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Aubree felt betrayed when he found out that her ex-boyfriend Sebastian Dela Rama will marry Samantha Castillo. They didn’t have a proper breakup. He told her to wait for him, and she did. The day she found out that her ex-boyfriend is bound to marry someone else, she met Josh Gavin Inarez, the new CEO of Inarez Group of Companies. Gavin was the ex-boyfriend of Castillo. He asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend, and she agreed because she wants to prove to Sebastian that just like him, she already moves on, even if it's all a lie.
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  Have you fell in love with someone who can’t fight for you? You both love each other but still not enough for him to fight for you. 

  I fell in love but he just left me. Its been 7 years since he left me. But I still love him. And until now I’m still waiting for him to come back. 


  I was in my second year college when I met the most popular guy in our university. His name is Sebastian Dela Rama. He’s good looking, smart, rich and a varsity captain. Despite of all that he remained kind and humble. He’s the epitome of a perfect guy. 

  His family is known in the country. They are one of the richest family in the country. They owned five star hotels in Asia and America. 

  When our class knew that he will be our classmate, most of the girls are excited to go to school. If before they like weekends and holidays, now they starting to hate it. 

  No class, no Sebastian Dela Rama. Simple as that. 

  Me? Well I also admire him, but I will never dream of him as my boyfriend. He is like an unreachable star. I will never be a match to him. 

  My father is just a manager in a 5 star hotel while his parents owned it. While my mom has a small business. 

  I’m also a scholar. My parents can afford my tuition fee but I still chose to apply for a scholarship. 

  In few minutes and our class will going to start. My classmates started to go to our room. 

  I suddenly heard a commotion because the man of the hour arrived. 

  "Hi! Is this seat taken?" A guy said. 

  I was busy fixing my bag and I did not do an effort to look at the guy who ask me. 

  "No." I just said, still busy with my things. 

  I saw him seated beside. 

  “OMG! She’s so lucky!” 

  “True! How I wish he just seat beside me.”

  “OMG! Seb looks really handsome!”

  I keep hearing the murmuring of my classmates.

  "Hi! I'm Sebastian Dela Rama. And you are?"

  I felt myself stiffened upon hearing his name. 

  I look at him to see if he is real the Sebastian Dela Rama. My eyes widen when I saw a handsome guy beside me. He has a beautiful smile. This is the first time that I look at him this close. 

  “Oh My! She’s really so lucky!” 

  I tried to compose myself. 

  "H-hi! I-im Aubree C-custodio." I can’t help but to stuttered because I was freaking nervous. 

  He look at me, still smiling. “Oh so Aubree is your name. Nice to finally meet you Aubree.” Then he offer his hand to me. 

  I felt shy while accepting his hand. "N-nice to f-finally meet you? W-what do you m-mean?"

  He suddenly look shy. “I have noticed you for a long time. I really want to introduce myself to you.”

  I wanted to scream and giggle but I need to control my self. “Really? W-why?”

  Shocks! I stuttered again. 

  "Because I like you." He confess to me. 

  Since then, Seb and I became close. He wanted to court me but I told him that I wasn’t allowed to entertain a suitor until I reach at the age of 18. 

  He respected that. We started as friends which as per him is a good foundation of a relationship. And when I reach 18, he started to court me. He courted me in our house. He also became close to my family. 

  That’s why after 3 months of courtship, I said my yes to him. 

  Our relationship is nothing but blissful. After a year of our relationship, he decided to introduce me to his family. 

  I feel so nervous. There a lot of things going on in my  mind. Will they like me? Will they accept me? Are they okay with my family status?

  We’re already in front of their house. 

  “Nervous?” Seb ask me. 

  He squeezed my hand to relax me. 

  "Y-yes." I honestly told him. 

  "Relax okay?"

  "Seb, what if they don’t like me?" I ask him. 

  I really feel anxious. 

  "Sssshhh don't say that. Everything will be alright."