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The Unwanted

The Unwanted

Author:Kitty Star


Pepper is the product of a relationship between a fairy and a werewolf. Fairies believe that if a fairy falls in love with either a human or a werewolf, the child will be cursed. Pepper is the daughter of a werewolf and a fairy. The fairies and werewolves refused to recognize her because of the curse she bore, and she was taken away from her mother the day she was born. She had to move to the human world. The humans, on the other hand, were cruel to her. Since she is different, she is tortured and enslaved. She is cursed and despised by the rest of the world. She is unacceptable, the unwanted one. Because of the curse she has, she is the weakest of all. Pepper has no choice but to embrace what is destined for her. She was used to dealing with everyone. But what if someone came along one day to make her feel wanted? Will she be able to overcome the curse she bears solely because of the love that pierces her heart? Will she choose to resist him to be free of her curse?
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My name is Pepper Mozart. I am seventeen years old. My life is not a fairytale because it is full of suffering. My existence is what I refer to as a curse. I live with aunt Marlina but I am not related to her. Last year she took me to her house and let me stay. We were still happy in the early days, but my aunt became cruel to me as time went on.

"Pepper!!" Aunt Marlina yelled out, "come here quickly or I'm going to beat you until death. You're a true catastrophe of my life!"

I was simply hiding underneath our small house. I don't want to appear in front of Aunt  Marlina because she'll sell me to strange men outside.  They were frightened because they're armed.

"Pepper, come out of your hiding spot!"

I could clearly see my aunt Marlina screaming and searching for me in the hole above my head. I just sat there and listened, not responding. I don't want to be with other people again. I'm fine with aunt Marlina even if she hurts me and sometimes it takes two days to feed me.

"Are you all right, Pepper?" asked my friend Liefa. Liefa has the appearance of a mouse.

 "Yeah, I'm just afraid my aunt would see me here and sell me to the guys outside," I said quickly in a low voice.

"Don't worry, Pepper," Liefa said, "we'll help you hide here while those guys are still out."

I looked at him and saw that he was surrounded by other mice. I exhaled a sigh of relief and thankful I had friends.  They aren't human beings like me, but they are trustworthy, and I am certain that they'll never harm me. Unlike humans, they hurt and mock me. They say hurtful things. Because of how different I am, they call me a cursed child. Since I have the ability to communicate with animals.

"Thank you so much, Liefa," I smiled and closed my eyes.

I spent a few minutes under the house, and when no one was talking outside and Aunt Marlina was clearly sleeping, I quickly exited my hiding place and walked slowly into the kitchen to prepare lunch. Aunt Marlina's lunch had to be cooked before she wakes up, and I had to store my food in secret because I knew Aunt Marlina wouldn't feed me later as my punishment.

Liefa was guarding the kitchen door when I was preparing lunch. I quickly finished the cooking,  so my aunt wouldn't see me here. This is my last lunch in this house since I am leaving today. It's difficult to say goodbye to my aunt, who has been an important part of my life. Only Aunt Marlina, out of all the people I've met, hasn't been abusive to me, unlike others who have always humiliated me and starved me to death. Aunt Marlina used to sell me while she was drunk, so I hid easily.

I decided to leave Aunt Marlina's house after cooking and packing the four pairs of ripped clothes that I owned and the old ring I have since I remembered.  I left a note so she wouldn't look for me. This is the right course of action for me if I can no longer handle the people I meet. Sometimes running and hiding have been my strength for survival.

"Pepper, are you sure about this?" Barb asked, he is a dog.

I patted his head,  "Yes, take care of yourself here, and look after Aunt Marlina.  I need to get out of here because this isn't the place for me."

"You too, Pepper,"

"I'll see you soon, barb," I said and hugged him for the last time.

When I saw someone hurrying away from me, I shook my head. Even though she is far away from me, I can still hear what she is saying to the two people she is conversing with.

One of my curses, as they refer to, is I have the ability to hear the voices of those around me.  They've all started talking about me, so I know I'm the topic.

"The Marlina is truly pitiful due to her niece's curse," said the woman, who, as far as I know, is my aunt Marlina's acquaintance.

"You are right. She's had bad luck ever since Pepper entered her life. That is why she is an alcoholic," says another woman's voice.

"I'd chase the girl away if I were Marlina. Look, she's talking with a dog again.  That lady is insane," said the lady.

"She's a curse."

I used my ability to quickly close my ears so I couldn't hear anything else they said. I knew that if I tried to listen, I would just end up hurting myself.

Before I finally left Aunt Marlina's house, I took another look around. I'm not sure where my feet will lead me, but I'm certain I'll start anew. A new chapter has begun. Fresh surroundings. A new life to starts. But only one would not be able to change. at my destination, people will condemn me again because of my curse.

"Goodbye, Aunt Marlina."