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Me And My Billionaire Husband

Me And My Billionaire Husband



Aurora, once known as the top assassin, is reborn into the Pendleton family as the least favored and most ridiculed third daughter. Overweight? No problem, it's never too late to lose weight! Weak and powerless? No worries, it's never too late to rise! Timid and easily bullied? No matter, now's the time to transform into a cunning queen! After dealing with unworthy men and contemptible women, Aurora is ready to live her life freely and unapologetically. But the aloof and mysterious Heath comes forward with a question that changes everything: "When are we getting married?"
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In a desolate small town in Cambodia.

In a dimly lit dungeon, Olivia Pendleton was bound to a chair with chains, her body covered with countless whip and knife wounds. Isabella Whitmore had used every torture she could think of on her, watching her suffer, yet not allowing her to die.

Now, Isabella looked down and sneered, "The famous Olivia Pendleton, ace assassin, has come to this, hasn’t she?"

She picked up a dagger from the table and severed the tendons in Olivia's right hand.

"Ouch!" Olivia screamed, gasping for breath, stammering, "Why? Why... are you doing this?"

"Because you're nothing but a lowly servant, a mere tool of the Abyss Group. Dominic Ashcroft is mine! This is what you get for seducing my man!"

Isabella viciously stabbed the dagger into Olivia's thigh, twisting it. Olivia's leg instantly became a bloody mess.

"I'll tell you, Dominic and I will be engaged soon, and your influence in the Abyss will be uprooted by me. You, a nameless orphan picked up from nowhere, will be forgotten!" Isabella spat.

"That won't happen, Dominic won't allow it!" Olivia shook her head.

Isabella's henchmen threw a teenage boy into the dungeon. It was Little Mike, Olivia's younger brother, whom she had raised. Isabella shot him in the leg, and Olivia screamed, "No! No! Leave him alone!"

"Kneel! Kneel and beg me!" Isabella commanded.

Olivia fell to her knees with a thud, heavily kowtowing, "Miss Whitmore, I'm sorry! I was delusional. I'm not worthy of Mr. Ashcroft! Please spare my brother!"

Isabella laughed heartily, and then—

"Bang—" A gunshot pierced Little Mike's head.

"No! Isabella Whitmore! I'll kill you! I'll kill you!" Olivia cried in despair.

"Heh, kill me?" Isabella scoffed.

"Bang!" Another shot, hitting Olivia's chest.

Olivia fell helplessly, hearing Isabella's distant voice, "Want revenge? Maybe in your next life! Slash her face and throw her into the jungle to feed the wolves!"

She felt the cold blade across her face, then was tossed into the forest like trash. In Cambodia's complex terrain, no one would come to save her.

In this life, she deserved to die miserably for trusting a man. But if there was a next life, she would find Isabella Whitmore and grind her to dust!

"Hisss—" Her head ached so much. Olivia sat up, holding her head, finding herself in what looked like a hospital room. Struggling to sit up, she felt as if she weighed a ton. Finally, she made it to the bathroom and screamed at the sight of the woman in the mirror.

"Ah———" The face in the mirror was still hers, but what was with this swollen, swine-like face? She pinched the flesh on her stomach; she must weigh at least 150 pounds.

She found the medical record by the bedside, clearly reading: Aurora Pendleton, 18 years old, female, concussion.

Damn! Who was Aurora Pendleton??

Memories belonging to Aurora Pendleton flooded her mind. The least favored daughter of the Pendleton family, weak and sickly since childhood, poor grades, neglected by her father Sebastian Pendleton, stepmother Madeline, brother Maxwell, and sisters Evelyn and Sophia. In short, unloved by her father, uncherished by her mother, despised by her grandfather, and self-abandoned, weak, and incompetent.

Olivia sighed deeply. Being reborn into such a body was indeed frustrating. The Olivia Pendleton of her previous life was proud and stunning, an ace assassin with an impeccable body and explosive figure.

Even that version of herself was killed miserably in Cambodia by Isabella. Now, as this chubby high school student, how could she compete with Isabella?

Olivia found a phone and searched online for the Abyss Group. The news of Dominic Ashcroft and Isabella Whitmore's engagement was the headline. Isabella stood shyly beside Dominic, who smiled and said, "I will naturally protect the one I love..." The media praised them as a match made in heaven.

Ha! A match made in heaven!

Dominic had promised her that the mission in Cambodia would be her last, and he would remove her from the Abyss assassins and stay with her forever.

But what happened?

Her movements in Cambodia were known to Isabella, who tortured her to death, while Dominic turned around and got engaged to Isabella.

Olivia clenched her fists. Dominic Ashcroft! Isabella Whitmore! Since I'm reborn, I will come for you!

Killing my brother! Severing my tendons! Ruining my face!

One by one, I will repay you as Aurora Pendleton!

Starting now, I will make Aurora Pendleton rise from the Pendleton family!