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My Sacred Love

My Sacred Love



Meet Hunter Travis a self made millionaire who came from the wrong side of the tracks,built his empire from scratch and made his name well known across the world,nothing is important to him than family(his little brother) and money,due to his unspoken dark past he developed great hatred for women and love,to him women are nothing in his eyes,no one has ever truly touched his heart or soul until one day he came across a cheerful arrogant kind hearted girl who is forbidden to him in so many ways but will he continue to neglect the burning desires that he feels for her and keep a distance from the only girl who can ruin everything and open the dark doors to his past(An addict) Meet Gianna Garcia a cheerful spoiled arrogant beautiful girl the only daughter to Ivin and Liliana Garcia who thinks love Is beautiful and dreams to have a perfect kind hearted man as her life partner but found herself involved with a vicious cruel man Hunter Travis,a man forbidden by her parents and society Will Gianna choose to follow her heart and heal the man she loves.
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What is love?How can one know they are deeply in love with someone?Well, I didn't know when I started falling for the wrong person.Its not every time people get what they want in life because we have no control over fate.

Gianna Garcia a 19years old girl about to graduate from university,she has two brothers and her lovely parents Ivin and Liliana,she's considered the queen of both her house and university because of her flawless beauty especially her blue eyes that most people desire all thanks to the good genes she inherited from her parents not to brag but her family is one of the wealthiest in the country..

Coming to her love life she has always hated getting into relationships because she wanted someone who was handsome and caring like her dad but so far no one could even get close to that except her older brother Gage,since she couldn't date her own brother Gianna prefered to stay single,little did she know her life was going to take a huge turn and she would become someone's addiction..

Someone whom she once hated but fell madly in love with him,as usual there is no such thing as a smooth love story,Gianna fell in love with a man older than her which people frowned upon especially her parents apparently there was nothing she could do to stop herself from loving him,he was not perfect and had a horrible childhood but that's what drove her to love him even more and made him believe that not everyone was the same,people are allowed to love whomever they choose and desire.


Gianna shifted her aching body from side to side,was this a dream was she dreaming,her eyelids felt heavy weighed shut,light glowing in a reddish-yellow assurance that at least she hasn't been dumped in a dark alley,her brain was awake now,with a primal surge of adrenaline that should carry her up to standing but she felt her arms and legs restrained,Gianna couldn't move,her body and head felt heavy.

Her eyes flickered open as she adjusted to the dim lighting of the room 'wait she was in a room tied up lying in bed',she did not remember ever getting drunk but the only thing she recalled was falling into the lake to retrieve the bracelet she lost.

"Hello?"Gianna's voice cracked as she called out to whoever brought her here,her head was hurting.Was she drunk?,as far as she knew she had never tasted alcohol in her life.

Sooner than later she heard footsteps approaching and before she knew it the door to a room opened and with vivid alert eyes she fixed her eyes on the target.

"Glad you are awake butterfly"the man said and sat beside her on the bed

"W..what am I doing here"she looked at the man without blinking and wondered why a good looking man like him kidnapped a little girl he looked scary but not like a criminal type.

"Good question"the man said touching her hair,Gianna flinched in fear,and looked at him without blinking he had beautiful eyes the color was like hers but faint blue,he was dressed in black from top to bottom his black hair falling to his face 'this wasn't normal she's supposed to be panicking and throwing a fit but here she is drooling over her handsome kidnapper' without knowing she shook her head in a dramatic way

"Are you done eating me up"He smirked,leaning close to her,Gianna shifted a bit from him,his gaze made her uncomfortable.

"W..what do you want from me don't do anything to me"if only she knew what he wanted with her but he looked calm

"You are not my type little one"

"My father is very powerful.You don't know who I am,if you hurt me my family won't spare you"she did not know the man nor had any memory of him but one thing was certain she was in danger and if using her family's reputation and power was the only option to make him leave her alone,then so be it.

"To hell with your pathetic wealthy family you little thing dared to lay your hands on my brother and you ask me to spare you"the man furiously yelled,by now Gianna knew who he was,her family's number one enemy Hunter Travis and apparently she kidnapped his little brother days ago and tortured him.

"And I'll do it again if you don't teach that little brat to respect elders"she spat out not caring what the angry man might do to her

"Seems,butterfly is brave"Hunter smirked and leaned close to her and caressed her cheeks "What a pretty little thing you are".

"Dont you touch me and stop calling me weird names You psycho and for your info am not a fucking little thing got that"how dare he call her a thing she was a beautiful young lady

"Interesting"Hunter murmured,he has met many women but this little butterfly is fearless and different if it were any other in her situation they would have flirted with him but not this one,he wanted to know more..

"Please let me go and I promise to give you a lot of money"if been rude was not going to help her then faking politeness might do the job

"What perfume do you use"Hunter narrowed his eyes and Gianna frowned wasn't he supposed to be threatening her but here he is asking her about the perfume she wears 'how ridiculous'

"What?you got me all the way here to ask me about perfume!"

"Your scent is killing me"he bent and sniffed her neck brushing his lips on her hot skin "fuck I love how you smell its intoxicating"hunter kissed her slowly,Gianna tried to get him off but couldn't it was like he was hypnotized.

"Okay okay I'll tell you!!"she screamed as loud as she could.

Her life would have been fine and peaceful if only she stayed within her limits but it seems she was destined to meet Hunter Travis in her life...what else could she say.