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Lady on Fire 2

Lady on Fire 2



Lorraine·Riddle ended her life by self-immolation, fighting for a chance of life for her biological mother, but unexpectedly, she was reborn on the body of Muriel·Riddle, the daughter of Marquis Rodger, the sister of her family. The blood in the previous life has been shed, and she is no longer submissive in this life. She wants to continue the responsibility and hatred of her previous life! She awakened her uncle, rescued her younger brother, overturned the bride's carriage in the street, and caused the coffin to overflow with blood... All her plans were just to protect her relatives, but she did not expect to provoke a bloodthirsty boss. By the way, isn't he a hostage? Why is he so powerful?
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Purel was empty.

Except for the old maid guarding the door, there were only two young maids sweeping the floor, seeing Finn hurriedly salute.

Looking at the emptiness of the yard, Finn suppressed the anger in his heart with all his strength, and even showed a faint smile on his face, leading a few people into the main room.

"Muriel has lost so many things, I'll send someone to make an album." Finn said, sitting down on a chair beside her, and two old maids behind her stepped forward and bowed to Muriel.

"Mrs. Lau is here, but the housekeeper has registered just now." Muriel smiled slightly, looked at the two old maids who were going to register for her, and refused.

It was actually a step too late, Finn waved helplessly, and the two old maids stepped back, and then said hypocritically: "Old Emma was also a good person before, I don't know why such a thing happened, I really didn't expect it."

"I heard that Old Emma went to the Winchester Manor and sold a few things. I don't know if this person was hired before or just now." Muriel said with emotion disapprovingly.

How could he be so proficient in this kind of thing if he hadn't been on the line early.

Finn's smile froze, and there was a trace of anger in her eyes. It meant that her housekeeper was not clear, and she let out a breath before slowly calming down a bit.

"This dog slave can't be kept. In two days, I'll have the butler come over, and Muriel can choose his own staff."

"Thank you, Ma'am." Muriel bowed his head slightly, thanking him.

Seeing her contemptuous attitude, Finn's heart was on fire, but he had to suppress it, looked around, and said: "I heard that a lot of things were found, can Muriel take it out, I'll have someone check it out, If it’s damaged, it won’t work, so I’ll replace it with Muriel.”

"Thank you, Ma'am, all the butler's have been taken away." Muriel smiled slightly.

Unexpectedly, he took another step too late, Finn hated it, and glanced at the room again, the room was very clean, and it looked the same as usual, but the few people in the room were all Muriel's people, even if she wanted to put people in It doesn't work either.

Muriel looked very indifferent, so she couldn't continue for a while, so she had to change the subject and said: "If Muriel needs anything else, just send someone over. Tomorrow, I will go to Winchester Manor to help preside over the ceremony. Winchester Manor is with us." For the Riddle family, and your father is the patriarch of the Riddle family, I'm afraid I'll be at Winchester Manor tomorrow, so I brought some clothes over."

A little maid behind Finn stepped forward and sent the tray in front of Muriel.

Qingyue stepped forward to take it.

"Here are two sets of coarse black clothes. Tomorrow we will be considered hosts. Wear such clothes when you go to Winchester Manor. Don't run around. Winchester Manor will arrange a place for you to rest. Don't go anywhere except the resting place. Mother may not be able to take care of you tomorrow, so there must be no accident like this time."

Finn had already recovered, and urged earnestly.

"Thank you, Madam." Muriel thanked.

Finn stood up and said with a smile, "I'll go back to prepare for the sacrifice first. If you have any inconvenience, just come to me. The housekeeper must be in charge of external affairs, and your father is too busy to turn around now."

This was beating Muriel, which meant to tell Muriel not to go to the butler if he had something to do. After finishing speaking, Finn led the people away.

The tray was placed on the table. Inside the tray were indeed two sets of black coarse cloth clothes, which were hurriedly assembled in the manor. They looked very rough, and the threads in some places had not been cleaned.

"Miss, this dress is too rough, as if it was worn by a servant in a manor." Old Kate flipped through it twice, and said very dissatisfied.

Although the clothes of the masters are also made in a hurry, they must be the masters, so how can they not clean them up, and let the threads stick out.

"No problem!" Muriel said, reached out to pick up a hairpin, and asked, "Is there a hairpin here?"

Coarse clothes, she knows what this wooden hairpin means, it looks very unremarkable wooden hairpin, the simplest kind.

"This should be for the lady to wear, but in fact it doesn't have to be. The hairpin she wears most is plain, so you don't have to use this wooden hairpin." Old Kate took a look at it and said, "It's also very rough on it. What if the scalp is pierced?"

Even if you don't tie your scalp and hook your hair, your hair will be messed up, messing up your lady's manners.

"Can you use this kind of hairpin?" Muriel frowned slightly. When his father passed away, there was no such thing in the manor.

"You can use it, or you don't have to. It's really not that much of a concern. It's just that the hairpin is really bad. Miss, I'll prepare a hairpin for you tomorrow. It's fine. This hairpin is really unusable." Old Kate Stretching out his hand to touch the hairpin, the burr on the bottom of his hand was obvious.

There is no way to insert it into the hair.

Looking at the rough and rough clothes again, it really matched the suit, and one could tell that she didn't pay much attention, Old Kate couldn't help being a little angrily: "Miss, did Madam do it on purpose, the clothes won't be comfortable to wear, This hairpin can't be inserted at all, this is to embarrass the lady on purpose, I will go to the housekeeper now."

"No need!" Muriel shook his hand, "The butler is in charge of the affairs of the outer courtyard. You went to look for him just now because the wife is not in the manor, and we just came back from grandma. It's okay if you are a bit rash. It seems that we are deliberate."

"But this...Miss can't wear it!" Old Kate stomped her feet.

"Then according to what Old Kate said, we need to change one of our own, and we don't have to worry about such trivial matters. It's the same with the hairpin that Madam sent to Miss Jade. It's the same, and there is nothing to do if some things are not done properly. Otherwise, it would appear that we are looking for trouble on purpose."

Muriel laughed.

"Okay then, I'll pick a hairpin for Miss." Old Kate could only agree.

"Pick two hairpins that are the same!" Muriel specially reminded after thinking about it.

"You want two hairpins?" Old Kate was afraid that Muriel would not understand, so she hurriedly advised, "Miss, we are going to attend the funeral tomorrow. The simpler the outfit, the better, so it won't be too eye-catching."

"Wear one, and keep the other for Kate. If there is any accident, the other hairpin can also be used." Muriel said, since the hairpin that Finn sent cannot be used, she naturally has to keep another hairpin here. . Among the things Finn sent before her, she found the hairpin the most suspicious.

There are two identical hairpins, one of which needs to be processed a little bit by myself, so as to be prepared...

"Old Kate, when I arrive at Winchester Manor tomorrow, I will sneak away and go out again." Muriel ordered again. On that day, she was more willing to believe that what she saw was true, and she had to go to see it again anyway, otherwise it would always be true. Uneasy.

"Miss, is it far to go?" Old Kate asked, "If it is far, you have to use a carriage."

"We need a carriage." Muriel thought for a while and said, the carriage can save time and is not easy to be found.

"If you use a carriage, it's best for the lady to be alone. When you park, you can park farther away from the other carriages in the manor. If you use the same carriage as Miss Jade, it may not be convenient." Old Kate said.

"It's okay, Jade won't be willing to share a carriage with me." Muriel said disapprovingly. Since entering the manor, the two smacks of sisterhood are superficial. It can be seen that Jade is very disdainful of her sister.

When it was still daylight the next day, Muriel got up, changed into coarse clothes, put on the hairpin chosen by Old Kate, and went to the gate of the manor in a clean suit.

The carriages were ready to get off a long time ago. As expected, there were three carriages, one for Finn, one for Jade, and the last one for Muriel.

It was still early when Muriel came over, and got on the last one first, and after a while, Finn and her daughter came out, and through the slightly raised curtains, they saw that Finn and her daughter were also dressed in plain black coarse clothes today, and they looked similar in appearance. I am generally the same.

Sensing his gaze, Jade glanced over inadvertently. After the two of them exchanged a glance, Jade's gaze turned away, and she led the little maid into her carriage without changing her expression.

Olsen got on the horse.

A group of people turned to Winchester Manor.

They came to help. It was still early, and there were no outsiders in front of the gate of Winchester Manor. Seeing people from Xuanpinghou Manor coming, an old maid came to lead the way and lead the carriage in.

Olsen kicked off his horse at the door, threw the horse rope to the servant, and strode in. Nelson, the second master of Winchester Manor, was already waiting at the door, bowing his hands to Olsen.

As the carriage entered the door, Muriel's eyes fell on Nelson, his eyes were dark.

My uncle, in the past, has always been very polite and polite in front of people, he behaved very well, and he was very protective of his father. Sometimes, when Mrs. Riddle was partial, he would persuade him a few words. He seemed very fair and caring. , but actually? But it turned out that he was ambitious early on.

What he wanted was never a little bit of frankness. What he wanted was the life of his family, and what he wanted was the road to success paved for him with the blood of his family.

In the dream, Nelson held a banquet in Winchester Manor with high spirits. At that time, he not only became the new Marquis of Zheng Yuan, but also rose to the top. In Nathan's house, there was a clean death from top to bottom.

Heartbroken and unable to breathe, she gritted her teeth hard and closed her eyes. In this life, she will never give Nelson such a chance again, to pay with blood...

The carriage slowly entered the parking lot of the Winchester Manor. The two carriages in front had already stopped, but the last carriage stopped at the corner, a little far away from the other two carriages.

Jade got out of the carriage, glanced at the last carriage, turned around and walked towards Finn, whispered a few words to Finn, then stood by Finn's side and waited for Muriel to come over.

Muriel was the last to get out of the carriage, and Old Kate arranged a very convenient place for the coachman to go out. Then she stopped and got out of the carriage, helped Muriel get off the carriage and walked towards Finn to meet.

Seeing that Muriel was also coming, Finn was about to take a step, but after sweeping her clothes suddenly, he frowned and stopped: "Muriel, you're wearing the wrong hairpin!"