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After Divorce, She Takes on With Three Heirs

After Divorce, She Takes on With Three Heirs



Hannah was used to be Ronald Lewis's bride, adopted by the Lewis family when she was five. An accident left a scar on half of her face and wiped her memory clean. Ronald's grandmother took her in and orchestrated their marriage. Before long, she found out she was expecting triplets. Just as she was about to share the joyful news with her husband, she got kidnapped. And the mastermind behind this was his childhood love, Eileen Howard. She claimed that Ronald asked her to do so – to clear all obstacles, including Hannah. Eileen cut openHannah's belly and set a fire to cover her tracks. But liitle did she know, after she left, Hannah's bilogical grandfather arrived in time and saved her and the remaining baby. It turns out that Hannah was not an orphan, she was the only heir of the powerhouse, Samantha Palmer. Five years later, when she comes back, she holds another identity-- Dr. Mercy, the one Ronald has been searching for years...
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"Miss Lewis, your baby is healthy, due next month. You've been having blood drawn regularly; you mustn't continue, it's risking your life!"

Hannah Lewis came out of the hospital, caressing her nine-month-old belly, a happy smile on her face.

She took out her phone and snapped a picture from her prenatal check-up, saying, "Honey, this is our baby."

It was adorable triplets.

"Honey, can you come to pick me up? Others have someone with them during check-ups."

"I miss you so much, honey."

However, Hannah didn't receive a single reply to her messages.

Her shining eyes dimmed, the cheerful smile fading from her lips.

A year ago, Ronald Lewis found her. At that time, she was disfigured from an accident, half her face was scarred, and she had lost all her memory.

The doctor stated that she had the mental capacity of a five-year-old. Ronald nicknamed her "Hannah" and named her Hannah Lewis.

His grandmother, Layla Lewis, was in poor health and wished to see Ronald start a family before her departure. So under the grandmother's coercion, they married.

When Layla's health took a severe turn, she wished to have a great-grandchild before she died. Then they tried their best to fulfill her wishes, so they had a child, now nine months old.

For this whole year, Ronald was her entire world.

Hannah hesitated for a long time and dialed Ronald's number.

It took a while for the call to connect, a voice sounding impatient, "What? Didn't I say not to call unless it's urgent?"

"Honey, I got my check-up done and I'm right at the hospital gate. Do you have time, I..."

Suddenly, another female voice came from the call, "Ronald, do I look pretty like this?"

A sudden pang of fear filled Hannah's heart, she knew, this was Eileen Howard, Ronald's old flame.

"You look gorgeous." The man spoke, a gentleness in his voice that Hannah had never before witnessed.

However, his tone turned cold immediately, "I'm busy. Have the driver pick you up. Rethink the divorce."

Then without any mercy, the call was cut off.

Not long after, a car stopped at the hospital entrance. "Miss Lewis, Mr. Lewis sent me to pick you up."

Hannah got into the car, but after a while, she felt something amiss. Why was this place so remote?

"Where are we going, I thought we were heading home?" Hannah panicked.

"Mr. Lewis instructed us to take you somewhere."

The driver kept driving ahead, Hannah's eyelids twitching, a sense of panic she couldn't articulate. She felt something was wrong.

She called Ronald, but no one picked up.

The driver stopped at an abandoned warehouse. Hannah didn't dare to get out, "This isn't my home. What are you doing?"

Several people pulled her out of the car, "What are we doing? Of course, it's Mr. Lewis's order."

They pressed on Hannah's hand, "Sign this!"

Hannah recognized it, the divorce paper. She struggled, "You're lying to me. Ronald hasn't signed yet. I won't sign, I won't!"

"Look at your face, full of scars and ugly. Do you really think Mr. Lewis would like you?"

"I want to call my husband. I don't believe you!" Hannah refused to sign; she only trusted Ronald.

Others laughed, "Let me call him for you."

Soon, the call connected, and before Hannah could speak, she heard a voice, "Ronald, the doctor said the transfusions aren't working. I need surgery soon."

"I got it. I'll make Hannah give birth soon; your blood types match, her umbilical cord blood can save you."

They hung up, "You hear that? That's Mr. Lewis's intention. We need your umbilical cord now!"

"Get her!"

Hannah clutched her belly, "No! Don't touch my baby!"

However, she was no match for them.

Pain ... so much pain ...

It felt like they were forcibly ripping flesh out of her body. Hannah bit her lip; she couldn't afford anything to happen; she had to protect the baby!

At that moment, a loud noise came from the sky, and those people's faces changed drastically, "Go, someone's coming!"

They tossed a lighter into prepared weeds, flames instantly engulfed the warehouse.

With barely any consciousness left, Hannah could only watch as she was swallowed by the inferno.

So, that was it. Ronald had deceived her about the blood draws, all for another woman. Even making her pregnant was to save that woman!

Ronald, why did you do this to me?

In a daze, Hannah heard a voice, "My baby Samantha, Grandpa is late."


After those people left, holding the child, a call was made to Eileen, "Miss Howard, everything's been arranged as per your instructions."

The woman's eyes filled with malice, "Good. Did you get the divorce papers signed? That idiot must die, and then bring me the child."

"Yes, and she's even pregnant with the twins."

"Ronald mustn't find out about this; otherwise, your lives are forfeit!"

"No problem, but about the price for these two children, can it be increased..." Before he finished, he seemed terrified, looking at the person in front of him.

Ending the call, the person extended a hand, an overpowering presence, "Give me the children."

At the same time, Ronald received a call from the driver, "What do you mean you couldn't find her?"