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His Legal Wife

His Legal Wife

Author:Belleza J.


Jessica Allen, a poor orphan girl whose parents had died in a ghastly motor accident, grew up without her parents and this was really hard for her, until she met Mrs Taylor. Mrs Taylor decided to hire Jessica as a maid for her son, Noah, for the sole purpose of seducing him. Her son is in love with the daughter of the family's worst enemy and the only way she can stop him from his madness is to hook him up in marriage with another lady, even if it means going against his will. Jessica finally succeeded in seducing him and in the process, she fell madly in love with him, only to find out that he hated the very thought of them being together and promised to make her life a misery no matter how much love she showed him. He finally hands her divorce papers and forced her to sign them after he was satisfied with making her suffer enough in his hands. But what happens when Jessica was at the verge of giving up on life, and Noah's best friend, Nathan starts showing interest in her? Taking her on dates while the divorce papers were still in the process! After the divorce papers were signed, Noah found out how much he had truly fallen for Jessica and how he wants her back. It became a thug of war between the two best friends, Nathan and Noah. What happens next?
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She sat in her room dreading to step outside. He was still at home and she couldn’t risk having a clash with him right now.

She got off the bed and went to the bathroom for a quick shower, when she was done; she wore joggers and a T-Shirt. Sitting beside the mirror, she sighed at how miserable her life has been for the past few years. Oh well, it has always been miserable and sad. She let out a sigh leaving the table to sit on her bed.

A knock sounded on her door and she knew it must be him. What does he want with her now? She wasn’t feeling too well for a quarrel this morning. The knock came yet again, though harsher than the first one and she stood slowly walking to the door and unbolted it.

"What took you so long?" he barked harshly 

“I am sorry, I was feeling a little tired” she replied lowly

“Tired? How can you be tired? You barely do anything in this house, just eat and lazy about claiming to be pregnant!” he said harshly but she ignored him entirely. It wasn’t the first time he was saying words like this so why bother?

“I am talking to you lady, and you should do well to answer me!” he snapped at her.

“Please, I beg you, I am not feeling too well for an early morning exchange of words,” she said simply sitting on her bed tiredly.

“And who says I am here for an exchange of words? Mind you, lady, you shouldn’t be tired yet.”

“Please Noah, please for God’s sake let me be,” she pleaded.

“Let you be? And why should I let you be?” he scoffed “you are my wife remember? You wanted to be my wife by all means even by going dirty, ruining my whole life in the process, you b*tch!” he said as he strode to her.

“You wanted this Jessica, so don’t complain. Now get the hell out of that bed and come make me breakfast!” he thundered.

“Please Noah, I am sorry for everything, just stop making my life a misery and I promise to do anything you want” she pleaded with him forcing back the tears that were threatening to fall.

He stared at her with all the hate he could muster before saying icily "The only thing you should do is to get out of my house and my life! But you have refused to do that, so we both are going to be miserable. Now get up and make me breakfast!”

 “Please, I don’t feel too well.”

“And how is that my business? I am hungry and I need food,” he retorted.

“Debby can make breakfast for you today.”

“Debby is not my wife.”

“Please, just for today, I feel dizzy.”

“You are always feeling dizzy, using your pregnancy as an excuse, all the time. I wouldn’t want to get angry at you, so get up and make me breakfast!” He yelled at her. 

She knew it was pointless to plead with him at this moment so she stood up from the bed.

“What would you like?” she asked.

“Anything simple and fast will do. My breakfast should be ready in 10 minutes at the most,” he said before striding off, slamming the door with force, making her flinch in fear.


She served him his meal consisting of Hamburger and fresh milkshakes which she was able to make with the help of the maid, Debby.

Though all through the cooking she felt dizzy and tired and Debby couldn’t help but hate her master the more. He always seemed to be maltreating his wife whom she thinks is kind and a nice person, not that spoilt brat of a girlfriend he sometimes brought home.

“Thanks, Debby, please can you serve me my meal upstairs? I feel really tired,” Jessica said to her nicely after she had served Noah.

“Yes Ma, you can go upstairs, you truly look sick,” Debby answered with concern.

“Don’t worry Debby I am fine, just get me my food, and make sure you take yours as well,” she urged.

“Ok Ma,” Debby replied going to the kitchen. 

Jessica tried to climb the stairs when Noah’s voice stopped her.

“And where the hell do you think you are going to?” He asked.

“To my room,” she replied without looking at him.

“To do what exactly?” he asked yet again.

“Noah please, not today” she pleaded, knowing he was trying to frustrate her.

“Did I do anything wrong by asking you questions?” he mocked.

“No, but please I need some rest. My whole body is aching” she replied with a tired voice.

“Did your parents not teach you that when you serve your husband his meal you should sit and watch him eat?” he snapped but she didn’t say a word, giving him the chance to taunt her more “oh, how could I forget the fact that they are dead?” 

A tear slid down her eyes; why had she made the mistake of falling in love with this man and even got married to him?

“Please Noah, leave my parents out of this,” she begged.

“Why? Why should I? They should have given you a good upbringing before they died and because they didn’t you turned out to be a hoe, a gold digger, and a shameless young woman!” he mocked, enjoying the tears that slipped out of her eyes. 

What he said made her sad and angry, and with the little strength she could muster, she snapped angrily at him damning the consequence.

“I know I did wrong by forcing you into this marriage, I might surely take all the insults to pour at me but I beg you in the name of whatever you hold dear to your heart, keep my parents out of your damn lips!”

His eyes darkened and he chuckled “I guess you are becoming braver and you should know I will surely punish you for that..., Debby! Debby!!”

“Yes sir,” Debby answered coming out of the kitchen where she had been eavesdropping on them, feeling sorry for her mistress.

“What took you so long to answer my call?”

“I am sorry sir I was busy making my mistress' meal,” she replied grumpily.

“The next time you waste my time doing such irrelevant nonsense, I will make sure to fire you! Do you understand?”

“Yes sir”

“Good! Now I want you to take the day off, your mistress will be in charge for today,” Noah said, with steel in his voice, staring directly at Jessica who had leaned on the stair rails as she turned in shock to stare at him.

“But master, my Mistress is not feeling quite well and I don’t feel like taking the day off,” Debby replied, trying so hard to hide the anger in her voice because she doesn't want to get in the bad side of her cruel mater's books.

“Get your things and leave right now!” he ordered angrily.

“But master...”

“Do as I say or you stand to lose your job and your sanity!”

Debby looked torn between disobeying her master and losing her job as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Debby, go and don’t worry about me,” Jessica said to her, though crying bitterly in her heart wondering where she had gone wrong in life.

Debby stared at her with apology and sympathy before picking her handbag and walked out leaving her and the beast she called a husband.

Noah left for the office after making sure he gave Jessica enough house chores to keep her busy for the rest of the day. How he hated the sight of her, she always irritated him and he couldn’t bear the fact that everyone knows she is his wife.


“Hey man,” his friend and co-worker Nathan greeted as he walked up to Noah and they shook hands warmly.

“Where have you been?” Noah asked.

“I have been around,” Nathan's reply was evasive and Noah stared at him suspiciously.

“What? Why the creepy stares?” Nathan asked.

“Nothing, just still surprised that you traveled without informing me.” 

“It was urgent.” 

“So urgent you couldn’t come for my f*cking marriage?” Noah scoffed.

“I am so sorry Noah; don’t get all angry at me. You weren’t even happy about the wedding,” Nathan fired.

“Yea, damn right man... it’s complicated.”

“It’s not, you are just being annoying. How is she anyway?”

“Well I don’t know, and I certainly don’t care. I just hate the sight of her,” he said with so much hatred.

“Damn you, Noah! That girl is a rare gem. Why are you treating her badly?” Nathan asked looking upset. 

“It’s all her fault, she asked for it.”

“Come on man but you are married to her and she is pregnant for you.” 

“Nobody asked her to be a whore!” he snapped. 

“Gosh, Noah! You are so unforgiving, this lady in question truly loves you and you know that!”

“And I don’t love her, I only love Whitney.”

“That spoilt brat?” Nathan hissed.

“Don’t call her that,” Noah snapped.

“Why? You know what I am saying is the truth, Whitney might not be a gold digger but she is certainly a slut” Nathan retorted without mincing words, earning a deadly glare from Noah.

“You know what? I won’t stand here listening to the rubbish you are saying” Noah said walking off to his office and Ignoring the greetings of his secretary as he slammed his door shut.

Nathan stood for a while wondering why Noah hated Jessica so much. Jessica was a beautiful and kindhearted lady with all the qualities a man would desire in a wife.