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Stunning Skills of Training Dragon

Stunning Skills of Training Dragon



A young boy from a humble bloodline, occasionally inherited from a world-shocking family. Once he woke up, he ascended to the Ninth Heaven. He cultivated the Nine Stars Divine Dragon Technique, condensing dragon vein, forming the Overlord Body. He competed with the prodigies of all the clans, overwhelming all fields, and shocking the Ninth Heaven.
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Everyone took pleasure in ridiculing and humiliating him. Just because he came from a humble origin.

Trash? Loser? He was labeled with these tags from his birth.

However -

No one expected that, on that day, because of an accident, he, this lowly loser, was given a chance to change his life...


Tianshui County, Yuanwu Dynasty.

Deep in the bamboo forest, a young man was practicing.


The young man shouted and continued to move his hands toward the bamboo forest.

"Bang bang bang!"

The deep muffled sound echoed in the bamboo forest.

His movements were so natural, as if he often practiced them.

If there was a martial arts practitioner here, he would find that although the boy's fist was powerful, there was no fluctuation of Spiritual Qi.

The young man was sweating profusely, but his tender and delicate face was full of stubbornness.

"I need to work harder to break through the shackles of Martial Arts, condense the Spiritual Meridians, and step into the first level of the Pulse Opening Realm."

"When the time comes, I'll be able to take part in the Jiang Group's monthly test and trample on those main branch disciples who look down on me."

His name was Xuan and he was a branch disciple of the Jiang Group.

Every year, the Jiang Group would pick out a few talented young men from each of the major branches to send to the Jiang Group's main branch for training and to inject fresh men into the Jiang Group.

One year ago, Xuan was lucky enough to be chosen. Xue, who had grown up with him, came to Tianshui County happily.

However, when he came here, he found that he was just a trash in everyone's eyes, although he was originally known as a genius in the town before.

Moreover, what was most difficult for him to accept was that Xue, who had come with him at that time, also seemed to have discovered his awkward position in his Patriarch. Later, she actually left him and stayed with a disciple of the main branch of the Jiang Group, named Tianyi.


With a loud crash, the bamboo in front of him was cut in half. Xuan's eyes seemed to be burning with anger.

One day, he would get revenge for all these humiliations.


After his training was over, Xuan did not return immediately. Instead, he hovered in the forest.

He wanted to find a rare treasure called Windy Yang Grass, which was prepared for his sister.

His sister, Ling'er, had always been affected by the cold air ever since she was born. Her entire body was bone-chillingly cold, and her parents were worried for her.

In order to cure his sister's illness, their parents had been to many places to find good prescriptions to cure her illness.

However, three years ago, their parents had never come back after leaving home. It was said that the last time someone saw them was in a place called the Skyward Sect.

It was said that it was a martial arts sect that had a long history than the entire Yuanwu Dynasty. It was impossible for Xuan to contact with it now.

However, Xuan would not give up. His main goal of coming to Tianshui County this time was to obtain a place in the Jiang Group. Only by doing so would he be able to obtain better cultivation resources and raise his cultivation to lay the foundation for his future entrance into the Skyward Sect.

Before that, he had to pass the monthly test of the Jiang Group first. Otherwise, he would be sent back to his original town.

"Time is getting tight."

Xuan couldn't help but clench his fists.


An hour later, the bamboo forest gradually became lively.

This bamboo forest was under the jurisdiction of the Jiang Group. Due to the abundance of Spiritual Qi here, many Jiang Group disciples would choose to come here every morning to comprehend and cultivate.

At this moment, they saw Xuan wandering alone in the forest and began to talk about him.

"It's Xuan! The loser from the branch!"

"Why is he here again? Does he still want to pass the cultivation and get the qualification for the monthly test?"

"Maybe! Do you think it's possible for a trash from the branch to pass? To participate in the monthly test requires the strength of someone at the third level of Pulse Opening Realm!"

"I'm afraid that he hasn't even reached the first level of the Pulse Opening Realm!"

"I heard that Xue, who came with him, was extremely beautiful. Later, she left him and stayed with Tianyi, the genius of our Patriarch!"

"Of course, it's reasonable for a beauty to match a hero. Have you ever heard of a beauty matching a bear?"

"Alas! If I were a trash, I would quickly find a hole to drill!"

When the disciples of Jiang Group saw Xuan walking over, they didn't hold back. Instead, they raised their voices a little. All of them revealed looks of pride on their faces. Perhaps this was a innate superiority that the main branch had towards the branch!

Hearing the ridicule, Xuan's face turned cold.

As if seeing Xuan's cold face, a stout young man immediately stood in front of Xuan.

"Xuan, aren't you convinced? Why don't you spar with me?"


Xuan's expression was unsightly. Mo was considered to be one of the lack of talent in the Jiang Group's main branch. He was rarely seen in the family and was often bullied by some of the geniuses.

Therefore, Mo was more relentless to those disciples from the branch, which was a tool for them to vent his anger.

"Mo is currently at the second level of the Pulse Opening Realm. Fighting with him now is just courting death!"

Xuan was furious, but these years' experience made him understand forbearance.

"Mo, I'm here to gather herbs for my younger sister today. If you want to fight with me, we'll make an appointment next time."

Mo was stunned that he didn't expect Xuan to agree.

However, when he thought of the miserable scene of Xuan kneeling on his knees begging for mercy the next time, he felt a sense of satisfaction in his heart.

"OK! I'll wait for you at the Martial-arts Arena in three days!"

After that, Mo turned around and left.

"Haha! We'll have a good show!"

"You guys help me occupy the seats. How can I miss this good show?"

A burst of mockery from the crowd made Xuan completely unable to bear. He ran madly and rushed into the depths of the bamboo forest.

"Why? Why?"

His fists kept beating against the boulder in front of him. He roared wildly, as if he wanted to release all the pain that had been suppressed in his heart for a long time!

He had lived in a small town since he was young and yearned for the wonderful world. He wanted to cultivate and be outstanding.

But his childhood dream was gradually suppressed by the cruel reality. He was not willing to accept it...

"Rumble rumble..."

Suddenly, the sky, which was originally clear, was covered with dark clouds, with streaks of lightning rolling in the sky like angry dragons.


Subsequently, a golden lightning directly passed through the time and space, carrying the power that could destroy the heaven and earth. Under Xuan's horrified gaze, it slashed viciously at his skull.


After a loud noise, Xuan felt that the whole world seemed to become quiet. His eyes were round and he couldn't believe it. He had thought of thousands of ways to die, but he didn't expect that he was finally killed by lightning...