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Forced To Marry A Stranger

Forced To Marry A Stranger



My boyfriend told me again I needed to leave his house since some problems happened in his family. But that day was our 6th anniversary. He didn't text me or call me. Therefore, I prepared his favorite egg pie, hoping to give him a surprise. I climbed a ladder leading to his room. He gave me a big surprise instead! My dear boyfriend, Christian, was doing the most shameless thing with my best friend! That was the reason he kept me away from his house. The pain of being betrayed was so overwhelming. I left the city that broke my heart and decided to start over. I made some new friends on my new campus and went to a party in the hottest dress they gave me. At the party, a hot guy came to me, closer and closer...
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  "Luna it's really late, where are you going?" My mom catches me downstairs, holding onto the door knob.

  "Well Christian and i will be celebrating tomorrow, and he hasn't texted me or even called me that's why i'm a little bit worried. He told me that there's some family problem going on again.." i sighed. "It's our 6th anniversary and i just want to comfort him, he's been drained because of his family and i just want to bring his favorite egg pies to cheer him up a little bit."

  Well i clearly don't remember the remaining 4 years and how we met.

  That's right. i don't have memories about how i woke up inside a hospital 2 years ago, my mom told me it was not significant so i didn't ask too much about it. At first hearing Christian say words that he was my boyfriend in the past made me doubt it, he was able to prove it by telling me countless of things he knew about me.

  And that's how we continued dating.

  She smiles, understanding every word that came out of my mouth. "How sweet of you darling, but it's really late so i'll lend you my car."

  "Really?!" I came up and kissed her on the cheeks. "Thanks mom!"

  She smiles before i left home, i started the car up and started driving to my boyfriend's place. My cheeks rose pink in excitement since i'm gonna spent the night with him. I've always like spending everyminute with him that's why even we've been together for so long, i still like spending time with him.

  I glanced at the egg pies. "You guys are gonna make him happy okay? Or i'll throw you all out." I laughed.

  Damn i'm too excited.

  As i arrived, as expected his parent's car was nowhere to be found. I sighed in relief, i don't want to be bumping into trouble since Christian warned me not to go to his house since his parents fight a lot. I smiled and picked the box full of egg pies.

  I've been here a lot of times that's why i took the shortest route to his room. I took the ladder in his yard after climbing into their fences and directing it towards his room. I climbed into it and landed softly in his terrace. He's not probably asleep since his lights were on.

  The door is open thankfull-

  "Ugh! Y-Yes!"

  My eyes widened. W-What was that?


  My grip on the doorknob tightened and i refused to go in for a minute, hearing the noises that was coming out from his room, my vision blurred. When i opened the door, i couldn't believe what i saw.

  I couldn't breathe, the pain was so overwhelming that my knees started to wobble. My tears won't stop falling as i screamed at the top of my lungs. I couldn't here my own voice nor i understood but the only thing that i know at that time was Betrayal.

  They saw me, the girl's face looking familiar from my vision even with all the water that my eyes were producing. She gasps as she jumps away from my boyfriend, covering herself with the blanket. Christian's eyes widened as he saw me, not even a single word came from them.

  I stood there frozen.

  "M-My.." i stuttered, my sobs growing harder every second. "Boyfriend and my.." i pointed at her. "Bestfriend."

  "Luna-" Christian says.

  "SHUT UP!" I glared at him, till sobbing. feeling the sadness and depression turn into anger. "HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME CHRISTIAN?!"

  He gets up and tries to come closer to me but i pushed him away, directing my anger to the girl beside her. I couldn't even see her as my friend anymore. "Y-YOU! WHY!" I cried.

  She cried too, but there's no way she's hurting like i am now.

  I felt a hand at my elbow and turned to see Christian, quickly slapping him hard at the face. "Happy 6th anniversary Christian." I smiled at him bitterly. Opening the box and pouring the egg pies into the ground, and throwing away the box angrily.

  I took one last glance to my bestfriend, who didn't even want to look at me before jumping out from his window and landing softly on the ground. Quickly getting on the car, i started up the engine.

  How could they?

  I cried and cried as i drove slowly back to my place, my voice echoing throughout the streets. Finally feeling that i couldn't take it anymore. I pulled over and cried my eyes out, i tried stopping it but i couldn't. My heart hurts like hell!

  I gripped the steering wheel hard and banged my head into it. "WHY! AND HOW THE FUCK CAN I JUST LEAVE THEM ALIVE?!"

  If they weren't so important to me.. i could never cry like this in my entire life.

  I spent the whole night crying, gripping the covers from anger and the tears were falling from the sadness i felt. Trying not to make too much noise since i don't want my mom to see me pathetic like this.

  The day went by with no sleep at all, i got up and headed towards the bathroom like a robot. Everything seemed so empty that i didn't even have the appetite to everything. I headed downstairs and sat down for breakfast.

  "Darling here's pancakes!- why is your eyes like that?" My mom coming into me with worry plastered to her face.

  I shrugged her hand off. "It's nothing mom, i just watched too much movies."

  "Oh really? Then why are you wearing that shirt the wrong way?"

  I looked below me, damn the brand tag is infront of me.

  She sat infront of me and she held my hand. "What happened last night Luna? I don't like it when you're keeping secrets from me." She frowns.

  I really don't want to worry her.. but i also don't want to lie to her. She 's the best mom i could hope for, she raised me on her own. I didn't grow up with a dad and i don't really care about him since all i want is the person infront of me.

  I sobbed and i hugged her. "C-Christian he cheated on me. I should've killed them but i couldn't."

  She patted my back. "You crazy girl, no matter how painful it is, you can't kill okay?"

  Typical of mom to say those things, i chuckled a bit and kissed her on the cheeks. "I'm gonna be fine, but i don't know when."

  "I can't believe such a good boy could do that to you." She sighs.

  Me too.

  H-How did it happen?

  The memories of our history together flashes right into my eyes, every memory slapping me with pain of the reality. I started to regret everything i shared with him- i felt bitter but in reality i really still do love him

  Even after seeing him fucking my bestfriend.

  My eyes swells up once again and my mom hugs me tight. I cried again, sobbing into my mom's shoulder hard. I gripped her shirt in pain, telling her i couldn't breathe. The pain worsened after waking up.

  I thought last night was just a nightmare, it turns up that i'm never gonna wake up from that nightmare.

  "Do you want to leave?"

  My eyes widened as i pulled away from her. "Leave?" Still sobbing from crying too hard.

  She smiles. "Yes leave this place with me."

  "What are you talking about? Is it because of my problem? No-"

  "No it's not that. Actually i was meaning to tell you that i got a promotion in my job and was being sent to the main branch of the company, i knew that you wouldn't leave here since Christian is here that's why i decided to make you live independently but seeing that he was that kind of guy, i think you should just come with me."

  I smiled at her, hugging her tight. "Y-Yes mom let's leave this place."

  Mom told me that we were already moving next week, it was too soon but i thought that soon is perfect. I need to get away from here. After that night happened, i threw my phone away, containing everything that i shared with the people in this town. I would often see Christian come to our house but i kept telling mom to tell him i'm not at the house right now, days went by and he was still at it- even on the verge of begging at my mom. But i just stared at him scornfully at my window, remembering the betrayal they shoved into my face. There's no way in hell i'm gonna forgive you.

  After the days went by while i locked myself most of the time in my room to kill time, it was time to leave. I zipped my bag as i took one last glance to my room, my eyes landed on a portrait just beside my closet.

  It was the three of us. Me, Christian and Vanessa.

  "How ironic." I scoffed, purposely letting go off the portrait and it crashed into the ground. The glass breaking into pieces, i looked at it in satisfaction before leaving the room.

  I'm done with this shit.

  I got into my mom's car and slide down to my seat, looking at the trees as mom drove away from everything that i hope that will just disappear. I smiled. "Happy 6th anniversary." I whispered.