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Lie To Me Alpha

Lie To Me Alpha



"There was no need to utter the word rejection as you not loving and wanting me was enough to know I'm being rejected as your mate" Adassah Rumanoff was just turned eighteen when she finally met him. The one the moon goddess made for her alone but already in love with another. As words of a song echo, "what do you get when you fall in love? You only get lies and pain and sorrow." The last book of our ‘Rejection’ series. Love Xox Nica
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_ Prologue

“I always love the way you lie to me, Alpha.”

He lied... He lied to me when I left for college, and all his promises to be a better mate were nothing but lies.

There he was, dancing with her, looking at her with love while our packs and the leaders of different packs watched with pride and awe at the beautifully matched couple.

The pack’s thunderous claps and howls of approval when he proclaimed her as his mate echoed through the halls of the mansion and out through the windows. Her, not me.

Finally, he’s going to mate with the one he loves but not the one he was promised to.

His gaze met mine as a lone teardrop escaped the corner of my eye. His own widened as he just realized his divinely ordained mate was present for this travesty and I had been watching all along.

I couldn’t endure another second of this hell as I forced myself to smile at him before I stood up and ran out of the hall in agony. My wolf’s defenses were down. She was curled up and whimpering, but there was nothing I could do to numb the pain. Not this time.


I heard him call my name as sure as my heels clicked on the marble floor, but I couldn’t stop.

“Adassah,” he yelled, but I only quickened my steps.

“Adassah, stop!”

Too late. A forceful, substantial mass crashed into me and my body flew up in the air. It threw me backward and I hit the cement wall hard. The back of my head smacked the corner of a mount that held a giant brass wolf and blood ran down from my scalp into my eyes.

Within minutes, I heard the sirens of incoming emergency medical services and watched through my red-hazed vision as a stream of people came out of the mansion, shifting into their wolfen form. He was far ahead of them, calling my name as he ran toward me.

Darkness threatened to take us and my wolf begged for salvation. As I let go and ceded to unconsciousness, all I could remember was that I'm gone forever with nothing but lies of the Alpha. 

"Lie To Me Alpha"


I would like to Thank you to all of my lovely readers for your continuous support. I hope you enjoy reading the last of our rejection series. Please feel free to comment. However, keep in mind that there is a thin line between critique and criticism. Therefore, I do not tolerate bullying, mean comments or bashing here. The author needs constructive feedback for development. If you read and find it not in your taste then kindly exit from here.

Thanking you in advance

Love XOX Nica.