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Hidden Babies, Mysterious Wife

Hidden Babies, Mysterious Wife



"I quit!" Xia Xiaoze slammed the default on the table casually. "Cynical, overbearing, cold, venomous... Feng Qingyan is too complicated. She can't afford to serve him, so she quit! But before she turned around, she was slammed to the corner by him. "I can resign. Let's settle the bill from last night!" He snapped, and two cute boys and girls suddenly came out from behind. They bowed to him and said, "Mummy, we are going to leave home together!" Xia Xiaonian was shocked. "We just... How can there be such a big child here?!" ! Bastard! Pretending that she was young and easy to bully? Do you want to blackmail?! She doesn't have such a door! Feng Qing, the heir of a famous Yan family, a handsome face, an enemy's wealth, and infinite power... She racked her brains but couldn't think of anything. What on earth is he worth?!" "Tell me, what are you going to do?!" His lips fell on her lips. "We want to spoil you, the child's mother..."
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"Sir, please behave yourself! I don't even know you! Why did you tie me to the bed!"

"Admit it, you're my wife, and we already have twins."

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

She shouted and struggled, but it was in vain. The hot guy lifted her blouse, revealing a scar on her waist. He remembered that scar.

"Keep denying it, and I'll play with you until you remember I'm your husband."

With that, his body pressed toward hers...


The night darkened.

Quiet but spectacular, one by one the luxury cars at the Magnificent Manor were leaving.

Even with all the guests gone, the large Dharma-style living room seemed cramped in the quietness.

All kinds of gifts were piling up around the sofa, coffee table and on the floor, including the key of a brand new luxury car, the certificate of a yacht and even the ownership of an island on the pacific ocean...

As the first child of the Feng family, Feng Qingyan would be given all kinds of presents at his birthday party every year. 

"Master, there is a strange gift. I don't know who sent it." The butler held the documents and bowed respectfully.

Feng Qingyan glanced at the butler and asked in a cold voice, "What is it?"

Qingyan looked tall and slender standing by the French window. His face was so handsome that it made him look even more noble and masculine under the moonlight.

His brows were deep and his eyes were dark. His nose was straight and his lips were thin...

Even his wrist, which was swirling the red wine glass at that moment, was giving out a sense of noble. 

"That..." The butler pointed at a carton right behind the potted plant. 

It was a pink box with the height of about half a man, adorned with a bow tied with blue laces. 

It had been placed behind the plants, so few people had noticed it before.

"We checked it three times, but we don't know who sent it here."

"Then throw it away." Feng Qingyan put down the cup and went upstairs with a cold face.

His birthday party was nothing more than a show. 

Presents in the garage were mountain high now, throwing one or two presents really wasn't a matter. 

"Yes." The butler nodded and immediately walked towards the box with a few servants. 

But before they could do anything to it, the box opened out of the blue...

The blue laces loosened and with a bang, the carton spread opened.

Feng Qingyan looked towards the carton when he heard the noises. 

The side of the carton was pushed away from inside, something soft crawled out of it...

Everyone was stunned at the spot when they saw the 'something'.

It was a boy! A real, breathing baby boy!

The baby seemed to be less that one year old, with a plump and cute butt, he was wearing a blue jumper and knee-long white socks, the edges of his diaper could be seen under the not so long blue jumper. 

His limbs were short but plump. He stared at Qingyan with his grape-like black eyes. He held onto the carpet and looked in the direction of Qingyan. Then he clenched his wet mouth and rolled over to him.

Finally, he sat down at Qingyan's feet and looked up at him without a blink of an eye.

Qingyan's mind was in total blank when he saw the baby boy.

In the 26 years of his life, he had seen various kinds of present but not a living baby. This gift was... ingenious.

He frowned and was a little angry. "Whose child is he? Call to ask and send him back!"

This kind of prank was not funny at all! As soon as he finished his words, he stepped forward and continued to go upstairs.

However, as soon as he took a step, someone grabbed his trousers.


The tender voice was like a stone splitting the sky, which made everyone freeze again.

"..." Feng Qingyan stared at the little fat hand who was grabbing his trouser. "You have mistaken me for someone else!"

His tone was full of impatience.

How could he have a son when he was neither married nor had any girlfriend!

"Daddy," the little lad was still grabbing his trousers. All he saw was the tall man standing before him.