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Alpha's Slave Luna

Alpha's Slave Luna



"You're just a lowly slave, you don't deserve to be my mate!" Otis suffered once again when her fated mate, the Alpha of the Blue-moon Pack, pushed straight through the door and left. All the members of her pack had been brutally slaughtered by their enemies eight years ago, and she had been taken to a hostile pack to be used as a slave, humiliated, and beaten through her lonely formative years.But it was at this time that she was brought back to his pack by her MATE, Alpha Conrad of the Blue-moon Pack. Here she truly has friends and feels that the future is full of hope. With their encouragement, she tries hard to become stronger, but what comes with it is not a life full of happiness. Her mate is disgusted with her slave status and weakness and rejects her. She is insulted over and over again, used as a spy, and put into the custody of a hostile pack. She is once again plunged into the depths of despair. It is not until she is on the verge of death for his mate that she discovers that she is a descendant of Moon Goddess' blood...
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Otis's POV

"No! Please! Please spare me! PLEASE!"

"Y...... you are demons! Devils!"

The flickering fire and screams in the distance poured frantically into my brain through the cracks in the closet, making my head almost crack. I curled up in the corner of the closet and covered my ears.

I didn't want to hear the sounds, but my actions to block them out had little effect. Even though I did my best to cover my ears and block the sound from entering, I was still able to catch and identify the fear coming from the air.

"Run! I'll hold them off!"

"Don't even think about running! This Pack has been completely blocked by our Pack! Not one of you can escape!"

"Fuck you all!"


"Damn Grey Pack! I'll kill you all!"

Countless tiny voices merged into my mind. I felt like my head was about to explode and my body was trembling.

Those people who were killed... They were all members of the Bright Pack, members of my Pack, people who lived with me every day!

I was so scared that I forced myself out of this state and squeezed my eyes shut.

"Get out of my house!"

The voice that suddenly came from inside the house made my body tremble violently. I couldn't control it and jerked my eyes open.

It was my father's voice!

I braced my helpless arms that were trembling and approached the gap in the closet little by little, through which I quietly observed the situation outside.

A splash of blood flashed in front of my eyes.

My eyes widened. Through the gap in the closet, I saw my father pounced on the floor by two black wolves! They were tearing at my father's body with their teeth, red flesh and blood, and white bone falling all around the room. My father's blood was pooling on the floor in a pool of scarlet liquid, flowing in my direction.

I wrenched my eyes open as wide as I could and watched as my father was torn apart by their mouthfuls.

"No! Let him go! Devils!"

At this moment, a woman burst into the room into my view, the charred pieces of wood on the floor clacking as she stepped on them.

It was my mother!


I almost made a sound, but the next moment I tightly covered my mouth. I was so scared that I didn't dare to make a sound, and the words I wanted to tell my mother to run away were bottled up in my stomach.

No! Moon Goddess! Please don't treat me so cruelly!

Please! Please!

I beg you!

I prayed loudly and helplessly in my heart. Both of my tired eyes were bloodshot, but I dared not close them.

However, Moon Goddess did not seem to hear my prayer.

I saw it. Another strong black wolf suddenly burst out from behind the door and pounced my mother to the ground. Blood bloomed like a mandala flower before my eyes, and my mother's back was torn apart by him. She tried to resist, but her strength was as weak as a puppy when facing the strong black wolf.


Tears gushed out uncontrollably.

I saw my mother collapse helplessly on the floor, her eyes turned to meet mine through the gap in the closet.

My body trembled even more. I covered my mouth as hard as I could to swallow all my sobs.

My mother. The mother who loved me the most and always took care of me. She looked at me with tenderness and sadness, her eyes filled with all the hope she had for me.

Otis, live.

She looked at me like that. She kept looking at me. Until her body was torn apart by the werewolves and the light of life in her eyes completely disappeared.


My heart twitched as if it was being churned, and the pain that almost suffocated me spread to my mouth and nose.


The closet door in front of me was opened by them!


All the fear formed a scream inside my throat. My heart seemed to be stabbed hard by something as if I had fallen into an endless abyss. I kept falling and falling in the darkness.

My eyes snapped open.


My consciousness regained.

It was this dream again.

I moved my stiff limbs as if they were frozen and slowly sat up from the bed. The fear from the nightmare still lingered in my mind like a dark fog that wouldn't go away.

Eight years. It's been eight years since that day.

The night breeze slips through the cracks in this cramped little cupboard, and my thin top is no protection against the cold. I hugged myself and clutched the worn sheet in my hands with shaking hands. Tears lingered in the corners of my eyes.

Damn Grey Pack! I will have my revenge!

Stabbing pains twanged my nerves. I pulled at my sleeves to cover the conspicuous bruises, but there were too many of them. There was no way I could cover them all with my sleeves.

The scars came from the beatings that members of the Grey Pack had inflicted on me over the years.

After that day, I was taken here to be their slave so that someone could do the dirty and busywork. I escaped many times during this period, but each time I was caught and brought back. To punish me, they beat and kicked me with whips, wooden sticks, and even iron bars. I was tortured endlessly at Grey Pack!

"What time is it that you're not up yet, Otis!!! Are you slacking off again?"

A middle-aged man walked in accompanied by his stern voice, berating me loudly, "You stupid lazy swine! We mercifully let you live and stay in the Grey Pack for you to atone for your Pack sins, not for you to sleep around!"

"Sir, I ......"

Without listening to my explanation, he pulled me by the hair and yanked me hard out the door. A sharp pain came from my head.

"Today we have invited many allies to our banquet. Get your ass to work! If I catch you slacking off again, you'll go to the lockup today hungry!"

With disgust on his face, he yelled at me as he yanked me outside.

I stopped trying to defend myself, frowned and endured the pain, and obediently followed him.

After all, I had heard these insults here countless times and had long since gotten used to them.

The time soon came in the afternoon. The grand banquet organized by Grey Pack was well underway in the hall. The guests who had come to the banquet were dressed in fancy clothes, gulping down their drinks and eating the sumptuous food on their plates. I carefully placed the food on the table slowly in order.

"It's that slave! She finally came out!"

"Get over there! Catch her!"

"Throw the rocks at her head!"

A group of children under ten years old ran toward me, and then they excitedly picked up branches and stones from the ground and threw them at me.

These children had seen me being beaten by the adults since they were children, so they followed the example of the adults and chased me.

Sticks and stones were thrown at me. My brow furrowed, but I didn't resist, because my status now is just a lowly slave, and slaves are not qualified to resist the victor. If I showed the slightest dissatisfaction with the behavior of these children, I would have been beaten and treated even worse.

Although my heart was very humiliated, I still had to put up with them.

I carefully continued to place the dishes on the table without bothering about those children.


A sudden sharp pain came from my left hand. A stone had hit my left hand! The bowl of boiling soup I was carrying tilted to one side uncontrollably!

No! Please!

My heart almost jumped out of my chest. I tried with all my might to control my balance, but the pain from my wound made it impossible to adjust quickly.

Damn it!

The bowl of soup spilled on one of the guests and he let out a scream. Fear almost made my heart rise to my throat, and I could sense a nightmare was about to befall me.

I quickly placed the rest of the plates on a side table, got down on my knees, and humbly apologized to that guest, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that! I'll take care of it for you right away!"

I anxiously took a towel and tried to wipe the stain from his body. However, before I could get close to the guest, a dark shadow quickly zoomed in front of my eyes.

A sharp pain took over half of my face, and the tremendous force coming from my face caused me to fall uncontrollably askew to the ground.

"Filthy slave! Look what you've done! What did your master teach you!" The man shouted angrily, and I covered my burning cheek stubbornly without making a sound.

"What happened? Was that slave beaten again?"

"It was just a lowly slave. It's a normal thing to be punished for wrongdoing."

"She's finished. I remember that guy has a bad temper."

Everyone's eyes were on me. Some were drinking their drinks and watching slowly, some were laughing and talking with people on the side, and some were even applauding. The emotions hidden in their gazes were all different, but one thing was the same: they all didn't care about the life of a slave.

They were laughing happily as if they were watching the performance of a clown, and I was the clown who was giving them the show.

The man with the burns wasn't going to let me go, "Lowly slave! Filthy swine! Do you know how expensive this dress of mine is? You couldn't sell yourself to pay for my loss!"

He kicked me one after another.

"Filthy slaves like you deserve to die!"

"Wow! Well done! Kick her in the head!"

"Kill her! Kill her!"

"Beat her to death!"

The children next to me clapped their hands in excitement, their faces wreathed in innocent malice and joy.

I curled my body up like a baby to protect my insides and silently endured the pain and humiliation, looking at the cheering people out of the corner of my eye and carving their faces into my heart.

One day, I will take my revenge.

Time seemed to pass for a long time, and it seemed to be very short.

"What bad luck! I wasted so much of my time for a slave!"

That man let me go with one last disgusting word and walked away into the distance.

When the man was far away, I breathed a little sigh of relief and slowly stood up with the pain on my body, then dragged my heavy steps out of here.

I feel like I need to take care of my wounds now. This party still needs me. If I didn't do all the work, I would not only go without food, but I would continue to suffer their brutal beatings.

I breathed heavily and continued on my way, passing a strange man on my way.

This was the most handsome man I had ever seen.

My heart was pounding.

His brilliant blonde hair was as dazzling as the sun. The dark blue pupils seemed to have an ocean living inside. His body was far taller and stronger than the others, and the scent from his shirt mesmerized me.

I had no control over my heartbeat and slowly walked past him.


Suddenly his voice came to my ears with an uncontainable disgust in it.

In that instant, my heart seemed to be hit hard by something. I was chilled as if I had been placed in a vacuum, and my heart gradually became sluggish.

I took a deep, deep breath.

I had heard such words countless times, there was no need to care about him.

After all, he was right. I was indeed trash.

Conrad's POV


It's here! I sense her! She's right here! She's at this party!

I was surprised by this sudden situation.

Conrad! Find her! Find her! Find our mate!

My inner wolf Carl urged me over and over again, he reminded me over and over again that my mate was at this party.

With him constantly urging me on, my heart couldn't help but start to get excited. I was looking forward to seeing my future mate, whom I hadn't sensed since I was an adult, and as the Alpha of the Blue-moon Pack, I had longed to have my mate for a long time. My Blue-moon Pack also needs a Luna to lead them!

I didn't think I would be told by my wolf today that my MATE was at this alliance party hosted by Grey Pack!

Following Carl's lead, I walked into the hall and the feeling inside me became stronger and stronger. I could feel Carl seemingly wanting to burst out of my body.

I looked closely at the guests who had come, identifying them carefully. I thought my mate would be one of them, but a single figure suddenly made me stop in my tracks.

How is this possible?

I stopped where I was in disbelief and sized up the slave in front of me.

Her clothes were tattered and torn, her thin dress had long since faded, and she was filthy. The indistinguishable color of her hair dragged scruffily behind her back. The worn shoes could still faintly see the toes.

Is this the person? This slave? This dirty slave?

No! How can my MATE be a slave!


The woman's scream woke me up. I saw the slave knocked to the ground.

"Filthy slave! Look what you've done!"

The man cursed, stomping on her with one foot after another. And the slave was like a piece of wood, letting him beat her without any resistance.

Conrad! Help her! She is our mate!

Carl kept screaming inside me, but I felt sick just looking at this slave's useless and cowardly appearance.

I never help useless people.

But she's your mate!


I looked at the slave with indifference.

She didn't deserve it.