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Pregnant With My Enemies Baby

Pregnant With My Enemies Baby

Author:Anna Kendra


When Elena Thunder finds the most perfect man to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve, she thinks its fate. But little does she know that Knight Blaze isn’t as simple as he seems and that the only reason he spends the night with her is because he has something entirely different on his mind. Come morning, Knight leaves Elena feeling hurt and betrayed and with something she’d have never anticipated from a one-night stand with a stranger, a baby conceived on New Year’s Eve. But Elena isn’t weak and she doesn’t let heartbreak bring her down. She decides to raise her child without a father. But fate has other plans for her as she accidentally bumps into Blaze once more during a fashion show and this time, he’s determined to make her stay.
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  Prologue: Deal?

  Elena’s P.O.V

  “Come on, Elle! Don’t go with the boring purple dress, it looks like a bunch of lavender puked all over you!” Risa, my best friend for the past three years wrinkled her nose at the dress I currently held in front of me.

  “Why?” I frowned. “It looks cute! I like this dress.” I told her as I looked into the mirror and found nothing wrong with it, but Risa shook her head vigorously.

  “Honey that dress screams safe! I mean, look at it! High neckline, knee length and full sleeves!” Risa whined. “It’s New Year’s Eve for God’s sake! There’s no point in being safe and all saintly! Bring out the little black dress, pair it with those killer fuck me heels and we’ll be good to go!”

  I turned my gaze towards the long red devil stilettos that Risa was pointing at and winced. Those were the kind of heels that we wore on the runway, six inches and ready to kill. My feet were already sore from wearing heels all the time to fashion shows but to wear them at a bar? I shook my head instantly.

  “Nope! Not wearing them!” I told Risa straight away. “You can borrow them if you like but I’m sticking to comfort.”

  “Fine, go with the wedge.” Risa shook her head disapprovingly at me. “But I’m finding you a little black dress.”

  And so, Risa and I dug around in my closet until we came upon this really cute black dress that was made completely out of lace and had a full sleeve and hugged my figure to the T. I had to wear a black slip under the dress but once I had the dress on, I have to admit, it looked fabulous on me.

  I let my naturally wavy dark brown hair down my back and curled it further to add more bounce. I had a few natural blonde highlights in my hair that made it unique; it was why I never dyed my hair, in fear that it would ruin the natural highlights. Next up was the makeup. Risa helped me don a smoky eye and blood red lips and with a pair of black crystal danglers, I was ready to rock the party.

  Risa had chosen a shimmering green number to match her eyes and I helped her with her statement over-the-top eye makeup and red lips. She looked gorgeous with her wild curly red hair and a slight dusting of freckles on her nose. No wonder she was one of the best models in our company and an equally great friend.

  When we were both done and ready, we took a couple pictures to post on social media and then opened a bottle of wine to take a few sips while our cab arrived to take us to one of the most happening parties of Hollywood. There would be a lot of familiar faces today and lot of people who I could only ever hope to get close to. The highlight of my fashion career had been this November during a show for Louis Vuitton when I had the opportunity to escort Rita Ora on the runway. That’s as close to a high ranking celebrity that I’d ever gotten to but Risa keeps assuring me that it was only the start. After all, I’m only twenty three and have a long career ahead of me.

  “We look good, girlfriend.” Risa told me as she tucked a stray hair behind my ear. “Make sure to have fun tonight.”

  “You know I’ll have fun,” I told her as I leaned my head against hers. “It’s one of the biggest parties of Hollywood! And I’ll have you there with me.”

  “That’s not the kind of fun I’m talking about, Elle.” Risa turned me to face her. “Go ahead, live a little! It’s been three years.”

  I sighed. This has been a reoccurring conversation between us for a while now. “Risa, I will when I think I’m ready.”

  “You are ready!” Risa shook my shoulders. “You’ve just been holding back thinking that he-who-shouldn’t-be-named will change his mind and come back to you. It’s been three years, Elle, if he wanted to come, then he would’ve by now.”

  “I know, Risa, but it’s not because of him!” I shook my head. “I just haven’t found the right guy yet!”

  I had once thought that he-who-shouldn’t-be-named was the right guy for me, the one as people call it. He had been my first everything, my first crush, my first love, my first kiss…and then my first and most devastating heartbreak. It wasn’t my fault that the incident had left me a bit weary of men. But maybe Risa was right, maybe I was holding back in hopes that he’d realize his mistake and come back to me. But Risa was also right that it’s already been three years now. If he wanted to, he would be here by now. It was my time to move on.

  “Then how about this, if you find the right guy tonight,” I made a face at her but she held up her fingers to my lips. “If you find the right guy tonight, you won’t hold back, if you want to take things further.”

  “Eww, Risa! I don’t like the whole one night stand thingy.” I whined.

  “No one said it has to be for one night!” She rolled her eyes at me. “But at least get started!”

  “Alright, let’s just say that I do find some hot guy tonight who is a gentleman and the loving and caring type,” I air quoted with my fingers while mentally rolling my eyes. “Only then will I decide if I want to go ahead with this crazy theory of yours.”


  I sighed. Was I really making such a stupid deal? After that devastating breakup three years ago, my life had turned completely upside down. Even with my big brother as an example, I couldn’t help but think twice even before exchanging phone numbers with a male colleague and dates had been completely out of the question. I’d shut myself in this tiny bubble where no one could get to me and I didn’t let anyone close.

  Risa had been with me since the day I arrived at Los Angeles, and I trusted her with every breath I took, but she had a wild streak in her that I couldn’t understand sometimes. Regardless, the deal was more of a dare. She had helped me come out of my shell for good in a lot of cases and she’s helped me face so many of my problems head on. What could go wrong with this one deal?

  “Deal.” I told her, placing my hand in her outstretched one and shook on it.

  If I had only known then how my life was about to turn upside down within the next few hours, I would’ve never made the deal. I would’ve just stuck with my broken heart and waited for a man who I knew was never coming back.