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The Best Fantasy Novels for Young Adults: From Harry Potter to The Hunger Games

The Best Fantasy Novels for Young Adults: From Harry Potter to The Hunger Games

2023-02-16 14:57:06
  • A Mysterious She-wolf

    Vasugi Murugesan

    The biggest dream of every werewolf is meeting their mate. The incredible scent, the surreal sparks that lit up on every touch, the amazing firework feel on every kiss, the contented feeling while in the arms of their mate, the pride of wearing their mark and bearing their pup and above all the bliss of showering each other with unconditional love. Life of every werewolf is a blissful fantasy story. But every theory has few exceptions right? Obviously yes! This story revolves around such an exceptional she-wolf who had a strong reason to despise the idea of MATES. She wants to live like independent humans. She never wanted a random man showing up in her life out of nowhere in the name of ‘Mate’ and dragging her out of what she built all her life. Her idea of a life partner filled with love, not with mate bond. She has her goal and she wanted to fulfil it in her own way without any compromises. But that doesn’t stop the mighty Moon God to bless her with an irresistible mate. Learning from our past mistakes is a good thing. But all the decisions out of such learning need not be correct! Some mistakes will make us happy. Some mistakes lead us to the thing which we have been dying to get. Will she commit the mistake that could fulfil her wishes or will she stick to her decisions to write the pages of her own life which has more mysteries than she could ever imagine? Give a try to my book and join her life journey :)
    Fantasy ★ 0
  • Conquering The Sultan


    That 'yes' could mean my torture, harassment, rape, and most probably death. But, keeping my head high. I accepted the proposal in front of everyone. He was the rude, sharp, and wild Sultan of Arab. And going forward with his plan he proposed for his wedding with me in the Royal Court. He didn't know me neither did I. But, I was sure of one thing. That, this was my last and only chance to protect my Empire and prove myself. Without thinking about what would happen to me, I said 'Yes. His face fell instantly, definitely not expecting this from me. His plan took the sharpest turn ever with my 'Yes' and that definitely erupted the volcano of his hatred towards me. My brother opposed, nobody understood why I agreed to marry a person who was of different culture, a different religion, our enemy, and whom I neither know about nor even saw yet. But, I was sure that this was the only way to protect my Empire. I married him and started the most fearful journey of miles with him, alone, to his Empire. ~~~ This is the story of a Princess who didn't think about her life or anything else just to protect her Empire. She was aware a huge conspiracy planned by Sultan against her empire and the only loophole was the marriage. She married him and went to thousand miles away from her family and empire. She wasn't aware of how would Sultan behave with her. Would she be thrown in jail or hanged alive? But, one thing was sure she was ready for everything and not afraid of him A Royal Romantic mystery thriller love story of Sultan Rafiq Sulaiman and Princess Rose. Peep in to read more.
    Fantasy ★ 5
  • Whispers Of The Forbidden Forest

    Rebel queen

    She lives in the light, she's the light. He lives in darkness, he is the darkness. No one has seen him. No one knows anything about him. But she decided to befriend the darkness. He lives in the forbidden forest. No one is allowed to go there, but nothing can stop Ayla to befriend the darkness!
    Fantasy ★ 5