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Hated By The Earthly Alpha

Hated By The Earthly Alpha

Author:Authoress chinny library


Venus, a young girl who was a descendant of hell, wakes up on a bad day and is accused of committing the great sin of hell. Her stepmother queen Amore the third, gave no room for mercy as she's only following her daughter's heart desire who was Morgan. Morgan was Venus' step sister but hated her over her beauty, her hatred reached its peak when she confessed her love to prince Lovato on his eighteenth birthday but he left her and chose Venus. Morgana went mentally deranged and sought from her mother the banishment of Venus. Queen Amore, liked the idea, went on with it, giving Venus no mercy; she sent her forth to earth but unknowingly to her mother, Jodha, her rival. Venus finds herself in the earthlings' world in the house of a rich woman who claims to be her mother, but her life changes when she was forced by her mother to attend VILLE HIGH, a school filled with earthlings, Venus was unaware that Ville High is only for the Members of Crescent moon park, as she was the only human insight. On her first day in school she mistakenly bumped into Zerome the Alpha prince, whose aim is to become the strongest Alpha, Zerome perceived her scent and marked her his prey as to him she is nothing but a mere human and is not supposed to be in VILLE HIGH, "I will torment you till you leave" was his everyday anthem to her. But with each pain he inflicts on her selfless self he feels it double leaving him wondering in confusion "Who is she to mess with his thought, body, and soul?" He finds himself getting attracted to his human prey girl with the most enchanting blue eye. "Can fate bring these two different worlds to collide as one?"
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"I'm innocent….., I'm not guilty….., please forgive me, my queen…."

"Somebody please save…….me!!" She screamed and cried for mercy but nobody came to her rescue.

The clouds made rumbling sounds, as the earthquake began to shake, darkness and light fought for supremacy, the fairies were angry, they were wailing, lightning struck endlessly. The guards continue to drag her as she rolls on the floor with a collar connected to her neck, Queen Amore the third was trailing behind with her daughter Morgana and the guards walking beside them.

"You can't do this to me Queen mother I'm like your child, please look up to me with mercy"

"There is no room for mercy, you violated the sacred rule of hell and thereby deserved to be punished"

"You can't punish her, she's innocent" Prince Lovato stepped forward, fearlessly challenging the Queen

"Step aside Lovato, this is my territory," Queen Morgana said in anger bailing her fist,

"I need evidence, and if you can't provide that, then she's going nowhere" Prince Lovato deadpan

"You lie…... Lovato, you lie….."

"Don't test my patience, Queen Amore, give me the evidence"

"Fine! Evidence you'll get," Queen Amore said and waved her hands and a mirror appeared showing when Venus stepped into the royal sacred room and stole the sacred staff, which was later found in her possession, she brought down her hand and the revelation closed.

"No………………….!!!!! I'm innocent of this accusation," Venus wailed, and looked up at the prince for mercy but was surprised when she saw a disappointed look on the prince's face as he crossed his hand behind his back, he shook his head with his face full of sadness, he walked away from the scene.

"Hahaha………., where is your next savior bring them on" Queen Amore shouted in victory walking around her, as she was tied down kneeling before them, Morgana came to her and squat down to her level, she raise her chin with her finger, and look at her in a mocking manner

"I told you, dear stepsister, you'll always be under my feet, don't worry when you reach on earth greet your mother for me," She said and stood up, she stepped on her head, and Venus groan as she felt a cut on her lips, she raised her head and look at Morgana, angrily she spits out blood, and a tear slipped from her eyes

"Your mother was once the Queen of hell, but I put her in her place and cast her away, and so you are nothing to me, if I can do that to my blood sister, her daughter is nothing to me," Queen Amore said snapping her fingers together,

"By the power vested in me as a descendant of hell I curse your reign Amore, you shall know no peace, and nobody can revive this curse….." Venus said in pains and tears,

"You have no power to place a curse on me you little rat, by the power vested in me as the Queen, I cast you forth back to earth and I strip you of your powers!!!!!!!!" Queen Amore said with her eyes blazing red, the earthquake increased, sands start to blow about, a tornado begins to rotate at a mightiest speed and force ever seen, a heavy rain begins to pour down, as darkness and light battle for power,

"Ahhhhhhh………..!!!!!!" Venus wailed, as she felt a mighty force swoop her off her feet as darkness took control, she blackout.

Queen Amore smiled and shook hands with her daughter as they smiled in victory, and walked back to the palace.

Present-day in the Philippines

Lady Jodha, the owner of JORDHA FASHION STORE, is a multi-billionaire who owns the highest fashion store in the Philippines, coming out of her luxurious store she held her golden fancy pulse on her left hand as she catwalk towards her expensive Lamborghini in a corporate white suit, with white heels, using an expensive sunshade to grace herself, she's a lady with class. High and influential businessmen respect her, and businesswomen of her class always try to leave up to her class but none has attested to her.

One of her guards opened the car door for her and she slide in,

"Where to ma?" Her driver ask

"Blue ocean" She replied, pressing her palmtop, and the driver took off.

They arrived at the place and she came down and sat on the bench near the ocean, this has always been her routine since her sister planned against her and sent her out of hell, she smiles looking at the beauty of earth's, suddenly she saw a wave thrown out a body from the ocean, she felt shivers ran down her spine deciding to leave the ocean, she stood up wanting to walk out, "Jordha that body needs you" She heard a voice in her head,

She closed her eyes, and look at her guard who was standing meters away from her, she turn around and walk close to the body, but water sands covered her face, shakily she use her hand and removes the sound and gasp at what she saw

"Venus," She called and raised her head to her laps, "My dear Venus" She wept but grit her teeth when a thought crossed her mind "Amore…………!!!!!" She screamed, and immediately the ocean start to shake flipping over and over again, her guard heard her scream and rush towards her, only to see her with an unconscious body

"Take her into the car!!!!" She ordered and her guard swoop her up in his arms immediately, he walk to the car and laid her on the back seat, while Lady Jordha came in and laid her head on her lap,

"Drive home" She ordered and the driver took off.

They arrived home, and the driver carried her out, "To my room" She said, and he carried her hastily and drop her on Lady Jorda's bed before he left, lady Jordha went out and came back with a bowl of water, but on a second thought divided against it, she carried her to the bathroom and laid her on the bathtub, she mixed the water and wash her body thoroughly before wrapping her up in a towel and carried her out, she laid her on the bed, and she was still unconscious, she dried her body, and wore her some of her clothes, deciding to get some clothing for her from her store later, she put on the heater and left the room.