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You Got Twins, Mr. Gu

You Got Twins, Mr. Gu



In order to detoxify, Ling Moxue stopped a car and slept with the man in the car. However, as soon as she got out of the car, a big truck sped in. She managed to escape, but the man fell into a pool of blood in order to save her. Because of that detoxification, she was pregnant with a pair of twins. Five years later, little brother and sister attended a dinner party. Unexpectedly, they met Gu Mingxuan. Gu Mingxuan saw them in an instant and felt familiar in his heart. Why did they look so much like himself? "Investigate the background of these two children, especially their mother." Ling Moxue, who was waiting for the children to come back at home, was shocked to see Gu Mingxuan on TV. "No, how could there be a man like him? Didn't he have an accident?"
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It was extremely sultry and hot today.

At about eleven o'clock, a figure ran out of the Ling Family in a red and white student's dress. It was late, plus Ling Family was in the villa area of Zizhu Mountain. Where would she go?

Nobody knew. The only sure thing was the figure, Ling Moxue ran like crazy, her hair messy and feet bare, and her steps unsteady for some reason.

"Sister, sister!" A few minutes later, an unusually sharp voice came from behind, "You come back, come back!"

Hearing this, Ling Moxue was so shocked that she sped up subconsciously.

"Boom..." Suddenly, there was lightning and thunder in the air. A a storm was about to come.

"Ah..." Ling Moxue was afraid of thunder very much. She covered her ears and hid behind a big stone in the Zizhu Forest by the roadside.

After the lightning, the sky returned to its usual pitch-black color.

A woman in a purple scarf dress and a fat middle-aged man chased after her. They looked around and then looked at each other strangely.

"Has she run far away?" The man gasped heavily.

The woman wiped off the sweat on her face and said out of breath, "She should... should not have run too far. She will be affected after drinking that glass of wine. She is afraid of this weather."

The man looked at her annoyedly, "I'm telling you, if she ran away, and you sleep with me!"

The woman pouted and looked reluctant, "Why are you in such a hurry? She must be around."

"Go after her!" The man waved his hand and ran forward with the woman.

When she heard the footsteps go away, Ling Moxue came out of the forest. She covered her undulating chest with one hand and ran to another crossing in a panic...

The traffic lights were on, and there were many cars. As long as she stopped a car, she could go to the hospital.

After running for a short distance, another muffled thunder struck. Ling Moxue was so scared that she trembled and fell to the roadside with a bang.

"Creak!" A passing black Bentley stopped. A tall, handsome man stepped out of the car and kindly helped her up, "Girl, what's wrong with you?"

Ling Moxue leaned on his arm and smelled a cold aura that was exclusive to men. With a flash of her clear eyes, the sensitive cells that were eroded by love poison in her body burst out sparks in an instant.

She got excited and hugged the man with rapid breathing, rubbing her little face on his chest and muttering vaguely in her mouth.

Gu Mingxuan was shocked, and suddenly felt that her body was very hot. He took a step back in confusion and reached out to lift her little face...

Her face, wrapped in her black hair, was abnormally flushed. Her big eyes were watery and her mouth was wide open. She was panting like a fish dying of thirst.

He was slightly shocked and stretched out his hand to pull away a strand of black hair on her face. His black eyes were wide open, "It's you?"

"Save me." Ling Moxue, who had been controlled by love poison, could not hear what he was saying. She only felt that there were thousands of love worms in her body biting her.

"Quick, please... save me."

Hearing her hoarse and painful voice, Gu Mingxuan narrowed his dark eyes. Was she drugged?

"Okay, okay, I'll take you to the hospital."

He hurriedly picked up Ling Moxue and put her in the back seat of the car. When he was about to step back, his neck was tightly held by a pair of soft hands.

Their lips pressed against each other, and Gu Mingxuan's whole body tightened. A hot wave suddenly rushed to his brain like a tide.

Ling Moxue was even crazier. Her slender legs were wrapped around his waist...

The rain still poured down and splashed on the shaking roof of the car.

After a long time, the black Bentley's door opened.

Ling Moxue rushed out. Her hair was still messy, and she was rushing forward. She was crying, and her tears flowed with the rain on her face...

"Hey... Don't run away!" Gu Mingxuan tidied up his clothes and chased after her. Seeing the bright lights coming in front of her, he widened his dark eyes and screamed, "Get out of the way!"

Ling Moxue was shocked and stopped. She turned around dazedly and looked at the man who was illuminated by the car light through the rain fog. Before she could react, she was pushed hard by the man...

Bang! In the blink of an eye, Gu Mingxuan was knocked down heavily by a big truck.

"Ah, ah..." Ling Moxue looked at the man lying in a pool of blood. She held the hem of her skirt tightly with both hands and screamed in horror and pain.

Then her vision went black, and she slowly fell to the ground...