

Seeing this scene dumbfounded Grenas, after seconds, he immediately regained his wits and said in a panic: "Your Majesty!"

Grenas turned into light and shot into the sky where his Majesty went with cold sweats running on his face! The former Celestial King and his Queen were not in the Mansion at the current time because he was invited to be the prime guest of one of the Prime Clans under the Rou Family, the Shi Clan. Fan Rou reminded him of always guard Jin Rou time after time because he knew how big Jin Rou's desire to go out.

Grenas had always thought that Jin Rou wouldn't do something like this because he always let him see an obedient child only sitting on his throne without any voice of complaints. In fact, the last retaliation of Jin Rou was when he was eight years old! That's why he was caught off guard this time.

Suddenly, Grenas stopped his chase and began to look around, he was sweating and breathing heavily that like he was being suffocated. He got a very pale expression that was like a death sentence was about to storm his life.

"Your Majesty.. He really ran.. away.." Grenas felt his body tremble. He couldn't sense Jin Rou's presence anymore. It was like a thunder slapped right through his face. He knelt on air and closed his eyes. He was preparing for the punishment that was about to come.


In the outskirt of the Shred Case Mortal World, a black and golden gate appeared out of thin air. This gate was extremely majestic as if even this gate would be worshipped. Suddenly, it fluctuated and a young man with a majestic aura with a very universe—defying handsomeness got out of it! His eyes were like dazzling and dancing stars with a moonlight shade, his lips that were perfectly curved that any women can be conquered just by seeing him. His white short hair that like was perfectly trimmed in an utmost degree, like a white sea that was enough to suffocate the entire world!

Apparently, this was Jin Rou who successfully escaped his realm and responsibilities. He had a very delighted smile and said in excitement: "FINALLY, I AM OUT!"