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Baby, I Found for You an Awesome Daddy

Baby, I Found for You an Awesome Daddy

Author:Tracy Quin


Ever since Charlotte Emerson was a toddler, she had always been the apple of her parents' eyes, the beloved daughter of the Emerson family. However, after her mother had died in a car crash a year ago, the entire Emerson family had undergone earth-shaking changes. Her father became cold and heartless, while her best friend became her stepmother. What's worse, on her 18th birthday, she was drugged by her bestie, then she had a one-night stand with a hot stranger, not knowing he was Shane Fuller, the president of Fuller Group. Charlotte was driven out of Emerson's family because she was pregnant but she didn't know who was the father of her baby. She had no choice but to go abroad, then gave birth to the adorable baby and returned home five years later. However, she didn't expect her baby's father became her hot boss...
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Even though it was already four o'clock in the morning, it was still brightly lit everywhere in River City.

After a sleepless night, Charlotte Emerson gazed out of the window with a blank look.

All she could think about was what the gynecological doctor had said to her during the daytime.

She was pregnant.

Charlotte gritted her teeth and silently shed tears.

She had no idea about the one-night stand a month ago. She couldn't even remember the man's face and voice.

She could only remember him thrusting his hip into her over and over again.

"Charlotte, open the door!"

While she was in a daze, she heard a loud noise outside the door. Charlotte opened her eyes. Outside of the window, the sun was already hanging high.

"You disgraceful child, how dare you do such a thing!"

Before Charlotte could react, her father had kicked the door open.

Timothy Emerson stood by the door with anger in his eyes. The report in his hand rustled as he tightened his clench on it.

Charlotte, who had just woken up, felt aggrieved. She wondered how she had provoked her 'good father'.

"Timothy, Lottie is still young. If you have anything to say, say it nicely. Don't get so angry. Look, Lottie is terrified," Elaine Emerson comforted Timothy softly.

As she looked at the two people she hated the most in her life, who appeared before her at the same time, Charlotte furrowed her eyebrows.

"Please leave!" she said. 

"You still have the nerve to ask me to leave?" Timothy was so furious that his face flushed red like pork liver.

Looking at her father, who seemed to have become an entirely different person, Charlotte retorted coldly, "What about you? My mother died less than a month ago, but you married my best friend and made her my stepmother. Haha, I have a stepmom who is twenty years old. Who knows how many people would be laughing at us if they know about this!"

There was a loud slap.

"You b*tch!"

Timothy's heavy slap landed on Charlotte's cheek.

Charlotte, who was willful and headstrong, didn't shed a single tear. Instead, she doubled down and glared at Timothy, "Beat me to death if you could. This way, everyone would be at peace."

She resented the man in front of her so much. He ruined her life and made her a laughing stock.

Upon hearing this, Timothy couldn't help but raise his hand, but was stopped by Elaine.

"Lottie is pregnant now. You can't hit her."

Charlotte looked up and stared at Elaine in shock.

She had just gone to the hospital for an examination yesterday, and Elaine already knew that she was pregnant.

"You're really your mother's daughter!" Timothy threw the report at Charlotte out of rage before turning to leave.

There were only Charlotte and Elaine left in the room.

"Lottie, what happened? Who is the father of the child?"

Elaine acted like a caring mother, but she only made Lottie feel nauseous.

She said to Elaine icily, "My dad has left. You can stop pretending to care about me."

"Lottie, I really care about you. We are best friends," Elaine said with an injured look.

She tried to hold Charlotte's hand, but the later shook her hand off.

"My best friend? I think you see me as an utter fool! I've become a joke at school because my best friend has become my stepmother."

Charlotte would never forget the day when Elaine to 'visit' her as an excuse to have sex with her father.

Whenever Charlotte thought of it, she felt very disgusted and wanted to throw up.