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Alpha's Moon

Alpha's Moon

Author:Raina Lori


In the darkest day of the year born a boy who's luck chooses him to be the most strongest than others. Being blessed with powers thete was also something else that become his greatest curse. The anger... Anger of his wolf which is uncontrollable with passing days. He is the most charming yet most dangerous one. And the only one who is destined to be able to cure his curse was his mate. But years of trying it seems impossible to find his mate when situation is getting worse. Unexpectedly on a most tragic day a mysterious girl showed up on the door step.
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  Alpha Rushan's POV

  Its a another darkest day again. The biggest solar eclipse which happened in every 75 years. It first happened at my great great grandpa's birthday and now its here again today. The sun is already half hiding under the shadow and in few more minutes it will completely disappear making the everything dark.

  "Alpha" Someone called from behind. I turned to see one of my pack member Robin stood there. Robin is a womanin her mid 40s. She is the pack's great care taker.

  "What happened?" I asked as I sensed the worry in her voice.

  "Luna" she whispered. My body tensed in an instant.

  "What happened to my wife?" I almost growled making her shake in fear.

  "She is having pain, I think its time for our Young Alpha to come into this world" my face lit up with excitement. Janvi my mate, my wife is finally going to give birth to our prince.

  "Take utmost care of her and do everything which will be needing in process" she nodded before walking out.

  I turned around and watch the sun getting dark slowly. My son is going to come. But why today? In this darkest day of the year? Why moon goddess chose this day for him?

  I hear the door cracked and I smelled the strong smell. I know who it was so I don't have to turn back to look personally.

  "I heard Luna is in labour" Rakjim the adviser and priest of my pack said. I nodded lightly.

  "Even though I am happy today but there's so much of a confusion roaming around. I don't know why he have to born in this certain moment of the year"

  "Its not our choice Alpha. Moon goddess has already fixed everything before. Today is the most strongest and darkest day of the year. You know this is Blood Solar Eclipse so this may lead your son to something"

  I turned to him "can you use your power to predict what actually going to happen?

  He shook his head "No Alpha not yet. Young Alpha is still in his mother's womb. Until he born I can't predict anything"

  I sighed. Then suddenly the whole room become dark. There's a loud scream in the air. I panicked thinking about my wife who is in critical condition. She is having pain and I can feel it. My wolf can feel it. I felt a hand on my shoulder.

  "Keep calm Alpha you need to gain strength for your mate. Our young Alpha is not just someone but an priceless one"

  Then there's another scream. The room was filled with darkness. I turned to see the sun was dark but there's a red ring on the circling the border area. Which was something I never seen before.

  "What is it?" I asked with wonder.

  "The blood circle of the eclipse started" Rakjim replied.

  And another loud scream echoed then a cry of infant.   My heart started to race fast. Is that? My son's cry?

  Suddenly the door opened and Robin walked in bowing her head. She has blood stains on her hand and cloth.

  "Alpha, may God bless you. Red Blood Pack is blessed with a Young Alpha" that's the only thing I wanted to hear. My happiness has no boundary.

  "Congratulation Alpha" Rakjim said from behind.

  "How's my mate?" I asked curiously.

  "Luna...Luna is unconscious" that's when my all excitement went down. Unconscious? My mate?

  "How could that happen?" I growled loudly.

  "Forgive me Alpha but the Luna was suffering from an unending pain during the birth. And there is something strange with Young Alpha which lead Luna in unconscious state" her voice trembled but I did not heard as I ran towards the room where my mate is. I saw her lying on bed with pale face.

  "Alpha, when young Alpha born he was so hot which made us impossible to hold him and it affected Luna too. But she is fainted for sometimes. It will get over soon" Robin explained and I took a relief of sigh. I don't know what will I do without my mate.

  "Alpha your son" just then I saw Rakjim pointed towards the bed where a small bundle wrapped in white towel. I made my way towards it and my eyes widened with shock.

  How could this happen? Is it even possible? My son just born but his wolf is taking in control with him. This is something I never seen before. As normal werewolf to shift when they are at average age but my sun is just born few minutes ago. His dark red eyes is the mirroring the Blood eclipse. Just like its dark with red circle.

  "Alpha" I looked at Rakjim who was eying me seriously. I looked back at my son who seems to gazing at me. I took hold of him in my arms.

  The dark room started to light up again showing the eclipse is over now. And what made me surprise is the darkness of my son's eyes started to fade and replaced it with normal black eyes.

  "Rakjim what is it? I asked still looking at my son.

  "As I said Alpha Young Alpha is not some werewolf. And the Blood eclipse has made its effect on him. I can sense the strong aura he is possessing right now" I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh.

  Moon goddess has planned it already and what we have to do is accept it because we can't change it.

  3 weeks later....

  "Alpha, Luna please sit in the middle with Young Alpha" Rakjim said as he prepared the circle design in the room. All my pack member are also here to hear about my son. Janvi smiled as she sat holding our son.

  "I am curious to know what has written for our son" she said gazing at our son.

  "Me too" I replied smiling at her.

  Rakjim started his work throwing the coins on the circle then closing his eyes. He chanted some mantra before stopping it. When he opened his eyes there was a extreme seriousness.

  "What happened?" I asked to him.

  "Young Alpha is blessed with a extreme strength of power and spirit and he is also bestowed with great healing. He will be the most charming and smart among others which lead him to be a king" hearing him my heart flattered with happiness.

  "But... Due to the eclipse effect his wolf will be more stronger itself and his strength will source from his anger. The anger which will lead the fire mark on him. If he can't control it then it will destroy him to no end" I can't believe what I heard.

  "No no....Rakjim is there any cure of his anger?" Janvi asked with worry in her voice.

  "Yes Luna, the only one who can control his anger and his raging wolf is his mate. His wolf will only surrender to his mate, his other half"

  "So its not that big problem isn't it?" I asked again.

  "It is Alpha because If Young Alpha did not find his mate before he turned 25 and White moon eclipse then there is nothing that can control his wolf" I heard the gasps from background. It was a serious problem for Red Blood Pack. My son is in danger. I wonder who will be his mate who can control his wild wolf.

  "Young Alpha has a rare wolf in him. Due to the eclipse his wolf will be the one that no one has ever seen. So according to his birth circle his name will be Arnav, the priceless diamond" everyone cheered my son's name. I took my son in my arm and raised him in the air.

  "Red Blood meet your new leader, Alpha Arnav"