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Hubby, It Is You Again

Hubby, It Is You Again



After time travel, Mu Wanran's soul crossed over to the Jinbei Dynasty, where she married a royal son of that dynasty. Xiao Lanye. Rumor had it that the royal son was a useless loser, but she found out that this was not the truth. On the day she traveled back in time, it was her wedding night with him. She discovered that Xiao Lanye hated the original Mu Wanran and that he had been trying to murder her. In order to survive, she seduced him, trying to make him fall in love with her. After spending time together, he did fall in love with her. But little did she know, that the romance she was offered was mixed with a dangerous game of thrones.
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"It hurts..."

In a daze, Mu Wanran could feel the sharp pain from her wrist. Her body swayed and it seemed she was being carried away.

"What's going on?" As one of the most talented zoologists in the twenty-third century, she was playing with whales in the Pacific Ocean. Unexpectedly, the tsunami suddenly broke out, and a huge wave knocked her unconscious until now. 

"Am I hurt?" she thought. 

The pain in her left wrist grew so intense that she groaned.

"Ah, what the hell!"

"Ah, ah, ah, ghost!"


Suddenly, Mu Wanran was thrown to the ground and fell badly.

She struggled to open her eyes and saw a man walking toward her.

The man in a red wedding suit looked down at her with contempt and disdain. "You didn't die?"

Mu Wanran was about to retort, but abruptly she felt a sharp pain in her brain, and a strange memory then came into her mind.

This was the Jinbei dynasty. The owner of this body had the same name as hers and she was the daughter of General Mu Leiting. Today was her wedding day with the First Prince Xiao Lanye. But Mu Wanran wanted to marry the Third Prince. Someone told her that as long as she made up her mind to die, she would have the chance to divorce the First Prince and marry the Third Prince.

As a result, Mu Wanran cut her wrist with a golden hairpin in front of Xiao Lanye, leading to her death due to excessive bleeding.

Therefore, the one in the red wedding suit was the First Prince, Xiao Lanye.

Mu Wanran soon accepted the fact and remained silent.

In her opinion, Xiao Lanye's treatment of the original Mu Wanran was entirely her own doing.

Before they got married, the original Mu Wanran had openly walked on the street with the Third Prince and cheated Xiao Lanye in public. She even humiliated Xiao Lanye in person, saying that he was a cuckold. What was worse, on this wedding night, she had trampled on Xiao Lanye's sore spots fiercely by saying that she cheated just like Xiao Lanye's mother who had been executed for having an affair, and that it was better to marry a eunuch than him.

That's why, instead of saving her, Xiao Lanye sent someone to buy a coffin.

Mu Wanran looked up at the thin wooden coffin not far away and closed her eyes silently. Sure enough, she had killed herself.

Take things as they came, she thought.

Mu Wanran stood up from the ground and glanced at Xiao Lanye.

Then she couldn't take her eyes off him.

The man was really handsome. His sword-shaped eyebrows were as black as ink, and he had long and narrow eyes, a high nose, thin lips, and unspeakable anger.

He seemed aloof though good-looking. 

Mu Wanran smiled at him and walked into the room as if there was no one else around.

There were ribbons and red candles in the wedding room, creating a joyous atmosphere.

But there was a pool of blood on the ground in front of the bed.

Mu Wanran rolled up his bloody sleeve and looked at her left wrist. The bloody wound on it was still bleeding.

It seemed that the artery was not hurt. There was wine in the wedding room. Mu Wanran cleaned the wound with wine and then tore a piece of cloth from her clothes to dress her wound.

At this moment, Xiao Lanye came in from outside and looked at Mu Wanran coldly and distantly.

Seeing her tying a strip to her left wrist with her mouth and the other hand, Xiao Lanye snorted and left.

Mu Wanran did not have the strength to deal with him, and only focused on dressing her wound. After that, she closed the door and went to bed.

In this case, it was all about getting her strength back.

However, when she was lying on the bed, she heard a mess of footsteps outside, followed by the sound of crying and screaming.

"Oh, Miss, you died so miserably..."