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Demon King Romance

Demon King Romance



  Thirteen years of infatuation, and finally he changed her fate for the country. Returning at all costs, she turned into a bloodthirsty devil. Today, you will suffer the humiliation a hundred times more. I will let you taste the hatred from the future ten thousand times over. She wanted revenge, but there was someone who wanted to protect her. Even though she was ruthless and bloodthirsty, there were still people who treated her like a treasure. If you do not have an afterlife, I will accompany you to this life. Never separate.
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The day was unusually hot.

The hottest spring in history.

Mu Ya looked at the person in front of him with her aged eyes.

These eyes looked into the world, cold and warm, indifferent to life and death. This was the reason why he could have such an vicissitudes of life that did not match his age.

"Monarch, it's time." Ao Guang walked over and whispered to Long Jin.

Long Jin glanced back at the row of people seated in the highest position.

He tightened his grip on the sword in his hand.

"Long Jin... Puff … — Do you remember that you said you would marry me? " Mu Ya called out the name, ignoring the sword that stabbed into her chest, she stared straight at the person in front of him.

Fourteen years of seeing people.

"General Mu, you have a good time." Ao Guang sighed.

Long Jin was still unwilling to raise his head, his hand was still holding onto the sword that had stabbed into Mu Ya's body.

However, Mu Ya could not wait any longer and laughed desolately. She slowly closed her eyes.

"You'll die with him sooner or later." Mu Kuoshan earnestly said to the young Mu Ya.

Mu Ya saw that she was still refuting her words when she was young, and a miserable smile rose from the corner of her mouth as she said indifferently, "Master, you're right."

"Monarch." Ao Guang supported Long Jin up.

The veins on Long Jin's hand bulged, and under Ao Guang's tugging, he finally slowly loosened his grip.

He had returned to the higher levels.

"Alright, looks like the Dragon Lord has sincerely allied himself with our Snowflake Country. Since that's the case, let's sign an agreement, my sister Xia Bi Xue will marry into your country. " The man with a full beard spoke loudly, and someone behind him handed him a scroll.

The bearded man spread out, "Dragon Lord, this is the agreement that I have drawn up. Take a look. "

"Emperor." Ao Guang lightly touched Long Jin's arm.

Long Jin slowly raised his head.

Ao Guang sighed at the side.

She really felt that Long Jin had aged ten years in an instant.

Long Jin looked at the scroll with bloodshot eyes and nodded.

The bearded man was in the imprint earlier than Long Jin.

Ao Guang waved his hands, allowing the eunuch with the imprint to leave.

Long Jin touched the mud on the palm and pressed down.

"Alright, then from today onwards, my Snowflake Country will form an alliance with the Return to the Dragon Kingdom. Dragon Lord. Then This King will return home. "

Long Jin nodded.

Ao Guang immediately answered, "Take care, River King."

After he could not see Xia Zong Qu's figure, Ao Guang turned around. She looked worriedly at Long Jin.

Within a day, there were two major hits.

When the Snowflake Country came knocking on his door, a duke actually dared to sit equally with Long Jin. He had truly been bullied to his heart's content.

The most loyal general had been killed by his own hands.

Ao Guang's gaze turned towards the people on the stage.

The man with the highest magic power in Return to the Dragon Kingdom.

In the end, it was his own monarch who killed him after sealing him with his own magical power.

Her bright white hair fell over her face, and it was impossible to see how desperate her fixed expression was.

He remembered that her hair had turned white overnight because she had cultivated a forbidden technique. This was because the Return to the Dragon Kingdom was simply too empty. Thus, her young head turned white. From then on, her white hair became her symbol.

If not, she might not have died.

The Snowflake Country only feared that the Return to the Dragon Kingdom would have her.

The power of the ninth stage of the Yellow Scale was equivalent to the Snowflake Country Lord only had the power of the first stage.

The Sovereign King of Snowflake Country had cultivated for more than fifty years. But Mu Ya was only twenty years old. Moreover, she had already reached this level when she was cultivating the forbidden technique six years ago. The only side effect of her training in the forbidden technique was that her cultivation would go berserk.

With such a capital, how could the Snowflake Country's Monarch not be on guard?

Ao Guang turned around and looked at Long Jin, who had his head lowered.

Must be very sad, right?

In the end, she still died for him.

That forbidden technique was called the 'Great Recovering Yin Method'. When it was mastered to a large area, not even a blade of grass would grow within a thousand miles. The condition was for the spellcaster to expose himself.

How the Return to the Dragon Kingdom had been bullied all those years ago.

It is no longer a country that needs to be addressed.

The first year Long Jin ascended the throne, he worked hard to curry favor with everyone, and was played like a clown by everyone. He could only endure.

Long Jin's father was in a coma, and his actions had caused the people of the Return to the Dragon Kingdom to lose their lives. But since he was dead, he gave it all to Long Jin.

Mu Ya sealed the general. She could not stand to watch Long Jin being played like this.

He had trained in forbidden arts.

He killed Shi Guangguo, who came to the Return to the Dragon Kingdom to pressure them. The power of an Orange Rank Level 8 was instantly killed by Mu Ya.

He went to the Stone Light Country alone.

Stone Light Nation had fallen.

After that, Return to the Dragon Kingdom's position suddenly rose to the peak.

No one dared to come to the Return to the Dragon Kingdom to pressure them anymore. Most of them were here to curry favor with him.

Because he was afraid of Mu Ya.

But that day when Mu Ya overused her magic, and because she trained in the forbidden technique, she left a large amount of wounds. She wouldn't be able to recover in a short period of time.

Other countries quickly discovered this problem, but they could not confirm it.

The stalemate lasted five years. Finally, it was broken by Tian Xi Country.

Tian Yi Kingdom had brought their troops to attack, so Mu Ya could not accept the challenge.

Return to the Dragon Kingdom suffered a crushing defeat.

From that day onwards, history repeated itself, and Long Jin's frown deepened day by day.

Until today.

If Long Jin did not want to form an alliance with the Snowflake Country, the Return to the Dragon Kingdom would be dead in his hands.

The Empire was destroyed in his own hands. Even after death, Long Jin did not have the face to meet with his ancestors.

This was the helplessness of the royal family.

In order to completely suppress Long Jin. A request was made.

Killed Mu Ya.

He was able to destroy an entire country by himself. They had to be on guard. Regardless if Mu Ya was a cripple or not. They didn't dare take the risk.

Therefore, Long Jin gave the medicine to Mu Ya the day before yesterday. A medicine that seals mana.

Ao Guang saw it with his own eyes.

Today, under the humiliating gazes of the enemy kingdom.

Long Jin killed her.

Ao Guang knew that Mu Ya would definitely not leave easily even if she was in the netherworld.

He was the leader of the imperial guards, and had watched Long Jin and Mu Ya grow up.

Now that he was a bit older, he no longer led the troops and became Long Jin's personal guard.

Mu Ya was conferred the title of a general seven years ago, allowing him to stand on the battlefield. In the end, this was the result.

Long Jin waved and everyone retreated. Ao Guang hesitated, but when his eyes touched the lady on the stage, he finally retreated.

Long Jin didn't feel too good either.


Mu Ya stood at the back of the line.

Compared to those souls who lowered their heads, she was simply too special.

"A vengeful spirit?" The people from the Underworld found her.

The black aura around Mu Ya's body became increasingly stronger.

All the scenes that had happened between her and Long Jin flashed across his mind.

She had been poor all her life for him. In the end he killed her.

His country was still more important than hers.

At the age of six, she followed her master, Mu Huashan, into the palace. Mu Yishan had taught Long Jin to cultivate.

At the age of ten, Mu Huashan was unable to break through the barrier of magic and died.

If she wanted to leave the palace, Long Jin would not allow her.

Thus, she had a special identity that lasted until she was thirteen years old.

When Long Jin ascended to the throne, she became a general.

She was an orphan, and Mu Yushan had discovered her talent on the streets. Take her. Teach her how to practice magic.

If she had wholeheartedly focused on her cultivation, she would have long since left this place and headed for a better location. There was no need to stand guard over the broken Return to the Dragon Kingdom for Long Jin. He was always worried that there would be an attack.

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as' what if '.

It was only at the end that he realized he had been wrong all the way.

She thought that childhood was something that could last forever.

She had thought that giving her all in exchange for true love.

She was too stupid.