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Rebirth: Take Everything Back

Rebirth: Take Everything Back



Davina Scott was a spoiled rich girl and always believed that her choices were the best. Till her boyfriend murdered her. Before that, she believed her boyfriend was her chosen Mr. Right, and she tried every way to woo him. What she did not know was that her bf was playing hard to get, and in the meantime, he coveted her assets and her rich family. Because of her irrational choice, her family sacrificed everything to wake her up. And eventually she sacrificed her own life. Now she was reborn. She was no longer the spoiled girl, and she determined to make her vicious bf pay! Meanwhile, she finally returned to her Mr. Right...
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"This idiot Davina, does she really think you love her? Ha! Ridiculous!"

Fire swallowed the abandoned warehouse, where Davina Scott was tied.

She had to bear the agony by fire while listening the cruel and piercing truth revealed by Emily Scott and Clarence Hall outside.

"Humph! After she dies, Philip has to treat me as the only daughter of the Scott family even if I am not biological! Davina you bitch! Go to hell!"

Davina collapsed on the ground, looking despairingly toward the door, tears of sorrow welling up in her eyes.

She once thought her cousin, Emily, was sincere to her and that Clarence finally fell in love with her. She didn't expect that both of them would secretly murder her!

"Leonardo must be looking for her now. What a romantic eccentric!" Davina heard Clarence sneering when she was in a daze.

Emily also sneered, "Leonardo's mad. How can he still treat Davina, that bitch, with deep love even after she broke his legs?"

"Tsk, tsk! I'm even touched by his faithfulness and loyalty. It's a pity that Davina only focuses all her attention on you, darling," she continued.

"If she is smart, do you think we can kill her?"

"Ah! That's true. Haha!"

Their disgusting sounds gradually decreased, while Davina gradually became unconscious...


Someone was forcefully bumping the door!!!

"Davina! Davina! Don't be afraid! I'm here!"

Davina struggled to open her eyes. She was trembling with shock when she looked at the door that was swallowed by the raging flames.

It's Leonardo Cosby!

He hadn't given up on her!...

"Why do you still love me after I make your life miserable...?" she thought before sank into darkness, tears trickling down her cheeks.

"If I can travel back to that year, let me atone my sins..."


Davina opened her eyes abruptly, breathing hard and quickly with beads of sweat covering her forehead.

Derrick Scott looked at her with surprise and worry. "Davina, are you awake? How are you feeling?"

The familiar yet strange voice stunned Davina for a long time.

She looked at the man in front of her. She was in a daze for a long time before she asked in disbelief, "Derrick?"

What was going on? Was here heaven?

Derrick Scott was her biological elder brother. In her memory, he was sentenced to death three years ago because of taking drugs and leaking the confidential documents.

Davina covered her head, which was about to explode because of the overwhelming information.

"Davina, what's going on?"

Derrick held Davina's shoulder worriedly. "Are you feeling well? I'll call a doctor."

When she felt the warmth from Derrick's palm, only she realized she wasn't dreaming.

Derrick was still alive!

Instantly, tears welled up in her eyes as she hugged Derrick tightly. "Derrick!"

She was reborn!

She was back to the time when neither her brother nor father had yet encountered any accidents!

So, did it mean that nothing happened to Leonardo as well?

Thinking of this, Davina excitedly raised her head. "Derrick, where is Leonardo?!"

At the thought of Leonardo, Davina felt as if her heart was about to be torn apart.

In her previous existence, she made too many mistakes. Now that she vowed to make up for them. She would never let the tragedy repeat!

Hearing Leonardo's name, Derrick frowned. "Davina, you can't push Leonardo down the stairs even if you don't want to get engaged with him! You..."

Before Derrick could finish his sentence, Davina stumbled out of the room.