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Medical Martial Legend

Medical Martial Legend



Michael Yang, the bar waiter, was kind-hearted to save people but was humiliated instead. On the verge of death, he inadvertently got the inheritance of the immortal doctor and started a different life from then on. He obtained the miraculous medical skills of Chinese medicine, and used it to cure diseases and save lives. He was getting stronger and stronger, all kinds of beauties wanted to gather around him, and he had become the person most hated by men. They wanted to assassinate him, but they didn't know that in addition to medical skills, Michael also obtained super martial arts. He used silver needles to save and used martial arts to kill evil people. Not only did he sweep away people's contempt and ridicule, but he also won the heart of a beautiful woman.
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As night fell, Sea City was dyed with neon lights.

The life in this bustling southern city was more colorful than that in the boring day.

In downtown, "The bar" was Yond Bar.

"Michael, do you think that you are a hero who saved a beauty? Don't you have anything evil about me? I know what you are thinking about, a poor guy like you.

"It's disgusting that a toad wants to be beautiful. You know, we're never at the same level! You don't even deserve to be my second option!"

A voice full of sarcasm attracted everyone's attention in the bar.

Three men and three women were seated.

One of the women, who was dressed in fashionable clothes and was wearing heavy makeup, was lying in the arms of the man beside her. Suddenly, she got up, poured red wine on the face of the young man in front of her, pointed at his nose, and reproached him.

The young man standing in front of her was called Michael, a waiter at the "Yond Bar".

The other staff members of the bar looked at the scene with mixed feelings.

Among them, there were many who were jealous of Michael's luck in love. They didn't expect that in the blink of an eye, his luck in love turned into a disaster!

The woman in fashionable clothes was called Xena. Before tonight, she was also a waiter at the bar.

Last night, when she was molested in an alley, Michael happened to pass by and beat the man away.

Unexpectedly, Xena brought the man who had molested her last night to look for trouble with Michael. She even became his girlfriend. It was absurd.

Michael wiped the wine off his face with his hand and looked at Xena calmly.

"I didn't have any thinking about you! It was you who shouted for help, so I took action.

"I don't need you to thank me, but aren't you going too far by biting me back? How did this man become your boyfriend?"

"I shouted for help... I'm just playing a game with Henry! As for how Henry became my boyfriend, why should I explain it to you? Who do you think you are!"

Xena swore. Of course, she would not admit that after knowing Henry's identity, she took the initiative to throw herself into his arms.

"Well, don't waste time! Kneel down and let Henry beat you. When he is satisfied, this matter will be over."

An impatient voice rang out.

The young man who spoke was wearing an exquisite red suit, shaking the red wine in his cup as he spoke. His voice was like an order for his servants at home.

The Henry he mentioned was the man who molested Xena and was beaten up by Michael last night.

The man in the suit stared at Michael and looked a little arrogant.

Such a small role was really not worth wasting his time. He didn't have any sense of accomplishment in bullying her.

The coquettish woman in her arms scolded Michael, "Why are you still standing there? Didn't you hear Mr. Yan's words? Do you know how precious his time is?"

Another young man in the seat looked at Henry and smiled.

"Well. I thought you wanted to take me and Mr. Yan to play something nice. But your enemy is such a low-level bug. Do you want to use a gun to kill a pig?"

"Haha! Don't worry, Zack. I've arranged the following shows. We'll go there as soon as we are done with this guy! I just come here to deal with him with little effort. He's just a bug. I can crush him with my foot."

Henry smiled and stood up. He was ready to hit Michael. He pointed to his nose and said, "Rubbish, kneel down!"

"I know you're rich and powerful. I can't afford to provoke you, but I can't kneel down. Even if you kill me, it's impossible!" Michael's face was expressionless and his gaze was stubborn.

There was a dead silence!

After a short silence, the people sitting on the seats laughed as if they had heard a big joke. Especially Henry, he was laughing so hard that he was going to burst into tears.

The man in the suit smiled and said, "My name is Zain. ZH Group is my father's business! Now, are you willing to kneel down?"

Several bar staff's faces changed greatly.

ZH Group, a large enterprise with assets of more than a billion, turned out to be his family's property. They just could not afford to provoke him!

"I won't kneel," Michael said.

"Hardbone? Not bad! I like to eat hardbones the most!"

Zain shook the red wine in his cup and smiled at Michael, "I heard that you have a younger sister who is in high school. She is very beautiful. She is not in good health and has kidney failure in the terminal stage.

"And both of you are orphans. You do all kinds of part-time jobs during the day, work at the bar at night, make a living, and spend all your money on this sister, right?"

Michael's eyes instantly turned red, like a cat whose tail was stepped on. He shouted angrily, "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, I have many brothers who would have compassion for women. They should be interested in your sister. Don't be angry. I haven't finished yet."

Zain saw Michael's anger and smiled even more brilliantly and proudly. "Yasmin, the owner of Yond Bar, said that she would take good care of you. Do you know that I can shut down her bar with just one word?"

Michael's face instantly turned pale!

A person could not be afraid of death, but as long as he had someone he cared about, he would have weaknesses. And he was really helpless.

Zain crossed his legs and said, "I have a lot of ways to deal with you low-level b*stards. Get on your knees immediately, or I'll let the bar close tomorrow. Just let my brothers go and greet your sister!"

Michael gritted his teeth so hard that blood was oozing out of them. The veins on his forehead bulged and he knelt in front of Zain and the others with a thud!

His right thumb kept rubbing a ring on his index finger.

The ring looked simple and cheap, with a Chinese dragon engraved on it and the word "Yang".

The old man who adopted him said that the ring was on him when he picked him up.

When he was in a violent mood, his thumb would touch this ring.

Seeing them kneel down, Zain and the rest burst into laughter!

"Remember! The bottom-level members of society like you are destined to have no future. You can only kneel in front of us like a dog and behave yourself in the future!"

Zain suddenly picked up the bottle of red wine in front of him and smashed it on Michael's head. With a bang, Michael's head was covered in blood!

Henry also picked up a bottle of red wine and smashed it on Michael's head!

"Stop it!"

A woman walked towards them quickly.

Xena and the other two women at the table were beautiful. But in terms of figure, appearance, and temperament, compared with this enchanting and glamorous woman...

No! They were not qualified at all!

Zain's eyes were filled with amazement when he saw this woman. This wasn't the first time he had seen this woman, but each time, she would bring him a strong sense of amazement.

"So Yasmin is here!" Zain smiled.

Yasmin glanced at Michael who was covered in blood and frowned at Zain, "Please do me a favor and let him go this time. I owe you a favor."

Zain looked at Henry, who quickly picked up two bottles of red wine and smashed them on Michael's head!

Yasmin's face darkened.

Zain then smiled and said, "Alright, I'll give Yasmin a favor. As long as this guy admits that he and his sister are all b*stards without parents, I'll keep his life!"

Henry scolded Michael, "Young b*stard, did you hear what Mr. Yan said?"

Michael gritted his teeth and did not say a word!

"D*mn it!" Henry cursed. He picked up another wine bottle and smashed it on Michael's head.


Michael's body shook and his vision turned black. Blood flowed into his eyes and the world turned red.

He had even forgotten the pain in his head, leaving only deep unwillingness in his mind!

Yes, unwillingness!

"I really can't accept it!"

The scenes of the past few years flashed across his mind.

He had more effort than others. He had tried his best to live, but why was it that he could only be trampled on forever?

"It's fated..."

"Screw it!"

"I can't accept this!"

"I can't reconcile myself to this!"

His heart seemed to have turned into a mad beast as he roared, "I don't believe in fate! I don't believe it!"

At this moment, Michael felt a sharp pain in his fingers and a strong feeling of dizziness invaded him.

Before passing out, in his scarlet eyes, he saw the final scene.

Yasmin shouted, "Stop fighting, we'll beat him to death!"

Zain said lightly, "Just beat him to death. we can deal with it. He's just a smelly dog!"

Yasmin suddenly picked up a bottle of wine and smashed it on Zain's head. Her eyes were red as she scolded, "F*ck you, what right do you have to kill my people?"


The bar became noisy and chaotic.

When Zain was angry and scolding her with threats, he said that he would never let Yasmin off. He would find someone to deal with Yasmin!

Finally, Michael's consciousness sank into darkness.

In the chaotic bar, no one noticed that Michael was covered in blood and his skin was glowing with scarlet light. It looked like a dragon was swimming in his body!