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I'm Your Top One Sweetheart

I'm Your Top One Sweetheart



Clarissa Chapman, one day, when delivering condoms to a hotel room, she found her client was her... fiance? She caught her fiance and half-sister in bed! Only then did Clarissa realize that her six-year-relationship boyfriend had cheated on her! What's more ridiculous? Her father said it was because she wasn't attractive and her sister's more deserving of him. Dumped her douchebag fiance, she bumped into her Mr. Right by a one-night stand! Wait... why was this man looked exactly like the Billionaire CEO - Anderson Jordan on TV?! Anderson was of many things, handsome, considerate, and loyal. She'd never imagine a gorgeous like Anderson would fall in love with her, until that day... Her nightmarish family found her, trying to drag her to the miserable past...again...
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"Hello, I want to order a middle-sized condom."


"Besides, I need a vibrator and a suit of sexy lingerie."

"Sure. May I ask your address?"

"In room 2202, Elite Shore Hotel."

"No problem."


When Clarissa Chapman arrived at Elite Shore Hotel, it was already 11 o'clock at night.

At this time, for people who sold sexy toy, it was not safe for them to deliver goods by themselves.

In particular, she was a beautiful young girl.

But she had no choice. Her life was not very easy and she needed to make a living. Moreover, Elliot Duncan would come back in a few days.

They had been in love for six years, and most of the time they were in different places. He had to manage his business at home and abroad, so she couldn't hinder him.

Fortunately, they loved each other very much. In addition to daily work, she ran her own small business. She wanted to give him a surprise on his birthday in a few days.

Thinking of this, Clarissa smiled silently.

She pulled her black hat down slightly before walking inside with the box in her arms.

Elite Shore Hotel was a famous place of entertainment in Visstead.

Usually, the guests here were either rich or noble.

Not only the hall was magnificent, but the elevator was also sumptuously decorated. If someone was poor and stood under the colorful lights in the elevator, he would feel ashamed of your poverty-stricken state.

But Clarissa just held the box and looked steadily forward.

Her pretty face was mostly covered by the mask and only her calm eyes could be seen. She looked cold and proud.

The elevator stopped on the 22nd floor. She went out, found room 2202 soon and rang the doorbell.

Before the door was opened, she heard the randy voices of a man and a woman from inside.

"Elliot, oh... don't do this. My order is coming."

"Wait. I'll get it."

Clarissa stood at the door and felt a little speechless.

She thought, "Have they started the foreplay before getting these things?"

"They're really impatient!"

The door was soon opened, and a man in a bathrobe with wet hair appeared at the door.

Clarissa didn't look at him. She handed the box to him and said, "It's totally 493 dollars! Would you like to pay by card or cash?"

But the man didn't move.

Two seconds later, a tentative voice sounded, "Clarissa?"

Clarissa was a little surprised and raised her head.

The man standing at the door was tall, and his short hair was wet. He was only wearing a white bathrobe. Under the warm yellow light, his handsome face was surprised, stunned and... somewhat flustered.

Clarissa's face suddenly turned cold.

"Elliot, who is it?"

"It's just the deliveryman."

Elliot said in a hurry before Clarissa could say anything. Then, he quickly took out a stack of money from his wallet and stuffed it into her hand, taking away the box in her hand.

The door was slammed shut.

Clarissa stood still. Her fingertips were trembling slightly and her face was pale.

After a while, she suddenly sneered.

Looking at the money in her hand, she felt that she had been laughed because of her ignorance and stupidity.

The sounds of men and women flirting could be heard from inside. She took a deep breath and held back the tears in her eyes.

Then she turned around and took out her mobile phone while walking to the elevator.

"Hello, is that the public security bureau? Someone is going whoring and taking drugs in Elite Shore Hotel. The room number is..."

Twenty minutes later.

A police car arrived at the entrance of Elite Shore Hotel. Beside it, there were a few reporters with cameras in their hands.

When Elliot was taken out of the hotel, the reporters immediately rushed to him.

"Mr. Duncan, someone said that you were taking drugs and going whoring in the hotel. Is this true?"

"Mister Duncan, as the heir of the Duncan family, do you think it's right for you to do this?"

"Mr. Duncan, who is that woman? It is said that she is a famous actor in the entertainment circle. Is it true?"

"Mr. Duncan..."

Elliot was surrounded by the reporters, and even the police couldn't stop them.

After a long while, he couldn't stand it anymore and shouted angrily, "Get out!"

The reporters were startled and took a few steps back.

Elliot stared at Clarissa who was standing outside the crowd. His eyes were full of harshness and malice.

"Is this what you want?"

Clarissa sneered and there was a hint of sarcasm in her eyes.

"You can never get me since you have done this!" Elliot said.

Clarissa suddenly stepped forward and raised her hand in front of all the reporters and policemen.


Clarissa slapped Elliot hard on the face, and his face was slapped aside.

All of a sudden, everyone became silent.

The policeman said, "Miss... What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry. My hand is cramping and I couldn't control myself."

Looking at Elliot who was very angry, she smiled, rubbed her wrist and said in a cold voice.

"Do you think I still love such a disgusting man like you? You deserve this slap. Pay back what you owe me in three days!"

A trace of panic flashed across Elliot's eyes as he said, "What... do I owe you?"

Clarissa raised her eyebrows, "Are you sure you want me to remind you?"

Elliot's face turned pale in an instant.

She smiled coldly, and her smile was full of irony and disdain.

Seeing that they had nothing to say, the policeman waved his hand and took Elliot into the car.

Since Elliot had been taken away, the reporters naturally had no reason to stay here anymore. They all left.

The entrance of the hotel, which had been packed with people, became empty in an instant.

Clarissa stood there for a while. It was only when she calmed down a little she was about to leave.

Unexpectedly, when she turned around, she saw a pair of curious eyes.

It was a young man in a dark suit. He was tall and straight. Under his short hair, his eyes were brooding and intense. The expression in his eyes was hard to understand.

Under the dark night, his handsome facial features looked noble and elegant, which did not blend well with the scene of feasting and revelry.

Clarissa's heart skipped a beat.

Subconsciously, she felt that this man looked a little familiar.

However, when she saw his secretary who was cautiously following him and the silver Porsche next to the secretary, she felt that it was impossible for her to know such a rich people.

Without thinking too much, she turned around and left.

When Anderson Jordan could no longer see Clarissa in his eyesight, he withdrew his gaze and asked faintly, "Who was that person just now?"

Behind him, David Andrews quickly replied, "Are you asking the one who was taken away by the police? He seems to be the president of the Duncan Group. He just came back from abroad a few days ago."

Anderson frowned slightly, "I'm asking that woman."

"What?" David was a little confused, "Which woman?"

Seeing Anderson's unhappy expression, David immediately understood and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Jordan. I'll investigate her right away..."

"There's no need."

Anderson interrupted his words. After thinking for a few seconds, he suddenly remembered something.

With a flash of surprise in his eyes, he looked again in Clarissa's direction and smiled.

After a while, he walked inside the hotel.


As the reporter of the case, Clarissa also came to the police station.

After she was questioned by the police, a group of people rushed in from outside in a hurry.

The leader was her grandmother, Chloe Chapman. As soon as she rushed in, she slapped Clarissa in the face.

Clarissa frowned, and the corner of her mouth bled a little. She raised her head indifferently and looked at those people standing opposite her.

"You b*stard!"

Chloe was trembling with anger, "How dare you call the police since you know she's your younger sister? Are you trying to piss me off?"

Clarissa wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. She looked up at Chloe with mocking eyes.

"Younger sister? Do you mean Lara Chapman?"

"Don't play dumb. I've seen the newspaper. It's said that the second daughter of the Chapman family seduced someone else's fiance. As the one who called the police, how can you not know this?"

Clarissa looked down and chuckled.

"So that woman is Lara! I thought she was an entertainment woman who was in a hurry to make money. It turns out that she's my younger sister."