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Sex With My  Boss (erotica)

Sex With My Boss (erotica)

Author:Lommie Cee


(Highly steamy and erotic) "Please fuck me!" she continuously begged him, as he fondled with her breast. "Do you want me to fuck you hard, till you scream? Till you are oblivious of everything?" He whispered seductively into her ear, as he spanked her hard on the ass. I do. Please just fuck me already Henry, fuck me hard..." Quinn moaned out. "Not so fast darling," he said to her, then he bent his head towards her wet pussy. She shivered as she felt his breath on her ass, without warning he slid his tongue into her wet clit and began to pleasure her.
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Steamy sex with the boss

"Sir your coffee is here," the maid said, as she dropped it on the table.

She was walking out, when she heard her boss say, "come here Quinn."

Quinn obediently walked to him, "yes sir, do you need any other thing?" She asked.

"I drank too much alcohol, I don't feel so good," he replied, staggering towards her.

"Sir then you should have this coffee, it will make you sober," she said, pointing to the coffee.

"No I don't think that will help."

Without warning, he rushed for her lips. He started kissing her so wildly, well he was drunk so he wasn't aware of what he was doing.

Quinn wanted to stop him but she just couldn't. He was way too strong. From the look of things, she was also enjoying the kiss.

He broke the kiss and bent to her ear. "Come with me."

She nodded and at once he carried her to a sofa.

"Can two fingers go in?" He whispered to her in a husky voice.

Quinn's POV

I didn't understand what he meant, so I said whatever came to my mind.

"Yes," I replied in a meek tone. Immediately he heard my answer, his hand moved to the Hem of my skirt at, that was when the meaning of his question hit me hard. I wanted to stop him from going any further but his hands were faster.

He slid his fingers into me, "do you like it?" He asked staring at me. What he was doing to me, made me loose my sense of reasoning.

"Umm yeah," I replied in a hungry tone. He started pulling his fingers hard, into and out of me.

"Yes, I love it, harder! Harder! Please don't even think of slowing down," I said in a hoarse but warning tone. I continuously moaned for him.

"As you wish my lady," he said, increasing the pace of his finger.

"Oh yeah! Yeah, keep going."

My voice drifted away from me in pleasure.

"Quinn?" Henry called out my name in a hoarse voice.

"Yes," I replied in a meek tone.

"Do you want me as much as I want you?"

I wanted to say no but my mouth had an answer of its own. "Yes," I answered, blushing in shyness.

Immediately he heard my answer, he kissed me like a hungry lion. He took me in his arms and carried me from the sofa to his bed, he tore out my clothes not caring about the consequences.... "I am about to put myself into you," he said in a hungry tone. I nodded to his words and he immediately shoved his length into me.

This was my first time but he didn't care, he thrust his hardness into me mercilessly.

"Did it hurt you?" He asked, staring at me with a worried look.

I knew it was my first time and it was supposed to be painful but I didn't understand why there was no pain.

"No," I replied to his question.



"I want you to moan for me," he added in a sexy tone.

I just blushed at his words. He started thrusting his length in and out of me. I enjoyed the feel of pleasure from the way he was taking me so hard

Pounding on me like a wild demon.

"Ah, don't stop, don't stop", I moaned in pleasure and encircled my leg around his waist.

He nibbled and sucked on my nipple and I just couldn't help but scream harder for more.

I have always heard that sex was sweet but I hadn't imagined it to be this heavenly satisfying.

"Faster faster faster," I moaned in a loud voice.

He made a loud groan with his deep husky voice and continued to go deeper and harder and faster. "Oh my gawd, I wanted more and more of him."

"Don't stop", I pleaded as I felt him pull his dick out of my honey pot.

He flipped his length up and down my honeypot and I kept on moaning in pleasure

"Please don't slow down, harder," I cried as I dragged him down by the shoulder.

"Beg me," He ordered, as he played with my hungry cunt.

"Please sir, fuck me", I cried and begged him in pleasure, dying to feel his dick inside of me.

He pulled apart from me, "sir?" He frowned at me.

I realized what he meant, "no, I didn't mean to call you that."

" Say my name Quinn."

"Henry, now please just fuck me."

"With all pleasure," he said smiling mischievously at me.

He quickly turned me around to another position, he made me squat like a dog as he thrust into me from behind. I never knew I had this hungry side in me.

"Ahhh", I screamed in pleasure as he thrust in and out of me slowly, slowly then harder and this time I could feel tears gushing out of my eyes

Those tears weren't that of pain, they were tears of sexual desire and want. "Harder, harder. Yess," I wanted more and more.


I had lost count of how many rounds we did.

What I was doing was wrong, Henry was my boss but I just didn't care, all I wanted was to be lost in desire, tomorrow I would regret it but for now I was really enjoying myself.

"I have pleasured you enough darling, I guess it's my turn to be pleasured," he spoke seductively into my ear. I maneuvered over him and took his full length into my mouth. "Yes, suck on it, it's all yours," I heard him moan in pleasure. I was happy that an ordinary maid like me could give him pleasure.

I sucked on it in a very professional way, that he couldn't stop moaning for a second. I took my mouth away from his dick, and started using my hand to pleasure his hard dick. His milk spilled all over and over while I used my tongue to lick it off. After I was done pleasuring his dick, I left his dick and went for his nipples, I teased his tiny breast with my tongue, whoa I never knew I was really good at pleasuring a man sexually. "Oh my gawd, you are such a good girl."

"Really," I said, with my tongue still roaming his nipple.

"Yes baby."

I took his lips at once, we kissed each other like hungry lions, yes this was what I wanted, I wanted my first sex to be so wild. I would happily give every little details about this night. We had another round of hard fuck, our energies matched, our sexual desire and strength matched each other.

I never thought we could fall asleep but finally we did, we both fell asleep in our sexual desire.....

The next morning---------

"Oh no!" I woke up and found my CEO boss next to me. Scenes of the steamy sex we had last night flooding into my head. "Oh no what had I done?"

I felt like i took advantage of my boss, i needed to leave his room at once. i raised his hand from my body and slipped away from the bed, i searched for my clothes. when i found it, they were torn to shreds.