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Author:Eros Zoe


‘Three months Leonardo Giovanni Legend, you have an ultimatum of three months to present a wife, or else you lose everything’ Grandpa Alexandra ranted at him that morning. ‘You want me to get a wife? No problem, you’ll have my marriage certificate one month from now’ he said with a confidence that surprised even him. 'Don't think you can be tricky about this, you are my only heir and you've been reckless, if you don't get married in a month, I will donate all your inheritance to charity. And don't think you can get divorced immediately after marriage, for each year you stay married, you get half of your inheritance, so you will have to be married for not less than three years without divorce to be able to get all your inheritance, the last part of the inheritance will come when you have a legitimate child from the marriage.' Meet Leonardo Giovanni a Full time playboy, trap between love and inheritance. How was he going to get a wife in 30 days? Even though he got married within 30 days, Do you think he can find true love? What happened when a complicated Contract marriage become the sweetest love story ever? Grap your popcorn now and let’s go on a mission to watch the Romantic and emotional moment that’s about to be unraveled in this amazing story.
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Leonardo Giovanni Legend took off his tie and dumped it on the seat beside him.

Work has been crazy, but the only reason why he often looked forward to the day, was the close of work.

He loved his nights.

Stepping out of his red latest Lexus model, 2021 Lexus LX, he walked in splendor into his favorite bar.

'Good evening Mr. Leonardo, welcome' his regular bar attendant smiled at him

'My Regular' he said watching her ass swing as she turned to get him is glass.

He took a special liking for this bar, maybe because of the women her, or the way Alisha prepared his drink for him.

Every day he stepped into the bar, he left with a skinny model looking like woman to please him for the night, but one thing was sure, he never fucked one woman twice.

'Seen a woman for the night?' Alisha asked as she gave him his drink. 'Not yet, the bar isn't busy today' he said and sipped from his drink.

'Good thing I'm not your spec, I would have been worried that I was the option for the night' she smiled and went to attend to another customer. He shook his head and looked around, tonight he wanted a Blondie.

Alisha was right, she was not his spec, he loved to make out with the skinny model looking women, Alisha on the other hand had flesh, a set of round breasts, and a good set of ass. She was always on jeans and the customized bar shirt.

The only part of her body he had seen was her hands and face, not even her cleavages or her thighs. However, he had pictured what she looked like underneath the shirt and jeans.

'Want a refill? Looks like you will be spending a long time hunting your woman tonight' Alisha said returning to him. He handed her the glass and she went to get his drink.

'I know a woman that you could make love to tonight' she said as she returned with his drink.

'I don't make love to them, I fuck them, making love is for two people who are in love, what I do is purely pleasure baby'

'Don't call me baby, if you are interested let me know'

'Show me, you know my spec'

'Look over your shoulder to the right, you see that woman on red and hot legs? She's new here'

Leonardo looked towards the direction Alisha described, 'perfect' he mouthed as he looked at her, and she was what he wanted to fuck tonight. A skinny woman with long legs and blonde-hair.

He signaled her and she came over to him. He never went to the women, they came to him. Why not? He was cute, proud, and powerful and smelt of money, good money.

In grandpa's terms, he was acting like a child for a twenty eight year old man; he was rude, grumpy, reckless, and irresponsible.

He pushed the thoughts of his grandpa's nagging and focused on the woman approaching him.

She sat beside him, giving him seductive glances. 'I will have what he is drinking' she said to Alisha.

'Hi handsome' she smiled with her red-hot painted lips. He pulled in closer and whispered into her ear.

He paid for his drinks and hers, with a large tip for Alisha and stepped out of the bar. The woman finished her drink and headed out of the bar too.

She spotted Leonardo standing beside his red Lexus and she cat walked towards him, he laughed at her as she walked towards him in heels that looked like she was going to fall to the ground anytime soon.

Pointed at the door of the car, and she entered as he drove to his apartment few blocks from here.

The apartment that was bought for this sole purpose.

He parked the car and led her towards the elevator. As he spanked her ass, the elevator door came open and Mrs Jones, his old widowed neighbor came out the elevator giving him the usual 'irresponsible son of a gun look.'

Leonardo smiled at her, giving her an innocent look, 'Good evening Mrs Jones' He was not a nice guy who went around greeting people, but she did remind him of his lovely nana.

He and his companion for the night entered the elevator and went to his room.

He opened the door for her to go in, the moment they were in, and he closed the door behind him and pressed her behind to the door.

His lips crashed on hers, clothes flying everywhere, mouth on every part of their bodies, hands trespassing with consent.

Lust burnt in him and drove him to get satisfaction for the night from this woman, while the huge sum she was going to receive made her yield herself to this man, to be a tool for his satisfaction.

He pushed her on the couch, making her back bounce. He climbed on her, lips crashing into hers.

Mouth on her ears, tongue teasing her ear lobe. He took his mouth to her throat, kissing and teasing her, as she let out moans for him.

He trailed his lips over her lean body, making her drive her fingers into his hair, He slid his fingers to check if she was ready for him, she was not as wet as he wanted. He took his moth to her small breasts and teased her nipples. He bit her slightly there and found that it aroused her some more.

He pinched the other nipple and ran his fingers around her thigh. She moaned in response to his touch. Her moans were hint for him to continue what he was doing. After playing with her body some more. He left her to take off the remaining piece of clothing on him.

He found his wallet from the pocket of the pants he had taken off and pulled out a condom. He handed it to her so she could put it on him.

She ignored him and took his erected member into her mouth. He let out a hoarse sound and growled as she took him down her throat.

The amazing thing about skinny women was that they liked large things. She slid his large hard fat, thick, and veiny penis in and out of her mouth.

He pulled at her hair, increasing the pace and intensity at which she fucked her moth with his dick.

He pulled out before he came into the mouth of this woman that he did not even know her name.

She took the condom from the ground that had dropped from his hand while she gave him a blowjob. She tore the wrapper and wore the warm latex on his large member.

She lay on the floor, and he spread out her legs, giving him full entrance to her.

He lowered over her and slid his large shaft into her wet hole. She screamed as he slid into her, soon the screams were replaced with moan as he filled her. Sliding in and out of her in calculated strokes.

She dug her nails into his skin as he fucked her as if his life depended on it. She climaxed underneath him, and as she shivered from her release, he found his own release and filled the condom with his release.

He eased himself out of her and went to take care of the condom.

When he returned, she had her small ass in the hair, and an unused condom at the tip of her mouth, She seductively used her finger to signal him to come closer. As he approached her, she ran her hand over his semi hard dick.

She dropped the condom on the table beside her and planted wet kissed on his chest. She used her tongues to pay with his nipples.

Fingering his hair, she pushed his head down towards her face and kissed him. She was good at kissing. Her kisses and touch aroused him, making his dick erect again.

He teased her too; making sure their hunger was equal. She moaned into his mouth, pulling herself closer to him.

He turned her over and set her at the edge of the couch. Her hands resting on it, and her ass in the air.

He took the condom from the table and ripped it open. Wearing it on his large frame, he held her ass in position and slid into her in one hard thrust.

Her knees became feeble instantly. He held unto her hips firmly, and stroked her.

Pumping his dick into her wetness, he rode her fast and hard, having no mercy on the skinny figure underneath him.

Her moan filled the apartment as she rode her into his own satisfaction. He increased his pace, letting go of her hips; he held on to her breast and squeezed them, while still pumping into her from behind.

Her blood was hot, her knees were weak, her climax was building up with great speed, and lust burnt within her. Not all of her customers gave her this kind of satisfaction. They only cared about their needs, she hardly even came when she was having sex.

But this man driving her clit on fire, had made her hit orgasm over and over, he had discovered just how to make her supper wet in barely an hour of their arrival. She was looking forward to having him again after tonight, so she made it a goal to please him more than she would have ordinarily done.

She pressed her kegs together so her muscles could tighten him up inside her. He let out a growl, as her muscle walls wrapped his erected member inside her.

In rough and wild strokes, he fucked her until she was screaming for her release. They both found release and she poured her juice over the condom, while he filled the condom with his creamy cum.

She sat on the floor of his apartment to catch her breath, while he went off to dispose the condom.

By the time, he returned she was still spread out on the floor.

He took out some money from his wallet and threw it on her. 'Your job here is done, dress up, leave, and don't think about returning here any day' he said while wearing his boxer to cover up his naked dick.

He was familiar with that line on his lips every time he was done with a woman. The skinny blonde-haired woman, got up and dressed quickly, picking up her money, heels in her hands, her pride disposed with the condom, and left his apartment.

Leonardo went in and took his shower, after which he settled down with his Mac book to finalize his presentation for a meeting he had the next morning.

He shut down his PC, satisfied with the work he had done, he was about to sink into bed when his phone rang.

'Does this man ever sleep?' he asked himself as he saw the caller's ID

'Grandpa Alexandra' he said in a voice that could convince his old man that he was sleeping and would love to be undisturbed.

'Don't give me that 'I am sleeping' tone young man, I am very sure you just finished having fun with a woman'

'Come on Grandpa, I worked so hard in the office all day, I needed some sort of stress relief' he said wondering how his grandpa had known .

'Whatever, I will be in the meeting tomorrow morning, make sure it is good' his grandpa said and disconnected the call.

Not that Leonardo doubted his own abilities, but for grandpa to join in a meeting, it must be a very serious business.

Therefore, instead of going right to sleep, he picked up his Mac book again and went through the presentation to be sure it was perfect.

Satisfied with what he had done and the few changes he had made, he finally went to sleep.