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The Richest Lady Pampered Her Hubby

The Richest Lady Pampered Her Hubby



Why was she reborn too late? Why did that stranger still take her virginity? After rebirth, she determined to take revenge on those who humiliated her and her family. Wen Jiu loved a guy, at first sight, whom she could never fall in love with, because she accidentally found he was the man who took her virginity. She left. Everything moved on. She collected herself, focused on every business, and finally became the richest lady in the country, like she did in her previous life. Seeing the man kneeling and begging for her forgiveness downstairs, who was her first love, Wen Jiu got bored. "You're the one who took my virginity? Forget it. It's history. I have so much money now. I can get various handsome guys if I want. Who wants you, huh?" The man looked at Wen Jiu sitting lazily on the princess' chair, several hot men serving her.
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"Wen Jiu, you belong to me now! I've waited for ten years to have you in my possession. Every time I think of you, I can't sleep at night!" Zhao Fan pinned her to the soft couch and tore her clothes like crazy, kissing her face, neck, shoulders and collarbone in a rush ......

Wen Jiu desperately tried to push him away, but found herself powerless. Her body kept heating up as if there were a million tiny bugs biting inside her.

She could barely think. As she dodged, she shouted, "Chengyun! Meng Chengyun..."

It was Meng Chengyun who had brought her into the palace and said that the Empress Dowager had summoned her. However, after they arrived at the Yuelan Platform, she drank a cup of wine, and things turned out to be like this. Meng Chengyun had definitely not gone far.

Wen Jiu hurriedly ran to the front of the pavilion. The night wind blew up the curtain, revealing the man's fluttering clothes. He was still here!

Servants walked out quickly behind the curtain. They approached and stopped her in unison. "Are you looking for Minister Meng? I advise you to give up this idea. Minister Meng is going to marry the princess and become the Emperor's son-in-law soon. The wine you drank just now was sent to my master by him!"

"I don't believe it!" Wen Jiu felt the images in front of her spinning and blurring. She couldn't even take two steps and fell heavily to the ground. "Chengyun... save me!"

"Wen Jiu." Meng Chengyun walked out from behind the curtain and persuaded her in a gentle voice, "Accept Prince Ming's advances. He loves you deeply."

His gentle words made Wen Jiu devastated. She forced herself to stand up and stumbled towards him.

"He loves me deeply? You want to marry the princess to become a royal relative, and you want to sell me as a stepping stone? Meng Chengyun, you really make the best use of everything!"

She was twenty-nine years old this year. It took her 14 years to become the richest woman in the Dayan Dynasty from a peasant girl who could not afford three meals. She had suffered a lot and enjoyed the glory that all the noble women did not dare to imagine.

While women of her age, whose children were already of marriageable age, were raising their children, Wen Jiu was running around for Meng Chengyun. Wen Jiu gave him the silver he needed and socialized for him to build up his network. Meng Chengyun became a minister at the age of 30, all because Wen Jiu spent a lot of money!

When she was fifteen years old, she was raped by a man who had infiltrated her home and was sold by her grandmother to the sickly son of the Xie family for a wedding. It was Meng Chengyun who gave up his life and took her away overnight. From then on, Wen Jiu vowed to go through thick and thin together with him.

Meng Chengyun sought refuge with King Ming. She didn't like this person very much, but she still tried her best to help him.

She knew she was not a virgin and never dared to dream of marrying him. However, Meng Chengyun hadn't married in the past few years and they lived next door to each other, so she was already very satisfied that they could have a meal and talk to each other in their spare time.

But now... this man, who she thought they could go through thick and thin together for a lifetime, gave her to Zhao Fan for the sake of power. Her efforts over the years were ridiculous.

Meng Chengyun said, "I did it for your own good."

"For my own good? Haha... hahaha..."

Wen Jiu stumbled backwards.

The servant's voice was so sharp that it almost hurt her eardrums. He said, "You're not a virgin, just an old woman who can't get married. It is your honor that my master is willing to make love to you!"

Zhao Fan had already ripped off her outer shirt and said in her ear, "The little emperor will soon die and I will soon ascend the throne. I will treat you well and let you enjoy the glory and wealth for the rest of your life. Don't make a scene now."

Wen Jiu felt her ears ringing and she used all her strength in resistance. For a moment, they really couldn't do anything to her.

Zhao Fan approached her step by step. When they reached the railing, Wen Jiu suddenly stopped and pounced on Zhao Fan. The wooden railing on the high platform was in disrepair and broke with a click, and the two fell down.

She was a businessman. Even if she had to die, she would make her opponent pay the price. She would die, but Zhao Fan would die with her. Nice trade.

Wen Jiu was falling rapidly in the air when she heard the rush of wind, as if many people were shouting her name.

The light of torches spread rapidly in the distance. Tens of thousands of soldiers and armor surrounded the entire palace. Sentries anxiously reported, "Prince Heng led tens of thousands of soldiers into the palace... to rid the evil ministers around the emperor!"

Wen Jiu fell off the high platform, and the white marble stone under her body was stained with blood. The moment she took her last breath, she saw the man dressed in dark black and galloped up on a white horse. She couldn't see the man's face, but she closed her eyes with relief.

Xie Heng was back.