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Only If She Likes Me

Only If She Likes Me



Chloe lost her parents at a young age. She was taken in by Jace and his parents. She was scared by the touch of any male. He is stubborn to make her his. Will he succeed? Will she becomes his? How will he win, when she is scared by his touch? And then, she got kidnapped by her dead mother.
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  5 years ago

  "Are we going to aunt Joey's house" little Chloe asks from the back seat?

  "Yes pumpkin, we are," my mother says cheerfully.

  "Your mother is super excited to see her best friend pumpkin" my father teases my mother.

  My mother laughs and playfully hits my father.

  "As if you are not excited to meet them" my mother counters.

  It's been 3 years since we visited them. Dad got a new promotion and we had to move 12 hours away from them. My father's work kept us apart for so long.

  Aunt Joey is a very sweet person. She always sends me gifts for my birthday, Christmas, thanksgiving. My mom fondly says that she just needs a reason to send me gifts and spoil me.

  I like her and Uncle Mike is sweet and funny. They have a son. He is in college now. He is 5Years older to me.

  I don't remember him much, as we don't talk on the phone like I talk with Aunt Joey and uncle Mike. As far as I remember he always seems to be busy with his friends.

  He always treated me like an annoying little girl. We were never that close. He always use to be busy being a teenager and now a college-going guy.

  I was busy playing with my barbies and teddies.

  "Honey, what is it?" my mother asks my father looking at something in the middle of the road.

  My father slows down our car and look at the people who are blocking it.

  "Seems like they are drunk," my father says eying them cryptically.

  "Drunk in the broad daylight" my mother mutters.

  Our car comes to a complete halt. There are no other vehicles on the road as it is still early in the morning.

  As soon as our car stops, they draw weapons from inside and points at us.

  They all are wearing ski masks which my father failed to notice because the sunlight is not bright yet.

  "Come out," the one in the middle says.

  "Honey," my mother says panicked.

  "It's ok. I am calling 911" he assures her and we stay put in our vehicle.

  "Hello this is 911, what is your emergency" the person asks.

  "We are being ...." my father quickly explains the situation.

  Which they noticed.

  "He called the cops" one of them yells.

  "Shoot them and take what they have" the one in the middle orders and they start shooting us.

  The windshield shattered and the windows were busted. I yell with panic.

  They drag my mother and father out and demand money.

  My father gives them what we have, even the diamond ring he gifted my mother. They leer at my mother's head to toe.

  "Take her, we can sell her" one of the orders.

  "Don't touch her" my father pushes the one who was holding my mother.

  Our attacker fall and hit his head.

  "Son of a bitch" one of them shoots my father and he falls.

  "Honey ..." my mother cries.

  I recover from the shock and push myself out of the car run straight towards my father.

  "Dad.." I cry looking at my unmoving father.

  "That kid is cute" one of our attackers eyes me with lust.

  My mother cover them from their view.

  She takes the gun which fell my father pushed that guy away.

  "Stay the hell away from us" she points that gun at them.

  Her hands shivering. They all laugh like it's a joke.

  They have killed my father and are threatening to take us, and they are laughing at us.

  I cry at the situation we found ourselves in.

  I cry panicked, with the possibility that they might take us. Men look at women like objects, not as humans.

  They suddenly grab my mother and try to kiss her. She starts firing blindly and end up shooting one guy.

  They grab her again from behind this time.

  "Let her go" I try to shove them away, but my strength is no match to their brute strength.

  One of the guys lifts m ts carrying me towards their vehicle.

  I thrash, kick and bite him where ever I can. He suddenly drops me on the road and kicks me in the stomach.


  In the meantime, I heard a ripping sound and I look up to find that they ripped my mother's blouse.

  Just then the police siren is heard. They look at each other with wide eyes and shove my mother hard onto thee the thee She hit her head and blood oozes from her head.

  That's the last thing I remember before I pass out.


  "Will you marry her Jace? " my mother asked me looking at the girl laying on the hospital bed unconscious.

  I looked at her with confusion.

  Chloe is my mother's best friend's daughter. They both were best friends since their high school days.

  They even married to two best friends.

  "You cannot be serious mom" I expected her to come to her senses and rethink her crazy idea, but that doesn't seem to happen.

  I promised her mother that I will take good care of her daughter. That was her last wish. She loved you so much. It will make her happy.

  "You are being emotional Mom. You are not thinking this through. I am 5years older than her. What about Chloe. Do you think she wants to marry me? She might like someone else" I try to reason with her.

  "I will talk to her, she will never say no to me" she is not understanding this.

  "Mom, are you even listening to yourself. She is a sweet and innocent girl. Of course, she agrees with you all the time because she doesn't want to hurt you. As your son, I understand where you are coming from. You want a secure future for her. I will make sure that happens. But, I will marry her only IF SHE LIKES ME. Don't bring this discussion in front of her"

  I don't want Chloe to marry me out of obligation. She has every right to choose whatever she wants in her life.