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Found Pregnant After Divorce

Found Pregnant After Divorce



Krista Compton just got a divorce! But she's pregnant, with her ex-husband's baby! She goes to hold him accountable, but that Kingston lrwin is already with another woman! What should she do? she had to have the baby without him knowing it. But she found herself cornered and accused by Kingston because he asked, "The divorce was four months ago and you're seven months pregnant. Out with itl Who is the father of the baby?"
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"Today, I must photograph Kingston Irwin's cheating!"

Krista Compton clenched her fists and fastened her cap. She lowered her head to avoid the surveillance cameras and walked into the high—class clubhouse.

She was here to catch adultery.

She married Kingston a year ago, but she had not seen him since she got the marriage certificate.

This kind of marriage was meaningless as they didn't love each other. It was a senseless waste of life to trap them in marriage.

Recently, a good friend from abroad told Krista that she often saw her husband together with another woman intimately.

Krista wanted to find some evidence so that she could gain the upper hand when she divorced Kingston.

From afar, she saw a woman bringing Kingston to a presidential suite. The door was left ajar, and she hid at the side and heard the woman talking on the phone.

"I know. I will not fail this time. I will install a camera and record a video of our intercourse to threaten him..."

Hearing this, Krista frowned.

So this woman was trying to frame Kingston?

Although she and Kingston didn't have any feelings for each other, she couldn't just watch as he was set up.

She gritted her teeth and stomped her foot, entering the suite and closing the door.

"Who are you?" the woman asked, but Krista did not answer. She stepped forward, knocked the woman out, tied her up, and dragged her into the bathroom.

Krista was strong, so she could knock the woman out with just one blow.

She glanced at the man on the bed. She couldn't get any evidence of his cheating today.

Krista covered the man with a blanket and turned off the light at the bedside. Under the moonlight, she opened the door and wanted to leave, but to her surprise, a large hand clasped her wrist in the darkness.


Krista felt her head was spinning. She was thrown onto the bed. The man straddled her.

In the darkness, he could only tell that the woman was thin. He had a feeling that he knew the woman, as if he had met her somewhere before.

However, he couldn't think clearly. He couldn't control himself.

The sexual desire was like a raging flame that was about to engulf him.

He was losing his marbles.

Krista was too weak to push him away.

She resisted desperately and pressed herself against his chest.

His skin was hot.

She wanted to ask him why, but he kissed her. The faint fragrance of mint in his mouth drowned out her words.

Her clothes were torn apart.


Three months later, in the capital.

"Any news?"

"No, but we've sent more people to continue searching for that Chinese girl."

"You must find her!"

"Yes, Mr. Irwin!" the secretary replied. He hesitated for a moment before continuing, "Are you really going back to get a divorce?"

"Someone is more suited for being my wife than she is," Kingston said slowly, his voice cold.

He didn't know why the girl appeared in the suite. She saved him out of kindness, but he took her virginity.

He remembered she cried desperately and begged him to stop that night.

He had no affection for his legal wife. He was forced to marry her under his grandmother's order, so as to make life easier for his mother.

Divorce was a relief to him and his wife.

In Kingston's villa.

Krista received news that Kingston would return home today. He would arrive by evening, and the servants were busy preparing dinner for him.

But Krista wasn't happy at all.

Soon she heard the driver honk the horn, which panicked her.

Kingston was back.