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Marry Me Again, My Honey

Marry Me Again, My Honey



I never knew that a woman could be so shameless. Madison, my bestie, my mother's adopted daughter, slept with my father, making my mother jump from the third floor. When my mother was in the hospital, this b*tch married my father and became my stepmother. How ridiculous! I went to their wedding and wanted to ruin their marriage. Unexpectedly, I ran into Jayden, the vice president of a startup. It seemed he was Madison's ex and Madison still had feelings towards him... Alright, to take revenge on that wh*re, I drugged Jayden and climbed onto his bed. When I regretted it, the desire took over Jayden and he didn't let me leave him... Oh no!!!
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I never knew that a man could be so shameless.

My mother was still lying in the hospital, but my father was holding a wedding ceremony with his mistress.

Half a month later, when I returned to my home again, I saw this scene.

The garden was full of beautiful roses and exquisite buffet. The atmosphere was happy and harmonious with people holding on to wine glasses and chatting.

I could hardly believe that the groom, Ethan Clinton, who was holding a wine glass and full of joy in his face, would be my father, my biological father.

Half a month ago, when my mother and I were both at home, he had sex with another woman.

That woman, the bride, was Madison Austin, who grew up in my family and was only four years older than me.

When they were caught at scene, my father didn't explain to us, but just said that he wanted to marry Madison.

And my mother jumped down from the third floor of the villa and was still lying in the hospital.

The more I thought about it, the deeper my hatred was.

At this time, I only felt that all the blood in my body was flowing backward. Hatred and anger were intertwined. My mood was directly at a critical point. I just had the overwhelming desire to kill them!


I rushed into the banquet hall like a crazy, took off their wedding photo, and smashed it to the ground with the glass fragments flying everywhere.

However, this did not calm down my rage at all, but made me even angrier. Regardless of the glass slag, I picked up the wedding photo with my bare hands and wanted to tear it into pieces!

Ethan Clinton came over so angrily that he wanted to strangle me. He shouted, "Mia Clinton, what are you up to here? Huh?"

He didn't feel guilty or shame at all.

"What am I up to here? Do you even know what you are doing now?"

I was so angry that my teeth were chattering. I pointed at Madison, and stared at him, "My mom is still lying in the hospital. You just can't wait to marry this b*tch?"

Madison hurriedly patted Ethan's chest with her eyes turning red and then she pretended to persuade him, "Don't get angry. I can understand Mia. After all..."

I took a glass of red wine from the dining table and poured it on her. I stared at her angrily and said, "Madison! After all, you know you're shameless, don't you?"

All the vicious words I knew were not enough at all to express my rage. I held the goblet tightly and wished I could smash it at her directly.

"Ah..." She screamed as the red wine quickly spread on her white wedding dress. She was at a loss and suddenly cried out. "I know you don't like me all the time. But, after I marry your father, we will be family in the future. Can you let go of your prejudice against me?"

Oh, the same trick again, extremely hypocritical.

Since we were still little kids, no matter what happened, she could pretend to be extremely wronged and tolerant. People who didn't know the truth would really think that I looked for trouble only because I disliked her.

Just like now, it was clear that she slept with my father, but what she said was so generous, as if it was me who was wrong!

I clenched my hands, with my nails into my palms, but I couldn't feel any pain. I gnashed and said, "A family? That is totally impossible!"


I was slapped in the face strongly and fiercely.

Caught off guard, I staggered two steps and fell to the ground. The broken glass stuck into my knees. A smell of blood came out of my mouth, and my ears buzzed.

Ethan pointed at me and shouted, "Shut up! Didn't you say half a month ago that you wouldn't come back to this home? Get out of here!"

"How could he be my dad...  my biological father."

I was stunned for a few seconds, and the grievance was replaced by anger in an instant, filling my chest, bitter and overwhelming.

I felt that my eyes were a little blurred, as if there was some warm liquid coming out.

The people around pointed at me. I lowered my head helplessly, closed my eyes, and tried to hold back my tears.

The light on the side of me suddenly dimmed, with a deep male voice coming above my head, "Mia? It that you?"

I raised my head to look for that sound. At that moment, even my heart skipped a beat. "Mr. Christian, you, why are you here..."

Jayden Christian was the vice president of a startups. The last time I saw him, I was ready to confess my love to him, but gave up after accidentally learned that he already had a girlfriend.

Since then, I had tried every means to avoid him.

I had never thought that I would meet him again in such an embarrassing moment.

I quickly wiped my tears. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't wait to find a hole to hide in.

He was wearing a black shirt and suit pants, with noble temperament. Holding one hand in his pocket, he said in a low voice, "Why don't you get up?"

I was a little nervous and tried to stand up, but I forgot that my knee was injured. I couldn't stand up steadily and fell into a warm and strong chest.

Jayden quickly held me in his arms, with his fragrance around me. I was stiff all over and pushed him out a bit. "Thanks, I'm fine." 

He didn't want to let go of me, with his warm hand on my waist.

Madison asked in a panic, "You... Why are you here?"

Jayden said casually, "Mr. Clinton sent me an invitation card. When I saw the photos and names on the invitation card, I didn't believe it. I didn't expect that the bride was really you."

His tone was very gentle, but there was an indescribable emotion in it. I couldn't guess it was disappointment or what.

Madison bit her lower lip as if she wanted to explain. Tears welled up in her eyes while she only asked, "Do you know each other?"

Jayden's hand on my waist became more and more powerful, so I had to press myself against his body. I could clearly feel the tight muscles under his shirt. Our posture was intimate and ambiguous and I was so nervous that I almost held my breath.

He rubbed my hair dotingly and said meaningfully, " We are far beyond acquaintance."

I was confused because of his ambiguous and meaningful words, with his attitude changing from the indifference of the past to the ambiguity now.

"Jayden, you two are not suitable for each other. You don't have to do this for..."

Madison looked at him so passionately, but at the moment when she glanced at Ethan, she suddenly became speechless.

Jayden raised the corner of his mouth teasingly and said sarcastically, "For what?"

At this time, even a fool could see through what happened between them.

I suddenly hooked his neck with my hands, stood on my tiptoes, and kissed him on his lips like a dragonfly skimming the water. Unexpectedly, he suddenly pressed my head towards him and kept this kiss going on, which was lingering and overbearing.

My heart almost jumped out of my throat. I wanted to push him away, but he increased the strength in his hands a little, with a hint of warning.

Ethan grabbed my arm and tried to pull me away from Jayden. He shouted, "Mia, you're a girl. How shameless you are!"

I shook off his hand forcefully and asked him back in a stern voice, "What's wrong with me? What right do you have to blame me?"

He was so angry and blushed. He wanted to pull me back, but Jayden suddenly grabbed his wrist with undisguised hatred deeply in his eyes. He reminded in a cold voice, "Mr. Clinton, it is your wedding today."

Suddenly Ethan noticed that all the guests were looking at us. He swung his hand, glared at me fiercely, and shouted in a low voice, "Shame on you. Get out of my way!"

When I was about to refute, Jayden suddenly bent down and picked me up. I let out a low shout and subconsciously hooked his neck.

He lowered his head with a faint smile and said to me, "Let's go. Since this home doesn't welcome you, I'll take you to my home."

His voice was very gentle. The word "go home" hit me so hard that I felt dizzy for a moment.

Ethan was so furious that he shouted, "Mia, once you step out of this house, you..."

Holding me in his arms, Jayden left directly, and the voice increasingly disappeared.

A burst of bitterness rose in my heart. This was my home, but I became an outsider.

Out of Clintons' villa, he stopped by a Buick. The black car, parking among a pile of millions of cars, looked a little... different.

Where was he taking me?

His eyes were very gentle and his voice was cold. "Don't you come down? Seemingly you are too deep in the act."