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Jian Xi lived a new life, time and space intertwined. The man who loved her so much in this life was as cold as frost, indifferent and cold. However, every time she dreamed of him returning to save her and drinking up his own life, she was sorrowful and endured it. Si Linan, in this life, no matter how you hurt me, I am bound to pester you, because I am here to repay your kindness. "Don't you love me, then be good." Jian Xi excitedly put her arms around his neck. "Okay."
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In the dark night.

In the suffocating jungle, the torrential rain was raging, and the thunder and lightning were ringing. With the ferocious light from the sky, it became more and more terrifying and cold.

Not far away, a slender and tall staggering figure was carrying a thin and slender girl on his back, desperately trying to break through the predicament and break out of the encirclement.

"Si, Si Linan, put me down. If you carry me behind your back like this, you won't be able to escape."

Jian Xi endured the sharp pain in her body and trembled. Her tears were like broken beads, dripping on the back of Si Linan.

In the midst of the heavy rain, the two of them were already drenched, but the moment her hot tears fell, Si Linan's chest still felt uncomfortable.

The eagle-like sharp eyes swept around him a couple of times. He quietly clenched his fist. Dammit, they were still trapped in this forest of death.

"Si Linan, did you hear that?"

"Shut up. If you dare to talk nonsense again, believe it or not, I will throw you directly to the wolf."

The man was very dissatisfied with the girl's endless chatter behind him. When the sticky blood slid along Jian Xi's body all the way to the palm of Si Linan, his eyes gradually became darker.

Jian Xi smiled bitterly behind him. "You won't. If you want to feed me to the wolf, why, why did you come to save me? Why?"

Jian Xi felt that there was no such stupid person in this world. He knew that she didn't love him, but why did he take the risk to come here? Didn't he know that no one could get out of this so-called forest of death?

Si Li Nan stiffened. Why? He didn't know either.



Si Li Nan felt the woman behind him spewing out blood. His chest was in a mess and he quickly put her down. His worried expression was so real and clear on his sharp and handsome face.

"I, I'm afraid I can't survive. You, you should go now."

The second part of the sentence came out of Jian Xi's mouth. Si Linan pursed his lips and frowned. There was no emotion on his handsome face. Then, he clenched his big, clear-cut palm.

Xu Minghao, that despicable and heartless bastard, Jian Xi had done everything for him, but how did he treat her?

He swore that if he still had the chance to leave this forest alive tonight, even if he would lose his whole life, he would definitely make that little guy die without a burial place.

"Don't talk, let's rest for a while." Si Linan's hoarse voice trembled. Jian Xi could clearly see the tears in his eyes.

This man from the Si Clan, who was able to cover the sky with his hands and overturn the world, cried for her?

"No, I want to say, I want you to go. Si Linan, listen to me. Let's go, or they'll catch up and you won't be able to leave."

Jian Xi had been shot twice and her blood was about to dry up. She knew that she wouldn't be able to live much longer, but Si Linan was different. He was the god of the Si family and he couldn't be in danger. Otherwise, she wouldn't be at ease even if she went to hell.

"Jianan, don't say anything more. No matter what, I won't leave you behind."

The determined and low voice was like a gorgeous and beautiful solemn oath, which made Jian Xi look at the man she had never seriously seen in an instant, and her breath was stagnant and uncomfortable.

If she had noticed him earlier, if she had looked back at him earlier, would she not have been deceived by Xu Minghao to the point that she would not have died?

Not only did she lose her life, but even the current Si Li Nan didn't know if he was still alive.

When she thought of how Si Linan would be trapped in this forest, Jian Xi's tears fell like beads with broken strings.

Seeing her tears suddenly fall like rain, Si Li Nan raised his stiff big palm, released it, and finally stroked the corner of her eyes. "Silly girl, don't cry. As long as I'm here, I won't let anything happen to you."

Jian Xi burst into tears and said to Si Linan in a roar, "I don't want it. I don't want you to guard me like a fool. Si Linan, I don't love you. Go, I beg you to go. My life or death has nothing to do with you. I don't need your sympathy."

The bustling footsteps nearby gave Jian Xi a sense of crisis.

She admitted that she was in a panic. Originally, if Si Linan didn't carry her on his back, maybe he could find a place to hide, but now it was too late.

Because from the footsteps, she knew that a lot of people had arrived. It made sense. Xu Minghao, that sinister villain, had made great efforts to find this opportunity. How could he let her and Si Linan go?

"Jianan, listen up. I won't leave you alone even if I die today."

With reddened eyes, Si Linan looked at the woman beside him. Looking at her flushed face due to pain, his big hand pulled her into his arms.

All of a sudden, waves of fragrance wafted into the tip of his nose. At this moment, he felt that it was worth it even if he died immediately.

Did she know that even in his dreams, he wanted to hug her so easily and naturally, but she pretended to be a man named Xu Minghao in her heart.

Not to mention hugging her, she didn't even give him a hopeful look. What he did for her could only be done behind her back and couldn't be discovered by her.

Because he didn't want to be hated by her, and he didn't want to see her disappointed in him.

He had always thought that silently guarding her was also a way to deeply love her.

Until one day, when he learned that she had suddenly disappeared, he looked for her as if he had gone mad and looked for her as if he had lost his soul.

In the end, when he found her, she looked like she was on the verge of death. That bastard Xu Minghao tortured her so badly that he almost couldn't recognize her.

How did the little princess, who had been hidden in his heart for many years, become like this? Should he lose his body and mind and life by loving a wrong person?

Pa, pa, pa...

Suddenly, a series of slapping sounds could be heard. Jian Xi's eyes were filled with despair. When Si Linan felt that her body was shaking violently, his sharp eyes glanced at the man standing not far away. His entire body was gradually shrouded in a gloomy and cold aura.

"Si Linan, I really underestimated you. With such a wounded patient, you ran pretty well. It's hard for me to find you."

Xu Minghao's twisted face let out a cold laugh. As he tightened his eyes, several men with guns stood beside him. Each of them aimed their guns at Si Linan's head.

Jian Xi was shocked and struggled to stand up. Then she opened her hands and stopped in front of Si Linan. She said angrily, "Xu Minghao, with me here, you can't hurt him at all."

The man sneered. "You deserve to be a bitter couple. At this time, you still want to protect each other. By the way, Jianan, when you were with me in the past, I didn't seem to see you protect me so hard. This green hat makes me feel fucking uncomfortable."

Xu Minghao's discomfort was understandable. After all, he and Jian Xi had been in love for three years. But except for holding Jian Xi's hand, she did not let him touch her lips.

However, it didn't matter. Because there was no Jian Xi, someone still fed him, but what he hated was her lofty appearance.