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Not Just Her Uncle

Not Just Her Uncle



On the day before Emilia's graduation, Emilia promised her boyfriend to give her virginity to him. Unexpectedly, on the next day, she woke up and found the man she spent an erotic night with was her stepmother's brother, Uncle Maxwell. Maxwell was the boss of Digiworks Productions. Because he was handsome and rich, almost all the actresses from his company were hoping to get into his pants. Emilia didn't want to disappoint her stepmother, who sacrificed her own child to bring Emilia up. So she tried not to expose the relationship between Maxwell and her. However, Maxwell didn't agree to hide his feelings towards Emilia. "Come to my bed tonight, or I will tell your mother what happened between us."
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A low hum was heard from the insides of the presidential suite of Spring Heritage Hotel.

Emilia Butler was lying on the bed. Her long silky hair was scattered on the fluffy white pillow, and her shoulders were peeking from underneath the sheets.

"Ugh... my head. What..." she murmured, and slowly, she opened her eyes.

However, before she could finish her words, a figure in front of her made her pause.

"Why are you here?" she blurted out, wide-eyed.

Slowly, the man walked out of the bathroom.

Emilia was terrified at the sight of the man, and her palm-sized face grew flushed with anger.

"Why are you in my room?"

Although she was young and inexperienced, she knew the reason for the discomfort from her body. But why was she with him...

It must be a dream!

The man was tall and handsome, and there was a healthy tan to his skin. Water droplets were dripping from his still wet hair onto his sturdy torso, as he had just finished showering.

However, Emilia was not in the mood to appreciate what in front of her. "Hey! I am asking you. Didn't you say you have something important to attend to last night at Grandpa Jaden's birthday party?"

"That is why I am here."

His voice was soft, but it was loud enough to be heard.

He simply took a seat on the sofa beside him. Then he picked up a cigarette and lighter from the coffee table.

With a skillful flick, the cigarette was lit. His facial features looked even more mysterious between the puffs of smoke.

He had well-defined brows and the eyes of a hawk. His nose was tall, and his lips were thin. Pieced together, they gave off a subtle hint of seductiveness. It was no surprise that the actresses from Digiworks Productions were all hoping to get into his pants.

Looking at the man's leisurely look, Emilia felt extremely upset.

Irritation was gnawing at her, and it was making her stomach ache.

The day before was her graduation; it was also the day she had promised to give her cherry to her boyfriend, Alfie Roberts. She had wanted to take him home to meet her parents, but she had not expected...

At this moment, Emilia's mind was all over the place, and her face was scrunched up.

"Take a shower first."

Just then, Maxwell Bates put out the half-smoked cigarette and handed a bag to her.

"I... "

"Like I said, shower first." Maxwell's tone was the same as before, and there was no room for negotiations.

After everything that happened, she was in no mood to shower. Emilia wanted to bang her head on the wall to make it work.

However, she took one anyway, but a brief one. Then, she walked out of the bathroom, thinking that it was time to talk to Maxwell.

Seeing that she was in her usual elegant clothing and not some casual hoodies, he curled his lips into a smile.

She looked better in the clothes he chose.

"About that… Uncle Maxwell. Last night..."

Emilia gave an embarrassed smile. "What happened last night, I... I hope you'll..."

"I will take full responsibility."

Maxwell handed her a cup of freshly made coffee, like what a good husband would do.

Somehow, Emilia automatically took it and thanked him. She even took a sip before she came back.

"Wait, no! That's not what I meant!"

Realizing that her uncle might misunderstand her, Emilia was desperately trying to make it clear.

"I mean, what happened yesterday was just an accident. I can pretend it did not happen. And you can do the same too. Just take it as a dream."

Instantly, Maxwell's face darkened. His eyes narrowed with a hint of danger in it.

"A. Dream?"