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Naughty Girl Reborn to My Bed

Naughty Girl Reborn to My Bed



Joy was reborn on the second day of her losing her virginity after being drugged. In her previous life, she died tragically because of trusting her vicious cousin and unfaithful boyfriend easily. Finally, she ended up losing everything. Now, she had been given a chance to live a second life; she would never let the miserable things happened again. However, she cannot get rid of Ben, the man who took her virginity. It seemed he can't stop his thirst for Joy after they slept together. Who was this guy? However, after knowing Joy's plan of taking revenge, Ben gave her a hand, saying, "Marry me, and I can ensure they will pay for it. Otherwise, you can't do anything. Deal it?"
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"What do you want?"

Just as Joy Sullivan was confused, she heard a male voice with an impatient tone.

Opening her sore eyes difficultly, she saw a tall man with a cold expression on his face.

At the moment, he was standing next to her bed and overlooking her.

Obviously, he had just finished taking a shower, because the crystal-clear water droplets were sliding off his firm body all the way down to the bath towel wrapped around his waist.

Feeling the discomfort of her body, Joy couldn't help herself but frown. It was self-evident enough to know what had happened between Ben and her.

As soon as she looked around, she was stunned by the familiar setting.

Wasn't she dead?

Why was she lying here?

When Ben saw that Joy was ignoring him, his brows were immediately furrowed.

Grabbing her arm which was outside of the quilt, he lifted Joy up and said coldly, "Are you pretending to be deaf now? But I heard someone moaning out of pleasure last night!"

Upon hearing his sardonic words, Joy struggled fretfully, although she had no idea what was happening at the moment.

However, she was certain that she had met him and experienced everything that was happening now before.

But she was puzzled as to why everything seemed like a movie playback. Why was it happening all over again?

She then started to recall her memories from her past life where she was strangled to death by the man whom she loved so much, although she had sacrificed everything for him. At once, this put her in a foul mood and so she gave Ben, who was in front of her a dirty look.

"Among all the men I had slept with, you are the worst in bed! What else do you think I want from you?"

When Ben heard this, his expression turned extremely cold.

Nonetheless, his pursed lips were soon curled into a sinister smile.

Looking at the sinister smile on his good-looking face, Joy was stunned. However, the next moment, Ben's action had made her scream.


When Ben took the thin quilt away from her, the bruises all over her body could be clearly seen at once.

Smirking, he looked at the dry blood stain on the bedsheet.

Realizing the meaning behind his expression, Joy was startled. She then pretended to be calm and said, "This hospital has done a good job of repairing my hymen. It's so much better than the previous hospitals."

After hearing this, Ben raised his brows and pinched Joy's baby face.

Just as he bent over and came closer to Joy, his deep and seductive voice caused Joy's heart to skip a beat.

"Little girl, you'll suffer loss if you're just boasting."

In fact, he had already known how inexperienced she was last night.

After being pinched by Ben for a while, Joy could feel the pain on her cheeks. She then shook her head to get rid of his hand, and reached her clothes which were scattered at the bedside.

Talking to people in the nude was definitely not her thing.

"Don't talk nonsense. Since both of us are adults, just let it go."

However, as soon as she reached her clothes, Ben instantly grabbed them and threw them aside.

"Let it go? Who do you think I am?"

Upon hearing that, Joy was dazed, but soon she calmed herself down and smiled.

"Why? Do you want me to take responsibility for it, like marrying you?"

With that, Ben was irritated by what she said. Immediately, he stretched his hand out and held Joy by her neck, forcing her to look into his eyes.

"Little wild cat, you better hide your claws. Otherwise, I don't mind pulling them out for you."

As Joy heard him talking in a cold tone, she couldn't help herself but tremble.

However, such a subconscious reaction had pleased Ben who was mad.

"Glad to know that you're afraid of it. Listen, it's never you the one who makes the decisions between us."

Stunned, Joy felt like something bad was going to happen.

"What do you want from me?"

However, Ben didn't answer her question. Instead, he ripped off his bath towel and picked up his clothes on the floor. Without hesitating, he put on his clothes in front of Joy.

Looking at Joy who turned her head shyly, Ben smiled with satisfaction.

In the meantime, Joy saw him putting on his clothes quickly out of the corner of her eye. At the moment, she felt that Ben's elegance and handsome appearance had made him look like a prince with noble bearing and sophisticated soul.

Even so, she clearly knew that he was not a prince but a rapacious devil!

Just as Ben finished putting on his clothes, he picked up a girly-looking phone and dialed a phone number. As soon as he heard another phone ringing, he smiled with satisfaction.

"Keep in mind! My name is Ben Padilla, your one and only man now!"