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Romantic Devil

Romantic Devil

Author:DL Promise


Miles Barlow, the son of a bloody legend of the largest vampires coven, a descendant from the true vampire breed, a sacred pure blood. A breed that not just suck the blood of humans, but also feast on their flesh. Mile was known as the devil himself, the king that will lead the vampires to reclaim the victory they lost to humans. Miles was a strange being, the incarnation of evil and death itself. When this evil walked into the human world to figure out their weakness, he bumped into the incarnation of goodness, the vibrant teenage beauty that bulldozed her way into his conscience. She gave him a new mission, to claim the crazy beauty for himself. But with the hatred vampires have towards humans and his original mission. Miles hated this new mission and wanted to quit so bad. The harder he tries the deeper he falls for it. Can he ever quit and focus on his primary mission? Let's find out in the book titled: "ROMANTIC DEVIL"
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Miles' POV

I aggressively ran my claws into his throat with hatred and I watched him gasp for air. Blood splashed all over me and I let out a wicked smile. I sank into his chest, and aggressively ripped out his heart and drank every last drop of blood: he was human, he was my enemy. I gulped a mouthful of air and my eyes traipsed up to the dark sky. The atmosphere went dark and lightening sprinted round the sky. A notorious sound filled the world and I sighed picking a step. My fangs grew out sharply and I yelled out fire. The curiosity to travel over to the humans world and figure out their weakness filled my soul, and I staggered into my room. Flame of fires burned dimly in the dark room and I sighed, collecting a cup of blood. Slowly, I gulped all and threw the cup away.

"Jeez, I can't believe I would be leaving to the humans world tomorrow," I sighed and sat on the bed slowly.

"Miles!" David called walking into my room. OK, why's he here? I hate his guts.

"What!?" I yelled out and he winced.

"It's obvious you're the devil. But, that shouldn't fool you into disregarding me, your older brother," He said and sat next to me.

"OK, why are you here?" I asked feigning a calm voice.

"You would be leaving for the humans world tomorrow--"

"That, I know already. Why telling me?" Interjected and he rolled his eyes.

"Shout up and listen to me, kid," David yelled out angrily and my Iris changed reddish. I scowled at him repeatedly.

"Don't let me bite you. " I warned.

"Of course, I have fangs too," he smiled and I watched his inner fangs grew out evilly.

"Get out!" I ordered practically getting offended.

"I would leave when I am done." he uttered sarcastically making me puffed in rage.

"I've been trying so hard not to harm you, don't abuse my kindness," I fummed and he chuckled.

"You don't worth fighting for the coven. So, tell me what can you do?" He blurted with his gaze fixed on mine.

"Never push the devil, He has no emotions," I let out and sighed.

"Don't be a fool, my kid brother," he smirked. Gosh, I hate it when he addresses me as his ''kid brother" Fuck, who does that?

"Ouch," I groans out in frustration.

"Talk about the throne, you think someday you will be crowned as the king, huh?" He asked with a scornful smiled.

"Such a silly dream if that's your expectations," he grinned.

"Hopefully you are smart enough to know silly dreams are never meant to be." He laughed and I stared at him.

"I can't be too mean to conceal the truth from my kid- brother, you know," he added, making so much effort on the "kid" thing as he spoke. I hissed out and he winked. Very annoying, right?

"There's no way you're having that throne!"

"Not when I am the oldest son."

"You don't need a soothsayer to explain things to you,"

"You Will have me to contend with if you think otherwise." He cursed and sprang to his feet. I gnashed my fangs against each other as he took the door.

"Don't dare me!" He added and with that he was gone.

Some creatures were just birthed to ruin one's happiness. Why's he fund of getting on my nerves, like why can't he accept defeat and move on? He can't have the throne because it is rightfully mine, It is my bloody inheritance, and none creatures can thwart me of it. Yes, not a weakling like him. It's funny, he thinks otherwise.

So pathetic, right?

Slowly, I sighed and relaxed on the bed after running my fingers through my hair. I love doing that, you know.

David's POV

I am the furious fire that burned amidst a running sea. No way I would let Miles have the throne. He can't have the throne. Yes, not when I am the oldest son of our father, the king.

I leaned on the wall as I sat back in my cave with unthinkable thought running through my head. I need to act quick before it'd be too late, I can't allow him achieve the covener's dreams by fetching out humans weakness. I need to get rid of him before it is too late. Yes, I need to act real quick. I can lose anything else but certainly not the throne.

A blissful smile crept across my cheeks and I sighed allowing millions of thought ran through my mind freely. I'm going to fight with no quitting spirit until I hold the throne to myself.


? Kira's POV?

I stood smiling at the monster having three heads and he smiled back at me warmly. Flame burned in his eyes and I inched closer. "He's so cute," His dark thick arm pulled me into a tight hug and I hugged him back with no resistance. I should be scared, but funny enough I was getting excited. My heart melted within my chest as he carried me in his arm like I weighed nothing. I giggled out loud as he tickled my hips and his different heads beamed in a sweet smile. Obviously his excitement could not be hidden.

"Arrrrg!" We heard aggressive roars behind us and we turned in a jerk move. I sighed out in awe, fully scared as he dropped me off his arm gently. My eyes glued to the strange creatures charging towards us. A beast, looking all dangerous and its eyes were large as the moon. Two sharp horns were planted on its head and flame of dark brown fire burned steadily in its eyes, its paws left deep marks on the ground as it charged towards us. I felt my heart flipped against my chest and I winced in fear. My gaze roamed over to the friendly monster and there it was smiling at the deathly beast approaching angrily.

"Arrrrrrrrrhhhhhh!" A deathly roars filled the atmosphere and everywhere went dark. The air became heavy and I struggled to catch my breath. I narrowed my eyes sideways as the wild creatures charged into each other fiercely. My knees grew weak and I lost my balance hitting hard on my butt. "Ouch," I groaned allowing my ass to sink into the hard ground. The monster gasped and fire shots outta his three mouths. He spun, kicked the beast with his tail sending the beast to the ground. "Roar," The beast yelled out fire and everywhere became reddish. Its roar filled my ears and I screamed covering my ears with my palms. The beast vanished into the thin air. "Gosh, that was scary." I sighed and sprang to my feet.

"Nooo!!!" I screamed out loud. Tears lashed out of my eyes as I watched the beast stabbed its horns into the monster's chest.


How's that's possible? I thought it just disappeared?

Aggressively the beast kicked the monster and he gasped and coughed out blood all over his heads. The monster groaned for his life and struggled to break free but was tamed down until his life went off.

"Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh!!" The beast roared and I tried to run but my knees were too weak to carry me. I struggled but ended up falling to my face with fearful eyes, I watched the beast charged towards me.

"God!!!" I screamed and my eyes flung opened. My heart hurts as I sat up at once.

Stupid nightmare!!

Swiftly, I did the sign of the cross and my eyes scanned around my room. I gasped and screamed out loud when I sighted pool of blood under my dressing table. My heart skipped and I adjusted to the edge of my bed, feeling hunted.

"Noo!!" I screamed out when the light went off and scary sounds of a rushing wind filled my room. My heart grew heavier and I froze. What the heck, is going on? Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of a dark creature walking outta the wall with fire burning in its eyes. Its head was literally touching the ceiling and flame of fire flashed all over its dark garment.

"Nooooo!!" I screamed when I felt it's grips.