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Blind Yet Painful Love

Blind Yet Painful Love



I had a crush on the dominant CEO, Credence Scott, for ten years. And I finally got married to him! I was supposed to be a happy woman who married the one she loved. However, Credence hated me. In our four-year marriage, he rarely slept with me and blamed me for killing his dad. I never did that. It was my sis, Rosalie, who had framed me! The most heartbroken part was that Credence never believed in me. Fine, I'd better end my life. But that's when Credence revealed his tenderness to me...
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The darkness of the night was like an abyss.

While Dorothy Fisher was still befuddled by sleep, she felt her body being turned over forcefully by a pair of strong hands. Then, a lean and strong male body pressed on top of her. There were two cold fingers gripping her chin tightly.

Dorothy stirred in her sleep.

She was awakened by the chill feeling on her chin. Subconsciously, she pushed the man on top of her away. The next moment, the strong smell of alcohol and a familiar breath made her space out.

As expected, Credence Scott was back.

Only when he was drunk and needed her that he would look for her in the guest room.

"I'm your legal wife, not a woman whom you can pay to do whatever you want with!"

Dorothy trembled with anger. "You disturb me every time I'm asleep. Couldn't you show some respect to me?"

Being pinned down on the big bed, Dorothy wriggled her body with all her might. She resisted fiercely, not willing to be kissed by him.

His body reeked of alcohol. Who knew which woman he had kissed before he came back to kiss her?

During her four-year marriage with Credence, Dorothy was treated with cold violence. She thought that her body had long been trained to be invincible. However, Credence's drunken behavior that night still hit her weak spot precisely. The pain was so intense that she almost could not catch her breath.

"Your husband hasn't come home late at night, and you don't even bother to call him. Oh, Dorothy, do you still know that you're my wife?"

Dorothy had always been meek. Her sudden resistance ignited a fit of inexplicable anger within Credence, causing him to tighten his grip on her chin.

It was as though he wanted to kill her.

"Ouch... It hurts..."

She squeezed her eyes shut.

It really hurt!

Trembling in pain, she opened her eyes and looked at Credence, whose eyes were as cold as ice. She bit her lips feebly, but she could not make a sound.

After a while, Credence left the guest room. Again, there was silence in the room.

Dorothy felt as though her body was about to fall apart. Just as she was about to go to the bathroom to clean herself, Credence reentered the room. He threw a box of medicine at her. "Swallow them right away!" He spoke in a casual tone, but each word was as brutal as a slap.

Every time after they had sex, Dorothy was forced to swallow pills in front of him.

If she refused to take them, he would force them down her throat.

Those pills were to prevent pregnancy.

In Credence's heart, she was just a scheming woman who would stop at nothing just to marry him. Hence, he felt that she was unworthy of bearing his child.

Facing his aggression, Dorothy did not have the strength to resist anymore. She popped the pills into her mouth and swallowed them.

A month and a half later.

"Congrats, Mrs. Scott. You are forty-days pregnant. The fetus' heartbeat is normal and it is developing well."

The doctor told Dorothy in a gentle voice.

Dorothy bit her lips as the doctor handed her the test report. Learning that she was going to become a mother, she felt both joy and pain.

It was an accident. Would her husband like their child?

Would he hate her less because of their child's existence?


Squeezing her pregnancy test report tightly, Dorothy walked out of the consultation room with a calm expression.

In the corridor, a handsome man with an indifferent expression walked toward her. His eyes were full of hostility.

Credence's sudden appearance caught Dorothy by surprise. Her chest tightened and she began to feel panicked. Nevertheless, she forced a smile and said,  "Credence, why... why are you in the hospital?"