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Alpha's Regret: Come Back To Me, Luna

Alpha's Regret: Come Back To Me, Luna



Mirah, an ordinary waitress and an omega werewolf, becomes Luna by chance. She has a perfect marriage, husband and a child right after the one year of marriage. But she looses her child when he is two years, leading her to loose the affection of husband, and then now she was at the verge of loosing her Luna power but she didn't due to her husband's interference. He promises that he would have a heir in a year to their elders. When Meira thinks, she will go back to her once perfect life again, life gives a hard slap to her in the name of contract. That contract mentions that Meirah is fine with Lucian being in bigamy with his fated mate, who left him to save her skin. What will Meirah do? Will she agree? Or wouldn't? Can she fight the bond between Her husband, Lucian's and his fated mate's bond and save her marriage? Will she be able to give a heir to her pack in an year? Join the journey of Meirah Ylva and Lucian Rudolph to know more.
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"Meirah Rudolph, Whether you agree or not, you have to sign this agreement, allowing me to have another woman in my life! In return, You will be Luna, as usual. I will bring my true mate back to me again. It's like we married out of love." her husband, Lucian Rudolph, said coldly.

Meirah sat there lifelessly as she heard his words. His every word was akin to a painful stab in her chest.

She didn't expect Camila to appear again between her and Lucian. His precious first love left him three years ago because of her career. But he still ran to her desperately when she came back.

Even at the expense of her dignity.

Weren't they fine just a few minutes ago?

Didn't he promise the Council to have children with her?

Then why is he bringing another woman into their lives now?

What did she do to deserve this?

*** A Few Minutes ago***

As the thick silence blanketed the meeting room, the pack's Luna, Meirah Rudolph, Wife of Alpha Lucian Rudolph, sat opposite the dozen Werewolf elders waiting for her ultimatum.

They all let her off in the previous meetings. But not anymore. After all, they were already dissatisfied with her being an Omega who couldn't match the power of an Alpha werewolf.

In their opinion, she wasn't the least bit suited to this position. But most importantly, she failed to produce an heir for the Pack.

Although she did a lot for the Pack, since she didn't give birth to a child, everything else was denied.

She looked at the dignified face of the council, and although she was angry and unwilling, there was nothing she could do about it.

"Is this fair to us? Meirah?! A bunch of old fogeys, like some uncivilized fools, easily use fertility to deny the value of the luna!" Her wolf, Zoya, roared in her mind.

She agrees with Zoya, but nothing will help in the upcoming trial. But she will still defend herself; she can't bear to leave her husband, Alpha Lucian.

"Good Morning, Respected Council members." Meirah opened her mouth, trying to keep her voice calm.

"We will see if it will be a good morning or a bad morning at the end of this meeting," an Elder said in his burly voice.

"I think we should start the meeting already instead of making unnecessary comments," said the voice of Chief Inquisitor, Edgar Lewis.

'I wish our mate was here for us at least today.' Zoya, her wolf, said to Meirah.

'He is an Alpha. So he was busy. We can't demand his time all the time, Zoya.' Meirah tries to convince Zoya and herself. Instead of thinking that Lucian has completely given up on her and their relationship.

'Oh, Come on, Meirah! What could be more important than dealing with this? Did you ask to become Luna on your own? Or did you seduce him to become Luna? No, right? So, Why do you need to face this all alone? While he gets to sit like it doesn’t matter to him when it actually does!’

‘Can't he spare a few hours for you? And these old men are not even easy to deal with. Even your father-in-law, the previous Alpha, and your husband, the current Alpha, can't deal with these nasty people. How could you deal with them if they couldn't? He never attended a single meeting before, and he isn't even attending now. If so, he should not have troubled you for this marriage!' Zoya said. Meirah could sense she was angry, but she could do nothing.

After all, she was right. Yes, Meirah married Lucian to pay off her mother's hospital bills. She didn't have money back then; she tried every means. Lucian was the only way for her then.

'Zoya, Enough. We should focus on the meeting,' Meirah said. Before Zoya could say anything, Edgar Louis' voice erupted like a burst of thunder: "Meirah, you will be deprived of the title of Luna because you can't produce an heir for PACK. Today the council will decided whether you will be Luna or not."

Meirah had already shut Zoya off by now.

"You are talking with your wolf." She heard Edgar Lewis's voice again, which was directed towards her.

Surprised, she looked at him with wide eyes. But she quickly masked it with a smile.

When a host speaks with their wolf, their eyes turn a little yellow, which is almost unnoticeable. Normal Werewolves wouldn't notice these details, but today she was here to get interrogated. Her every action would be crucified by them.

Without waiting for her to respond, Edgar raised his voice once again: "Gentlemen, the files in front of you consist of the birth details of the current Luna and her bloodline. She comes from an Omega bloodline and doesn't have the strength that a Luna should possess."

"Also, Mrs. Meirah Rudolph failed to produce an offspring to continue the pack and the Alpha's bloodline, which now became a threat to both the pack and the Alpha's bloodline." Walter continued.

At the mention of the pup, Silus, Meirah's eyes turned red. He was very small when he was killed in the rogue attack two years ago. She still remembered that her pup was the most obedient one compared with other pups. He only cried when he was hungry, pooped, or needed to sleep. His soft baby voice still rang in her ears. But she knew she could never hear it.

Meirah clenched her fists hard as she tried desperately to control herself and not let her grief over the loss of her son flare up again.

Meirah felt embarrassed by their words. She knew whatever she said would be used to her disadvantage, but that didn't mean she could leave without saying a word. And there was no one by her side to console her or support her in this situation. She has to rely on herself.

"I object! Have you all forgotten that?

“It was I who allowed the pack to have the money to continue to grow and expand.

“It was I who made it possible for all members of the pack to be educated in an equal society.

“It was I who made sure that your pups would be able to adapt properly to human society.

“I have always worked for the pack, and just because I didn't give birth to an heir, why should you deprive me of my position and honor as Luna?" She said it with a finality in her voice.

The meeting room fell back into silence.

The people sitting around the table began to whisper, they also knew what Meirah said was true.

The council's elder's face turned ugly, but he hadn't forgotten why he had brought Meirah here today.

He cleared his throat again and said in a loud voice:

"Yes, we recognize that in the past you have fulfilled your duties as Luna, but as the most powerful pack, the lack of an heir is already causing unrest in our pack. Would you like to see our pack kill each other over the position of alpha?"

"Would you like to see our pack become unsafe because of your selfishness?"

"Of course, if you promise that within a year you will be pregnant with pups, then I promise the council will leave you alone."

"I ......" Meria tried to argue on her own again, but she realized she couldn't; she would never have children. She couldn't deny the importance of an heir to the stability of the pack.

Meria's shoulders collapsed, and she tried to open her mouth to accept it, but the meeting room door was pushed open by someone with force.

Her husband, Lucian, the Alpha of the pack, walked in with a serious look.

His gaze only lingered on Meria's despairing face for a split second before returning to the faces of the council elders. His gaze was stern and carried the power of Alpha.

“Alpha ...... You are ......"

" I object. I object to Meirah Rudolph stepping down, She is a qualified Luna, her kindness, her intelligence, and her bravery are enough to make her a Luna! "

"Being born as an Omega was not something she could choose from. It's the moon goddess's wish. As for pups, she explained them to you all. Why don't you all question me about the pup? Why only her? It's not only her responsibility but also mine."

"I'm the one who thinks the pack isn't stable enough, and I don't want my pups to suffer the last tragedy again!"

"Alpha! The pack cannot be without an heir!" The council elders stood again.

"That is why I am here, the heir, Within a year, you will hear us announce the heir."

Everyone was shocked by Lucian's news. How could he be so sure he would have puppies?

Meirah looked at her, her eyes coming back to life. Was he finally willing to give her the chance to get pregnant again?

Would their relationship be better again? Would their marriage be repaired?

"Since the Alpha himself is promising, then we will accept," Edgar said. Others agreed with him too. After all, they want an heir.

Lucian led Meirah out of the council hall. Meirah felt touched by his actions. She never thought he would come to her defense. Meirah was already mentally prepared to let go of Luna's position. But She saw hope in his support. A smile erupted on her delicate face.

She got into the car and wanted to double-check Lucian's thoughts. A document was handed to her.

"Sign this," Lucian said with an indifferent voice the moment he climbed into the car.

Meirah silently took the papers and read them. Her eyes widened in shock as she read them. It states that Meirah can enjoy the luxuries and benefits of Luna, but she must at the same time accept Camila's existence as Lucian's legitimate lover.

This was something she never expected. Her heart hurt just by reading this; how could she accept this? Her eyes filled with tears.

Why could Lucian be so cruel to her?