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Mr. CEO, Your Wife Shocks the World

Mr. CEO, Your Wife Shocks the World



"I will marry you. Wait for me!" Mabel woke up. She had that dream again. In her dream, a man said he would marry her. Just a dream. Five years ago, she was set up by her stepsister and became pregnant out of wedlock. She lost everything, including her baby. Five years later, she was forced to marry her stepsister's fiance, Jayden, who was sick and going to pass away. Having no choice, Mabel decided to marry Jayden, not expecting that Jayden was the man...
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"Mabel Baldwin! You have no shame. How could you possibly get pregnant before marriage? Tell me, who is the father?"

"She has given birth! Oh my goodness. The baby didn't make it!"

In the psychiatric hospital, a young woman lay in bed, her delicate features standing out against her pale complexion. She frowned, looking troubled, as if she had fallen into a never-ending nightmare.


The voice from her dreams, haunting her for years, echoed in her mind once again.

"Good girl, give it to me. I'll marry you..."


Mabel suddenly jolted awake, her thoughts in disarray.

It was just another nightmare.

But maybe it wasn't just a nightmare. What happened in her dream felt all too real. She had been plagued by the same dream for five long years.

Mabel got out of bed and walked over to the window, gazing out at the clear blue sky. There was a hint of resentment in her eyes.

Five years ago, her own sister, Camila Baldwin, had framed her and stole her innocence by a stranger.

A month later, she discovered she was pregnant. Eight months later, she gave birth to a stillborn child.

At the time, Mabel's father was at the height of his career and couldn't tolerate her actions.

As a result, Mabel's mother and Camila took advantage of her weakened state after giving birth. They manipulated the situation and sent Mabel to a psychiatric hospital.

They also took away all of Mabel's shares in the family business.

Mabel squinted her eyes as she observed the luxury car parked at the hospital gate. A glimmer of determination flashed in her gaze.

The car had come to pick her up.

"Miss Baldwin."

Someone knocked on the door. "We're here to take you home."

Mabel scoffed, her eyes filled with icy resolve. The Baldwin family had sent someone to pick her up because they wanted her to take Camila's place as the bride.

The Baldwin family had orchestrated a marriage alliance to expand their business. Mabel was about to marry Jayden Griffiths, the second son of the prestigious Griffiths family.

However, rumors circulated that Jayden had always been frail and sickly. He was also disabled. It was said that he had a maximum of 28 years to live from the day he was born.

Camila was the apple of the Baldwin family's eye, so they were hesitant to marry her off only to have her become a widow. That's when they remembered the daughter they had abandoned in the psychiatric hospital.

Mabel turned around and walked out of the room with indifference.

She knew it was finally time to get her revenge on the Baldwin family.

She vowed to make those who had betrayed her, hurt her, and owed her pay for their actions.

Five years had passed, and the city had thrived even more.

The Baldwin family's mansion appeared more worn down than it had five years ago.

Mabel's feelings towards the Baldwin family had dwindled to nothing more than a shared surname.

As soon as Mabel stepped into the mansion, she spotted Victoria Fletcher and Camila sitting on the sofa from a distance. Victoria was peeling grapes for Camila lovingly.

"Camila, you're truly cunning."

Victoria smiled and said, "If you hadn't suggested marrying off Mabel, I would have felt so sorry for you."

"Mom!" Camila hugged Victoria's arm, acting like a spoiled child. "Don't say that about Mabel. I only proposed the idea. She might not agree!"

"She is not allowed to refuse!" Victoria angrily threw the grapes onto the table. Just the thought of Mabel made her furious.

"That shameless woman is a disgrace to the Baldwin family. Not only did she get pregnant by an unknown man, but she also had a stillborn baby! It's a miracle that anyone is willing to marry her, let alone her future in-laws being such an esteemed family in the city. She has no say in the matter."

Sam Baldwin set down his newspaper and said, "Your mother is right. That ungrateful daughter has brought enough shame upon me! It's a privilege that she can still get married. How dare she be picky!"

"Dad, but..."

"Camila!" Victoria frowned and looked at her daughter. "You're too kind. Have you forgotten how she slandered you five years ago?"

Camila took a deep breath. "Mom, don't worry. Lewis and I won't be like Mabel. We'll do everything we can to make you proud."

Only then did Sam and Victoria smile with satisfaction.

Camila and Lewis Baldwin were their pride and joy. Especially Lewis, the young and promising heir. Two years ago, the Baldwin Group faced a financial crisis. It was Lewis who navigated them through the hardships with his brilliant business ideas.

Under Lewis' leadership, the Baldwin Group had flourished over the past two years.

Having such an exceptional son was the Baldwin family's everlasting source of pride.

Mabel stood at the doorway, her eyes filled with cold determination as she watched the scene unfold. With a smile, she interrupted, "What makes you think I don't have the right to refuse?"

All three individuals in the room were stunned into silence.

Victoria was the first to react. She glared at Mabel with rage and said, "Shouldn't you be heading to the Griffiths family? What are you doing here?"

Mabel casually strolled forward and took a seat on the sofa across from them.

"I'm here to reclaim what's rightfully mine."

A loud thud echoed as Lewis slammed his palm on the table. "You still have the audacity to talk about your shares! Your disgraceful actions caused the Baldwin Group's stock prices to plummet. We were on the verge of bankruptcy, and yet you have the nerve to bring this up!"

Mabel nonchalantly crossed her legs, a cold smile playing on her lips. "You're not willing to give them back? Well, then there's no need to discuss the marriage either."

"You--" Sam seethed with anger, his body trembling violently. He raised his hand, ready to strike Mabel.

"Go ahead, hit me." Mabel sneered. "Slap me and get ready to marry off your beloved Camila!"