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Discover the Magic of Fantasy Novels: A Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Worlds

Discover the Magic of Fantasy Novels: A Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Worlds

2023-02-16 14:57:09
  • Enchanted By A Wizard

    Ariella archives

    A hand swiftly crept at the hem of my shirt, tantalizingly touching the skin under the thin fabric. And oh molly, I shivered at the feeling of his cold hands palming my burning skin. "Master Kyle!" Gwydion's loud and cheerful voice made me push Kyle away from me. Awaking all the senses that numbed a while ago. My eyes widened when the door closed on its own when Kyle glared at it. He didn't budge, instead, he pressed his weight on me and I could feel his hardness on me. But I heard Gwydion calling his master's name again. "Kyle he must be looking for you" I stopped him from kissing me further. "Just give me five more minutes baby" he suppressed my attempt to stand up and instead he pulled me by the legs at the edge of the bed. "What are you doing?!" I exclaimed nervously when he knelt in front of me. "Main course comes after Appetizer" he smirked at me. W-what does he mean? Is he trying to do- oh my god! "Spread those legs Hana" he demanded
    Fantasy ★ 0
  • Captured For The Sultan's Pleasure

    Joy Apens

    Warning: Mature content! He let his hand squeeze her breast gently through the gown she wore, then he applied a little bit of force. He heard her make a whimpering sound into his mouth and he swallowed it up. He released her hands and pushed her to himself with his hand while caressing her breast. *** His unwilling slave… Fiery and innocent, Lady Roksolana was once the esteemed and privileged daughter of the sultanate king. Until she was captured by the enemy, the all powerful and devilishly charming Sultan, Sheikh Jamal Aamil. The ruthless king… Worshipped as a god by his people, sinfully hot Jamal takes ahold of Roksolana during an attack and back to his palace. Drawn to her exotic beauty, he tries to bends her to his seductive whims. Except that Roksolana refuses to suppress her bold spirit for any man, especially such an arrogant one like Jamal, who sees her as nothing but his possession, a jewel in his harem and a slave to slake his pleasure on. Bound together by desire… Soon, Roksolana finds herself succumbing to his sensual touches and in the process falls in love with him. But with another danger in the air, ememies scheming wicked plots and his favorite mistress raging with jealousy, will these two be able to find love in the midst of all the chaos? A thrilling tale of love, lust and desire.
    Fantasy ★ 4.8
  • The Billionaire I Fell In Love With

    Authoress Berry Julie

    A story of a young lady named Irish Levine who has been through enough problems in her life to last her in a life time. She was desperately in need of job after she lost her Model Job. She applied for a job and was offered a nanny Job to the Billionare's daughter. Ethan Harlow Was in need for a nanny for his 6 years old daughter Arin. Arin's Mother who as his ex wife had dumped him for another man. Fortunately Irish happened to be there when his daughter went into depression after being bullied in school , Irish was able to calm her down when no one can. The nanny and his daughter grow a very strong bond. What happened when they start having uncontrollable feelings for each other? Will his ex wife allow them to be? Will they be able to look past their flaws and pasts?.
    Fantasy ★ 5