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Untouchable Son-in-law: Royal King is Back

Untouchable Son-in-law: Royal King is Back



The crippled prince had become a commoner, but he had married a stunning beauty. His wife was a genius in martial arts and was high above others; he was a loser who had been humiliated. After accidentally awakening the spirit of a Divine King, his fate was reversed and he rose to power. From then on, he would crush those who humiliated him and conquer the peerless beauty! Geniuses, in front of me, are all good-for-nothings! Kings are like ants under my feet! I'm the God Slaying King with a single stroke of the Heaven-breaking Sword!
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"I, God King Wuji, am back again!"

A sigh that spanned across the Vast Thousand Worlds echoed throughout the world and did not die!

In the room, Lin Yi, dressed in a green robe, stood in front of the bronze mirror and stared at the handsome young man in the mirror, with a smile on his face. "He is really exactly the same as the king 10,000 years ago, haha..."

What sort of person was the Limitless Godking? Even the number one genius in the entire universe, the lord of the plane who had cultivated for ten thousand years, had been bestowed the title of 'Sovereign', and had looked down upon all gods!

The Limitless Godking was born to be aggressive and easy to kill. In the past ten thousand years, he had killed countless Deities. He had once killed dozens of Sovereigns in a row with his own power, and in a single battle, he was known as a 'Godking'!

There were more than ten thousand Sovereigns, and there was only one 'Godking'!

The Godking of Infinity was indeed a madman, and he was also worthy of the title of "God of War". After being invincible in the universe, he had dreamed of challenging the Overgods!

What kind of existence was the Overgods? They were the gods at the very beginning of the universe, undying and undying. They had existed for hundreds of millions of years. They were the Heavenly Daos!

An Overgod, with but a thought, was capable of wiping out a Sovereign! The might of the heavens couldn't be resisted!

Other than the Limitless Godking!

The Godking's comprehension of the 'Heavenly Dao' was close to that of the Overgods. The battle in the Overgod Temple had actually lasted for a hundred years, wiping out countless planes. If one wasn't careful enough, who knew how many gods would be wiped out!

In the end, the Godking used the 'Heaven-Defying Sword' to seriously injure the Overgods. He himself was also beaten up by the Overgods until his body and soul were destroyed, dying here!

This battle was something that had never happened before, and never happened before!

Ever since the rise of the universe, the Godking of Infinity was the first Sovereign who dared to challenge an Overgod. He was also the only one who had the ability to heavily injure an Overgod!

After the Limitlessness, there were no more Godkings!

However, what the Gods didn't know was that before the Limitless Godking fought to the death, he had left behind a soul essence that had been hidden in tens of thousands of planes. Not even the Overgods were able to capture it!

After the death of the Godking, this soul had reincarnated as a human and was reborn!

He was the young man in front of 20 years old in the bronze mirror, Lin Yi.

"I'm such a coward in this life! A coward!" Lin Yi's eyes were full of anger and unwillingness, and he clenched his fists.

Lin Yi, whose real name was Sikong Yi, was the fifth prince of Sikong Xuanyuan, the emperor of the Ming dynasty. His mother was You Fei, the most favored beauty of the Ming dynasty.

Common language: It's like accompanying a king, even the king's wife and children are no exception!

When Lin Yi was ten years old, all the officials suddenly jointly reported that the Lin's Mansion had colluded with the rebels and rebelled. Xuanyuan Emperor was furious. An imperial edict ordered the whole Lin's Mansion to be executed. Lin Yi's grandfather, General Lin Lang, was also sentenced to death!

Lin Youyou, the peerless beauty and Lin Yi's birth mother, had lost all her hair overnight. She had been imprisoned in the prison by the Emperor of Xuanyuan for a long time. Her beauty was gone, and she could not see the sun all year round.

As for Lin Yi, the dignified Fifth Prince, his meridians had been destroyed by his father's palm, and he had been banned from practicing martial arts all his life. He had removed the surname of "Sikong" and became an abandoned prince. He was ashamed of the people of the Ming Empire!

A good-for-nothing prince. His meridians were completely destroyed and he couldn't practice martial arts. He would never be able to make a comeback in his life!

All of this was thanks to his high and mighty father!

The number one expert of the Great Clarity Empire, the Invincible Saint Realm expert, Sikong Xuanyuan! Perhaps in his eyes, Lin Yi was just a pawn that had been abandoned!

At the age of 12, Lin Yi, who had been locked up for two years, received an imperial edict from his father and appointed him as the eldest daughter of the Chen family, Chen Shuang.

That year, Chen Shuang was already a Fighter of the fourth level of the Refinement Realm, an absolute genius girl!

That year, the name of Lin Yi, the useless prince, had spread throughout the entire empire!

In the name of the imperial edict, no matter how unwilling the Chens were, they had to accept this ridiculous marriage!

From then on, Lin Yi had married into the Chen family and lived in the Chen family. He was like a worm being looked down upon!

In the past six years, Lin Yi had said no more than ten sentences in total! He hid in his room every day and never dared to go out!

At the age of 18, Lin Yi and Chen Shuang had to respect the Holy Will and officially get married! At this time, Chen Shuang had broken through to the Qi Realm and became a well-known genius warrior. She was the youngest elder of the Profound Sky Sect, so she was in the limelight for a while!

In the two years after their marriage, Lin Yi had never seen his wife in name because he was not qualified! On the contrary, the Chens were getting more and more excessive with Lin Yi's humiliation and oppression. Seven days ago, Chen Hai made trouble and directly beat Lin Yi half to death and made him faint in bed for seven days!

However, this coma had accidentally awakened Lin Yi's soul essence and the Godking!

How could he tolerate the fact that the later generations of the God King of Infinity had lived in such a sullen state?

"Kill!" Lin Yi's aura suddenly changed. He was no longer that cowardly and useless prince, but an extremely high-spirited and vigorous person. He thought of his father, who had ruthlessly destroyed his meridians. He thought of his mother, who had been imprisoned in the prison. He thought of his wife, Chen Shuang, who regarded him as an ant in the name of shame. He also thought of those contemptuous and insulting eyes!

"All of you, let's see how I change my fate in defiance of the heavens!" Lin Yi suddenly laughed wildly. There was no doubt that the Godking's nature was explosive. The more the heavens pressured him, the more his life bullied him. The more he wanted to fight, the more he would fight until the sky turned dark!

"Creak!" The door suddenly opened and an old man in cloth clothes walked in. Lin Yi was familiar with this person. He was a servant of the Chen family who took care of Lin Yi's daily life. Unfortunately, the master was disappointed and the evil servant could be bullied!

In the eyes of the servants, Lin Yi was not a master, but a poor guy who was bullied at will. He was just a good-for-nothing who could never practice martial arts. If it weren't for his identity as a prince, he would have been killed by the Chens!

Because of the great shame brought by Lin Yi, the Chens hated him to the core. They wished Lin Yi could die as soon as possible!

"Hey, he actually woke up, and his life is really tough!" Liu San was a little surprised. He deliberately did not apply medicine to Lin Yi these days, so he let Lin Yi lie on the bed. He thought that he was about to swallow his anger, but he did not expect that Lin Yi actually got up on his own.

Lin Yi frowned. "Liu San!"

"How dare he call me by my name? What is the good-for-nothing trying to do?"

"What's wrong?" Liu San came over with his hands clasped behind his back, looking as if he didn't care about Lin Yi at all. He had been in the Chen family for most of his life, would he be afraid of a good-for-nothing?

"You can go in and out of my room at will. Who do you think you are, huh?" Lin Yi said word by word, as heavy as iron and stone. There was an innate domineeringness in his sonorous voice.

Liu San was stunned, wondering if the head of this good-for-nothing was broken. He couldn't help sneering. "Lin Yi, who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like this? You're just a good-for-nothing!"

What an arrogant servant!

Lin Yi suddenly turned around, and his eyes were full of intimidating light. "What identity? I am your master. Is that enough?"

Liu San couldn't help but take a deep breath. He stared at Lin Yi and didn't know what was going on. In his memory, Lin Yi had always been quiet and submissive. Even the lowest servant of the Chen family could insult this "master" at will!

Today, it was obvious that something was wrong with Lin Yi!

"Get out of here!" Lin Yi growled and pointed at Liu San's nose unceremoniously.

Liu San was also furious. He had endured for half of his life, but he still had to endure the anger of this piece of trash. How could he bear it?

"Lin Yi, who do you think you are? You're just a good-for-nothing. If it weren't for our Chen family supporting you, you would have gone to the street to ask for food. Don't think that you're still a prince, a good-for-nothing..."

"Pa!" With an extremely crisp sound, the slap on Liu San's old face directly interrupted Liu San's scolding. Lin Yi's eyes were cold and ruthless. "Do I have to be merciful in dealing with such an evil slave?"

Liu San was stunned for a moment, and then he became furious. "You... you dare to hit me! You are a good-for-nothing, how dare you..."

"Pa!" He slapped Liu San's face again, but this time, there was a smile on Lin Yi's face!

"Hate! You can curse me to your heart's content! If you scold me, I'll slap you in the face and see who has more patience, huh?"

Liu San was speechless and couldn't say a word for a long time. He wanted to beat Lin Yi up, but he didn't have the courage!

No matter how down and out Lin Yi was, he was not someone a slave like him could do anything about!

"Humph!" Lin San swung his sleeves and walked out of the room angrily. Anyway, he would have plenty of opportunities to deal with this good-for-nothing in the future!

A good-for-nothing with no identity or strength. No matter how arrogant he was, what could he do?