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Seer Of War

Seer Of War



Spirit War, is the biggest game of the decade if not the last century. Its trailer showed scenes that could only make one’s blood boil, and yet only one person knows its true purpose. That is Adrien. He has seen it all before. Not only that he knows the dark truth of this game...this gate to the next world. Will he be able to defy destiny? Will he lead humanity to its rightful place removing the angels rule, annihilating the demonic invasion and wiping the corruption of the fallen away? Will he save her, his love, his life? Or will he fail and die once more. Just another rebel, to the angelic rule. Read on and find out for yourself. Will he be Humanities Hero?
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The screaming of the dying was all that could be heard over the bloodied field. The dead bodies of all of the human soldiers were worthy of nightmares. Yet this was not all that there was. Laying on top of the humans were the bodies of the angels. Being called the harbingers of order.

Yet here they were, dead. Their pure white blood mixed in with the red blood of the humans.

“Roar!” The loud roar of a dragon suddenly shook the field and caused some of the lighter bodies to be thrown about. Then a sound of a trumpet could be heard coming from the other side of the field of bodies.

With the two loud noises, the battle was adjoined once more. The angelic legions flapped their wings as they all soared across the battlefield to the charging dragons and humans. The golden armour and the white wings of the angels had already been dyed red with the blood of their slain foes, the dragons could be seen to have white blood dripping from their claws and teeth.

As the two sides neared each other there yells and screaming got louder and louder. Then the moment before the two sides clashed everything went silent.


All that could be heard as they all clashed was a massive boom. Angels were thrown backwards by the heavy bodies of the dragons and humans likewise were thrown back by the angel’s bodies and wings.

Yet this did nothing but only slow the battle down for a few seconds.

Soon enough the billowing flames could be seen engulfing vast amounts of angels in destructive dragon fire. Nothing could stop the angels from being melted down to a molten liquid. Yet at the same time, more angels wielding their blades and spears counted in their white spirit energy as they thrust their weapons into the bodies of some of the dragons causing them to roar out in pain as the light of life, faded from their eyes.

Then a loud “Caw!” Could be heard over the battlefield. If one looked to the east of the battlefield. On the opposite side to the rising sun, they would see a majestic sight. Numerous phoenixes had all arrived on the battlefield. Riding them, were a vast array of human saints and below them a bast legion of human soldiers.

They soon enough joined the battle. The fire and swords of the new fighters soon lead to the angels being overwhelmed.

On one side of the battlefield where a six-winged high angel was fighting, he suddenly was impaled by a spear. As he fell to the floor dead, more angels could be seen screaming out at the sight of their dead comrade. Soon a group of high angels flocked to the sight quickly the human saint. Yet seconds later these angels were killed by a legend ranked powerhouse.

The legend ranked powerhouse, soon made waves across the battlefield, as he stood through the ranks of angels. It did not matter how strong they were. From lesser angels to greater angels and high angels. They all were cut down. His sabre was soon died white.

Then in a burst of white light, an eight winged angel appeared in front of the man.

He only looked up briefly.

His voice was cold and merciless. “Arch Angel…..Just die.”

With a slash of his sabre, a vast wave, of red sword energy swept forwards and cut the angel in half. The battlefield froze at that moment. None of the angels could believe it, more any of the other races.

Then seconds later, the sun which was rising in the west was suddenly blocked out.

Well, that was not fully. Parts of the sun could still flow through around the figure.

The giant, the angel just stood there. Staring down at the battlefield. Its massive two golden wings dwarfed any of the nearby mountains.

Slowly, its hands were raised up.

As they did, the whole battlefield was in a frenzy. It was not one of killing though, but of everyone feeling for lives.

Only one thing was on their mind.

It is a Seraph!

Then once its hands were fully raised, it's winged glowed fully. Encompassing everything in a vast white light. Then there was nothing.

Slowly a few words could be made out in pure white…

‘Spirit War’

Seeing the familiar title I could not help but smile to myself. It was time, at last, the game was here once more.

I am Adrien. In this world, I am the only one that knows what this game really is. After all, I came back from the future. Everyone else thinks that this is the next biggest game as well as the next biggest technological breakthrough that we have got and are receiving.

In truth, it is nothing but the start of the end.

This game is really a gateway to the next world. A world that is filled with war and bloodshed. It is a cruel place. Angels and demons. Humans and divine beasts. They were all there. Alongside so much more.

In the future...or is it my past?

I rose through the bloodshed and killing to become one of the few saints of humanity. Even then in our rebellion. Our war, we still lost.

I could still remember when the blood angels came down from the sky. Their Arch-Angels leading them in the slaughter of us all. Even with the demon invasion our backs, we all fought on.

That was in that world at least, the fourth try of humanity to rebel and escape the rule of the angels. Just like the other tries we failed.

This time, I would not fail and most of all, I would not let her die again.

My only love. For her sake, I would get stronger to protect her. Then I would avenge my comrades who had been killed by the angels and demons.

Last, of all, I would ascend past Sainthood and the realm of Legends. Past the mythical demi-god realm.

I will become the Hero of Humanity.